Product Review- Lovely Jewelry Supplies from Pandahall

Hello, guys. How is everything going? It has been a while since we shared you product review last time, and so sorry for letting you wait so long . And today I will show you a review from a passionate lady Melissa Latham who has so many subscribers on YouTube. She has shown the package she received which includes all kinds of beads, jewelry wires, earring hooks and other jewelry supplies.
We can know that she likes our products so much from this video.  She displayed each piece and introduced them for us viewers. Then let’s watch this video together and see the materials mentioned.

How do you think of these jewelry supplies? I am so honored that Melissa like our Pandahall products, and I am going to show you the  items if it is not very clear for you after seeing this video.
Cat eye beads
cat eye beads
Wow, I love the color very much. You cannot miss this kind of beads if you want to make jewelry.
Glass pearl beads
glass pearl beads
I believe you have noticed that many accessories are made by glass pearl beads nowadays. So pretty!
Imitation jade glass beads
imitation jade glass beads
Look at the first and second necklaces, they are so gorgeous! I just want to wear it right away.
Frosted glass beads
Frosted Glass Beads
There are so many colored forested glass beads. If you want to see more, please just click our
Drawbench glass beads
Drawbench Glass Beads (2)
This kind of drawbench glass bead has its reins, so it looks more special!
Other beads
Other   beads
They are beads mentioned by Melissa in the video. What kind of bead do you like best? Or you are supposed to use them and make your own accessories. Just have a try!
Copper jewelry wire
jewelry wire
Cord or wire are always necessities for jewelry making. Which cord do you want to try first?
Other jewelry supplies
other supplies
They are just a part of the items and sorry for that I cannot list them all. Do you like these supplies? I bet Melissa will DIY nice jewelry with these beads and supplies. And I believe you also have your idea after seeing them, so are you going to make bracelet, necklace or earrings? Hope you can share your nice work with us! See you then!

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Beads and Accessories Haul from a Humorous Customer

Hello lovely readers! Product review’s time! Today I’d like to share you a beads and accessories video haul from our customer Jays Alvarez, yes, just as you can see from the name, is a male customer! Sounds funny, right? Actually Jays is really a humorous man. When I was watching the video, I just couldn’t help laughing together with him. He’s so funny!

Before watching it, one thing for your information, the video progress bar shows the video is 43 minutes and 15 seconds, but actually it only 21 minutes and about 36 seconds, there is a soundless repetition in the video, you can just ignore it. Okay, let’s enjoy the humorous product review together!

Jays is really funny and the beads are so beautiful right? Here are some comments for this video:

* Great haul Jays!! I’m just smiling as you have evolved into such a great blinger!!! Lots of love my friend!!

* Love the color of the suede cord nd the crystal pendant beads are bling bling :)

* This is breathtaking!! You must have spent a fortune on this!!!  I just got my “minihaul” today too and I was happy just like you! :). But my haul will be gone real fast :) Enjoy it, Jays, can’t wait to see your perfect work. You are a real artist with a noble taste.

* WOWOWOW!!! So excited to see your renditions with all these blings!!

* Just placed an order on their website thank you for letting us know about that website!! Really appreciate it!!

It seems many people like Jays’ video as well as PandaHall products, so here I’ll list some of the items Jays mentioned in the video.

Threads and cords

threads and cords

Handmade Indonesia beads

Handmade Indonesia beads

European beads

European beads

Spray painted draw bench glass beads

Spray painted draw bench glass round bead strands

Polymer clay beads

Polymer clay beads

Grade A rhinestone spacer beads & Grade A rhinestone pave disco ball beads

Grade A rhinestone spacer beads & Grade A rhinestone pave disco ball beads

Colorful resin beads

resin beads

Since there are so many items mentioned in the video, I cannot list all of them here. If you wanna know the details, please leave a comment below, I’ll reply ASAP, or you can search the items on Wish you a happy shopping on

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Product Review – Cheap & Trendy Jewelry Making Supplies

Hello everyone! Product review routine time again! Today I want to share you a great haul video from our creative jewelry maker Girl Sanctuary Blog who has a big subscribed channel on Youtube. She shared the products she received, including seed beads, magnetic clasps and other jewelry making supplies. She showed them in detail, it seems that she was quite satisfied with the jewelry supplies. You may wonder the materials she got, right? Let’s have a look together.

