Get Free Gift When Your Order Over $69

Hello, Girls. How are you today? I have a very great news to tell you. There are big promotion on, You will get a Free surprising gift when your order over $69, get two when your

order over $99! Excited?! I know you are very excited and no wait to put the items into your cart. Slow down, girls, we also have a  Coupon Code For you, 5% discount for all items, Coupon Code:


Tinysand charm bracelet

OK, Now I choose 6 charms into my shopping cart

Tinysand charms

Let’s have a look at my shopping cart.I got a free silver charm,and I buy the basic bracelet for only $9.9.Also they send me a free packing box. For all the stuff,guess how much money I spent?

I spend $127 for the whole bracelet. I feel it is very worth, all the charms are made of S925 Silver,and the order is free shipping by DHL.

Tinysand charms


Hope you will find something you like on our website,! Happy Weekend!

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Choose A Birthday Gift For Her

Hello, everyone, How’s your weekend? This post is really useful for all of you guys. Today I will teach you how to choose a gift for her, no matter your good friends or someone you like.

If you are looking for birthday gift ideas and inspiration then look no further than our fantastic birthday presents category. We have a great selection of birthday gift for her.

Whether you are looking for a gift that all important special birthday, we have something to suit most ages.

If you are looking for something more specific, why not take a look at our range of unusual, Personalized or Fun for the perfect birthday surprise.

charm bracelet

In fact, Jewelry is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially earrings or a diamond necklace. There are not many women that can resist the appeal of precious stones. It is important to know that

you can make a jewelry present only to your closest women. Any jewelry is expensive and there it is thought that the higher the price, the deeper the feelings. When buying jewelry you spend

probably the most significant part of your budget. This is why you should be certain about her and know that you really mean something to her.

The problem came again, how to choose a Jewelry? The jewelry must be fine and elegance ,must express your all love. Someone of you will ask, how?

First, choose a basic bracelet, just like the one in the pic:

charm braceletSecond, choose charms on Tinysand .If your friend like drive, you can choose a car charm ,if she likes flower, send her a flower charm.

lucky charms

Third, Buy a beautiful package.

charm bracelet

I am pretty sure your friends will very happy to receive this gift!

Find the best gift ideas among our collection of personalized presents at Tinysand!


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Decorate Your Summer Look With Tinysand Charm Bracelet

Hello, friend? How’s your weekend? Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Have you already picked a gift for your mom?

If you don’t know how to pick a right gift, please check my last article.

After Mother’s Day, it is Summer.

Girls wear dress, T-shirt, jeans, thin cloth. How to be special compare with other girls? You need some Fashion Accessory:

1.Fine Jewelry, like necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelet

Fashion Ring and Necklace

2.Don’t want to wear the same Jewelry with others?Here the Charm bracelet is very suit for you, you can build your own style personality bracelet with different lucky charms.

Tinysand European beads


3.Choose fashion hat, cool sunglasses to decorate yourself.

Anyway, after I talked so much, I believe there always a way to make you unique!







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The Difference Between Tinysand Charms and Pandora Charms

When you heard Charms, the most brand you will know is Pandora, right? It is a very old brand which founded on 1982. Pandora concentrate on making Luxury Jewelry, so the price is expensive.
pandora and tinysand charms

In facet , I’m not all about spending a lot of money on jewelry.  I like it, and wear it when I don’t have a toddler with me that threatens to rip open my ear lobes or strangle me with a necklace.  But

there are women in my family who love it.  They wear their favorite pieces everywhere they go.  So when Christmas, birthdays, or Mother’s Day rolls around, finding the right gift is easy, but costly.

So I like to choose Tinysand, a  cheaper jewelry instead of Pandora. I can use the rest money buy more charms to customize my own bracelet.

The common :

1.Good quality , both made of S925 sterling sliver.

2.Unique design with sophisticated technology.

3.Plenty of styles for you choosing.

4.Tinysand Charms can fit the Pandora Bracelet very well.

Here is the Tinysand Charms:

Tinysand charms

The difference:

1.Obviously, the brand, if you pursue the brand, you will choose Pandora, if you pursue cost-effective,just like me, you can try Tinysand charms, you will not disappoint.

2.Price, Pandora is 3 times price than Tinysand

3.Pandora came from Tailand, they have stores all over the world. Tinysand came from China. We only have stores in China. So you can just buy from our website.But now online shop is very

popular, and all the items on Tinysand is free shipping, you just wait one week, the package will arrived to your door, very convenient.

Tinysand charms

Tinysand is an option you can consider if you want something that will not hurt your wallet. It is worth the buck. I find that the overall quality is good and price is reasonable. Aside from the charm

bracelets, We have a lot of Fine Jewelry that will catch your eyes.


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Special Offer for Spring

Hello, friend, How are you doing? Now it is already the end of the Spring, Hot Summer will come, So Enjoy the last Spring in 2016!

In the spring time, the only pretty ring time, when Flowers do bloom, birds do sing, Sweet lovers love the spring.

Almost every beautiful love stories begins from Spring! Spring is my favorite season, what about you?

Pandora Style Charm Bracelet

At the end of the Spring, Have you already pick some jewelry to match your summer dress?

Now it’s the great change to choose some jewelries from TinySand cause there is a big Promotion UP TO 60%, You will buy a S925 Silver ring less than $3, unbelievable, Huh?

Sliver Ring For Women

There are Also Gorgeous Bracelet less than $4 For you Choosing :

Silver Rose Gold Bracelet Bangle

If you like more colorful Personality jewelry, we recommend you our new arrival Charms, you can customize your own style bracelet with lose lucky charms!

Pandora Style Lucky Love Charms

Anyway, what I want to say is the price is really very low, less than $4 Free Shipping! You will not miss it!




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