60% Off On Mother’s Day

Hello,everyone!It is already Friday,do you have a plan for the weekend?Will you go out with your family?

As We know,May,8th ,2016 is the Mother’s Day.So have you already have a idea to honor your mom?It is a little hard to come up with a way to honor her,showing  she is a very special in Mother’s Day.

I love my mom and appreciate everything she has done for me,that’s why I want to find several ways to  honor her for the special day.Here is some ways you can do to honor your mom:

Give her a call

I know it is so old fashioned,but give your mom a call on the special day is a very smart move,she loves to hear your voice and may not even be expecting such an awesome gift.Tell he how much you love and appreciate her.

Give her a  visit

It may be 2016,but that doesn’t mean you can’give a visit to your mom on the special day.Grab a bouquet of flowers and enjoy the time you’ll spend with her.

Give her a gift

picking a gift is very difficult thing in my life,I always worried they don’t like,it doesn’t special enough or it is too normal.Last year,I sent a beautiful dress to my mom,Yes,she was very happy and wearing the new dress with me,how embarrassing!we met a woman wear the same dress.Oh MY GOD!You don’t want this happen,right?

This time I like a choose a personalized gift,This gorgeous Charm Bracelet from TinySand foots the bill for how we wanted to show “mom” that we love her!

 mother's day

The charms are from Tinysand and they are 925 sterling silver. All the charms can fit Pandora bracelets and will surely make a unique and memorable gift for that special person in your life – all while saving you a little money, too!

You can choose from a variety of beads, birthstone charms, vintage love beads, and more! You can’t forget that you can also choose your mom’s favorite colors to go on her charm bracelet. The end result also comes in a beautiful packaged design!

mother's day-1

There are many different beads are very suit for mom:


The most important thing,we have a big promotion here for Mother’s Day!60% off for all the charms,the date from 4,9th to 5,20th ,it is really the lowest price we ever had,You will not miss it!

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Life As A Charm Bracelet

Hi, friend. How’s your day today? Today I will show you some New Arrival  charm bracelet from TINYSAND.

What?you don’t know TINYSAND?I must say ,pls Google.Lol

TS-P-101 (1)TS-C-097 (1)
There are lots of beautiful charms,like life charm,lucky charm,smile charm,heart charm,baby charm and so on.
You can Custom your own style bracelet with those charms.It is a good way to symbolize your hobby and interest.

You can also customize your special European Beads here. Put the photo of yourself or the one you love on it,
making the European Beads unique and meaningful. So interesting, right?
There is also a poem about charm bracelet:

Life as a charm I wear on my arm
silver heart I wear as my internal alarm

to wake up to the sunshine that’s never to fade
and those who have fun have it made

smile charm I wear for happiness so real
this one all can have, so this one please steal

unicorn charm to frolic through the meadow
clovers in abundance through which my bike I pedal

meditations so sweet, my own retreat,imagery of daisies glories,

and lilacs so sweet musical note charm follow’s with my tunes

classical melodies that end all too soon

in the quitude of a mellow night,all by myself,the chorus to hold on tight

life is a lot like charms I wear on my arm,all the symbols we love; like mom charm

lets’ us know life is such a gifted charm,therefore, we must disarm, like a farm
Have you ever had a Charm Bracelet?I think it is every girl’s dream.When we are young,it is too expensive for us to buy or have one.

After we grow up,the price get higher and higher,as we know ,the famous charm brand isvery expensive for a normal worker or a student.

I Want to own a charm bracelet,but I don’t think it is a good idea cost too much on a silver Jewelry.

Now we designed the beautiful charms,same quality but much lower price,most people could afford it.

It is really a good news for that girls who like jewelry.

How do you think of TINYSAND? If want to learn more, please click TINYSAND-ZONE to meet all S925 fine jewelry,

and please visit http://www.tinysand.com/ for all TINYSAND products

Enjoy your shopping!

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Spring Promotion from TinySand,the brand of Pandahall

Spring Promotion from TinySand,the brand of Pandahall.

Hello,everyone,Hope you have a nice day!How’s your plan about the weekend?Will you go out
for the beautiful Spring?

“In the spring time,the only pretty ring time,when birds do sing …sweet lovers love the
spring.” Shakespeare said,Spring is really love season,best season choose some jewelry for
your loved ones.


Four Leaf Clover Necklace

Do you like the leaf stuffs?Such as leaf jewelry?Here we have leaf style jewelry for you.
It is very suit for spring,right?While the jewelry from TINYSAND are compatible with other
brand but price is more reasonable.