More details of what she got:
jewelry making supplies
Mixed color seed beads
seed beads
These beads have several colors and bright appearance which makes them charming and attractive. The ideal color and size are excellent for craft projects, cloth embellishment, and fun jewelry creations. It is no wonder that her voice hears excited in the video. I’m fascinated by these lovely seed beads as well as her.
Magnetic clasps
magnetic clasps
Magnetic clasps are very critical in jewelry making, without them your jewelry project will be incomplete. These magnetic clasps are great for necklaces. Each end is magnetic so make sure to align magnets in correct position before completing your project.
Tibetan style beads
tibetan style beads
These practical beads are in Tibetan style, which are widely popular among customers all over the world. Excellent antique effect will let your design become more charming and distinctive.
Suede cord
suede cord
Faux suede cord is commonly used for various accessories and outfit purpose. You will certainly find one that is suitable for your design concept. It seems like that she likes this color very much according to the video.
Rhinestone beads
rhinestone beads
If you are looking for lots of sparkle, you’ll find them in these beads. Brass rhinestone beads are a version of the popular rhinestone rondelles. Across the screen, we even could feel the glitter of those rhinestone beads and the excited voice of her.
So what do you think of these jewelry making supplies? Do you have a crush to buy some and make DIY jewelry yourself? If yes, go and check more wonderful jewelry making supplies we have! Never miss the frequent promotions.

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Product Review – Lovely Materials for Fashion Jewelry

Hello dear readers! How time flies! Product review time again! Today I’m gonna share you an awesome haul video from our creative jewelry maker Fairy Fashion Art. She has shown us a lot of materials she got from Pandahall in this video. And she seems quite excited, so that I couldn’t help watching the video for several times to share her happiness! Now you must be very curious about the materials she got, right? Let’s have a look together!

Wow! The jewelry making supplies she got are really amazing! Now let’s classify them first, and see them in details.

Bracelet chains

bracelet chainsTotally, there are four different types of bracelet chains showed in the video: common iron cross chain, silver plated brass European style bracelet chain, platinum tone iron round link cross chain, and brass chain with flat round tray. All of them are frequently used to make different style of fashionable bracelets. Which one is your favorite?


pendantsLovely antique silver plated alloy wing pendants, stainless steel Eiffel Tower pendants, and stainless steel blank stamping tag pendants, which one do you like most? Wings are cute, Eiffel Towers are kind of romantic, and the tag pendants are simple and cool, it’s really hard for me to make a choice!


beadsIf you are a jewelry maker or bead lover, I bet you must be very familiar with all these six kind of beads, because all of them are the most basic materials for jewelry making. Here are some stunning accessories made by these adorable beads.

Colored pearl bead earrings

colored pearl bead earringsFaceted heart charm bracelet

faceted heart charm braceletGlass bicone bead bracelets

glass bicone bead braceletsResin rhinestone European bead bracelet

resin rhinestone European bead braceletPearl bead necklace

pearl bead necklaceGlass cabochon bracelet

glass cabochon braceletSo do you love the materials our friend Fairy Fashion Art got from Pandahall? If your answer is yes, then just go visit You know, we have far more supplies than chains, pendants, and beads. We are a large jewelry making supply online store, you can find anything you want for jewelry making here!

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Product Review – Trendy Affordable Jewelry

If you guys are familiar with Pandahall, you may know that we are not just doing wholesale for jewelry findings and beads. There’re far more interesting trendy jewelry products that you can purchase directly, like the bracelets,necklaces, rings, watches, brooches and so on. So today, I’d like to show you a customer review about trendy affordable jewelry she got from us.

More details of what she got:

trendy jewelry -rhinestone earringsBrass Ball Stud Earrings, with Polymer Clay and Grade A Rhinestone, Round, Crystal, 10mm, Pin: 1mm
US $0.98 for 2 pairs per package
Shinning rhinestone earrings to be worn in spring or summer time! Quite elegant to go with any outfit!

trendy jewelry -pearl earringsABS Pearl Ball Ear Studs, with Alloy Rhinestone and Steel Pin, PapayaWhip, 24x16mm; Pin: 0.5mm
US $1.65 for 1 pair per package
It’s kind of pull back pearl earrings, which has diamond all around it and are you excited to wear these?

trendy jewelry -necklace~Trendy Alloy Branch and Leaves Bib Statement Necklaces, with Iron Chains and Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps, Antique Golden, 19.6″
US $2.40 for 1 strand per package
It has gold on the surface, leave links all the way, can be great accessories to wear with black dress with the adjustable necklace chain.

trendy jewelry -watchHigh Quality Stainless Steel Men Dress Rhinestone Diamond-studded Quartz Watches, Rose Gold, 63mm; Watch Head: 45x50x12mm; Watch-face: 35x35mm
US $5.53 for 1 watch per package
Rose gold colored with cute detailing inside it, great watch to wear daily!

trendy jewelry -gift bagsOrganza Bags, Mixed Color, about 7x9cm
US $1.54 for 20pcs per package
They are really cute for putting small gifts inside for your family member or friends. And if you are running a jewelry shop, they can be useful for packaging!

Apart from those below trendy jewelry Pucca received, she also got some beads supplies below. These are all quite easy ones can be quickly arranged into trendy jewelry as well.

trendy jewelry -jewelry supplies

trendy jewelry -jewelry supplies 1

trendy jewelry -jewelry supply

trendy jewelry -jewelry supply

trendy jewelry - European bracelet

If you love the above products, just head to our site and choose what you need!

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