And there are many other Spring Jewelry,like Flower style and butterfly style.All the TINYSAND jewelry are made of sterling silver, dazzling with crystal and shimmering with cubic zirconia, it’s the perfect playful decoration for you.


How do you think of TINYSAND? If want to learn more, please click TINYSAND-ZONE to meet all S925 fine jewelry, and please visit http://www.tinysand.com/ for all TINYSAND products. Enjoy your shopping!

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Find Your S925 Fine Jewelry

Hi, friend. Hope you have a nice day! Today I am going to show some S925 fine jewelry from TINYSAND. Maybe you are not sure what TINYSAND is. Actually, it is a S925 fine jewelry brand of Padahall.

The Origin of TINYSAND

“To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. “
TINYSAND was inspired by the famous poem from William Blake. Every single object has its own unique stories, either from humans, a tiny grain of sand or wild flowers. Caring for each other is what all TINYSAND wants to express. We aim to offer the forever innocent beautify of silver jewelry all around the world. Each single jewelry piece is a unique story to show your love and care for yourself or others, to memorize the happy moments and special days.

Stunning S925 European Beads

Do you like European beads which is also named charms? You may heard of the popular brand Pandora who is famous for its charms, sadly not everyone can afford it. While the charms from TINYSAND are compatible with Pandora and with similar styles,but price is more reasonable.

And there are many different kinds of European beads, which are all designer styles on TINYSAND. European Beads can symbolize your passions and hobbies, reflect a message or sentiment, capture a memory or make a fashion statement. TINYSAND’s European Beads allow you express yourself with jewelry that designed by your own. Be a necklace or a bracelet, just as you wish. Let your creativity take flight!

You can also customize your special European Beads here. Put the photo of yourself or the one you love on it, making the European Beads unique and meaningful. So interesting, right?

S925 Fine Jewelry

Made by heart arrow and swarovski, TINYSAND S925 sterling silver jewelry are extremely of high quality, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. And there are wide selection styles for you to choose from.Whether it is for personal use or for a loved one, TINYSAND is a good choice.

How do you think of TINYSAND? If want to learn more, please click TINYSAND-ZONE to meet all S925 fine jewelry, and please visit http://www.tinysand.com/ for all TINYSAND products. Enjoy your shopping!
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How to Judging Pearl Quality?

How to Judging Pearl Quality?



There are 6 aspects help you choosing good Pearl:

Luster is the quantity and quality of light reflected from the surface of a pearl. Luster does not simply mean a shiny surface: it implies the structural beauty of the nacre. High luster pearls also have a deep-seated glow. The luster of a good quality pearl should be bright and not dull. You should be able to see your own reflection clearly on the surface of a very high luster pearl. Reflected images of overhead lights are crisp and distinct in higher luster pearls while they are smudgy and washed-out in the dull ones. Any pearl that appears too white, dull or chalky indicates low luster.


2.Nacre Thickness
Nacre is the coating that the mollusk forms around the nucleus of the pearl. Nacre thickness is more than the amount of nacre. The structure of the nacre is composed of thousands of layers of thin calcium carbonate crystals. This distinctive nacre structure influences the color, luster, durability and elasticity of the pearl.

Do higher luster pearls have a longer life? Yes! High luster is an indicator of good nacre thickness and, as such, is an assurance of durability. The thicker the nacre coating on a pearl, the longer it will last.

All the factors that disturb the surface smoothness of the pearl and hence decide its appearance are called blemishes and imperfections. The quality of the pearl is greatly affected by blemishes. Natural blemishes are formed during pearl cultivation. By definition, a blemish is anything that can be seen by the eye.


Overtone(s) are the colors that overlie the body color. White pearls with rosé or silver overtones have the highest value. . Overtone is one or two colors that overlie the body color. When inspecting white pearls under light, you may see color in the central dark areas of the pearls. This is the overtone. Overtone colors include pink, silver, and green.


The rounder a pearl is, the higher its value. Pearl shapes are generally split into four levels: Semi-baroque and baroque, Off round, Slightly off round, Round. Semi-baroque and baroque are pear-shaped or irregular shaped and are listed separately. Off-round pearls have flattening on one side or are oval. Shape is important in judging pearls. Baroque pearls have irregular, distorted shapes, but can be quite beautiful and unique.

Pearl color is a combination of body color and overtone. Body color is the predominant basic color of the pearl. When comparing the color of pearls, place them on a white surface. Body color can be best seen on the outer edge of the pearl. Natural body colors include white, light pink or pink, light cream, and dark cream, yellow or golden. You should remember that pearl color for the purposes of grading is not a measure of the beauty of pearls or your choice of pearl color

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