Pandahall New Arrivals – Different Kinds of Jewelry Beads You May Need

Hello, dear friends, I haven’t seen you all here for a long time, and I miss you all so much! These days are difficult for all of us, so hope everyone is safe and healthy. And today, as usual, i will introduce you some wonderful jewelry beads, which are perfect for you to DIY kinds of jewelry. Let’s enjoy them one by one!

Alloy European Beads

The charming European beads are specially designed with large holes, so also called large hole beads, and they are different in colors, shapes and materials. There are two types of European beads in the picture, metal European beads and European dangle beads. We put beads of different colors and shapes together, to form bead set, so if you purchase one set, there are different beads, then you have more choices in jewelry making. Taking the first one as an example, both dark blue and light blue are charming, and these beads also have different themes, such as the beads of rose and heart shape, represent love, the beads in the shape of leaf and butterfly represent spring. Although antique silver beads do not have bright colors, they also look very special and chic. These large hole beads are easy to use, which can be added to kinds of cords, making bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Hope you like this type beads.

Porcelain Beads

Are you interested in animal-shaped beads? Look at these shark-shaped beads, are they cute? looks very real, right? Both the colors and lines of the beads look great. It would be great to use these beads to make a simple beaded bracelet or necklace. As for the porcelain bead set, it provides you more choices. In jewelry making, you can choose the beads you prefer, and different shape beads for different occasions, and with the help of these beads, the style of handmade jewelry can be changed according to your needs.

Freshwater Shell Beads

Shell beads are various in shape and color. Brightly colored shell beads and light-colored shell beads are all very charming. The flat round shell beads can be used as spacer beads, to make necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. Square beads can be directly strung into a simple bracelet. This will be the perfect bracelet you wear in summer. As for the shell beads in the shape of horse eyes, their beautiful lines show a unique beauty, don’t you guys think?

Glass Beads

How do you like these glass beads? Glass beads have different shapes and colors, and are widely used in jewelry making. Handmade jewelry made of glass beads is also very charming. There are countless kinds of glass beads jewelry. In summer , Glass beads are very popular in the field of jewelry making. And, today ’s sharing is over here, I hope you guys like our new products, view more at, and thank you for your support. Best wishes!

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PandaHall New Arrivals-Kinds of Accessories for DIY Jewelry

Hello, so glad to share some beautiful things with you guys, and as usual, today i am gonna show you some jewelry accessories that you may need. And these are the latest ones, you can search these at the part of New Arrivals, at Let’s get started.

Drawbench Transparent Glass Beads

These are drawbench glass beads, transparent and crackle style, do you like the type of beads with vibrant colors? These beads look extremely charming, right? We sometimes think those glass beads with single color are too common, while these beads have stripes, and in addition, crackle style makes the inside of these beads look charming. You can use these beads to make a simple bracelet or necklace for your kids, girls love the vibrant colors.

Heart-shaped Pendants and Charms for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic festival, Valentine’s Day, is coming soon, have you come up with any gift ideas? Here are some heart-shaped pendants, with different materials and shapes. Buy pendant sets like this, you can try different DIY ideas, taking the second one as an example, do you like the letter style accessories? Pretty special, right? and if you fall in with someone, you can use these pendants to make a gift, i am sure this is the most romantic thing to do. We all know that heart-shaped pendants are full of romance, so what are you waiting for, come and choose the type you really want.

Kinds of Cabochons

The first listed are some alloy cabochons, with rhinestone, it’s oval, and there are different colors for you to choose, and if you like gold, this type cabochons are best for you. And the next belongs to fabric cabochons, faux mink fur covered cabochons, with aluminum bottom, and there are dome and triangle, two shapes, and also with different colors. As for kinds of cabochons, you can make rings or earrings, which is easy to operate, you just need to use glue to stick two parts together. The next is a handmade bracelet, and we used resin cabochons of different colors and cabochons settings with same size. You just stick two part together, you can get a pretty bracelet. You can try to make such jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli Beads

Next I want to introduce to you , the color of 2020, blue, what a beautiful color, look at these lapis lazuli beads, this beads can be used to DIY kinds of jewelry, different types, like bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, earrings, as long as you have ideas, you can have a try! Have a nice day!

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PandaHall New Arrivals-A Collection of Personalized Accessories You May Love

Hello, my dear readers, happy weekend! Today i want to show you some jewelry accessories, like colorful glass pendants, heart-shaped flocky arcylic beads, brass hoop earrings, glass pendants. Hope you can enjoy, let’s appreciate them one by one.

Brass Hoop Earrings

Do you like this rose gold? It’s special, right? There are different colors and shapes for such earrings, like the rectangle shape, square and the round. This type of earrings looks so simple, some people just like this style, no other decorations, but have you ever considered that we can actually do some changes to create unique earrings? Take a look at the examples, on the basis of such earrings, we made some very special and beautiful earrings. And the making methods are simple too, you can string some different beads onto the jewelry wires, then wrap the wires onto the earring hoops to beautify the earrings, So we can not only simply wear them, but also use them as one kind of earrings accessories, then we can create more beautiful earrings.

Rainbow K9 Glass Pendants

These are colorful glass pendants with different shapes, these colors are extremely charming, right? I believe we all will fall in love with the rainbow color, and on the other hand, glass pendants are widely used in jewelry making, which can be used to DIY necklaces, bracelets, earrings or something else, and the usage is simple too, taking a simple style necklace as an example, first you need a glass pendant like this, and use a leather cord to thread the pendant, so the necklace is finished, it’s very easy to make jewelry, right?

Epoxy Resin & Wood Linking Rings

Such linking rings, with random gold/silver foil inside, mixed color, and different in shapes, and the materials are special too, it’s resin and wood, so have you ever seen any linking rings like these? The combination of resin and wood materials looks very beautiful, and as for such linking rings, the usage is simple, and they are also widely used. We can use linking rings to connect accessories, so, sometimes, they play an important role in jewelry making. As you can see, the linking rings have diverse usage, as long as you have the ideas, you can create something different!

End of today’s sharing. If you like the accessories above, you can leave comments, or search at PandaHall. If you have any creative ideas, please don’t hesitate to try, good luck!

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Pandahall New Arrivals – A Variety of Special jewelry Beads You Can Collect

Hey, lovely friends, Happy Monday! A new week began, are you ready? Today I wanna share some special jewelry beads with all of you. They are in different styles and colors, you can pick some of them to make novel or traditional jewelries as you like. Hope you can enjoy today’s sharing, let’s check them one by one.

Alloy European Dangle Beads
Alloy European Dangle Beads
See these alloy European dangle beads, they are really pretty and elegant, aren’t they? Just with a gold or silver chain, then you can easily DIY different styles of gorgeous pendant necklaces. Do you wanna have a try? Connect them in case of necessary for your handmade crafts.

Handmade Millefiori Glass Bead
Handmade Millefiori Glass Bead
How about these colorful and cute glass beads? They are really fresh and cute, I wanna make a beaded bracelet for my little sister in the first sight I see these pretty beads. Really good materials for making charm bracelets, do you think so. If you are interested in this kind of glass beads, collect them, I’m sure you need them in you crafts.

Stylish Shell Beads
Stylish Shell Beads
WOW, really gorgeous and special! Whether in quality or color, these shell beads are both superb. I love them so much! Match them with some Tibetan pendants, leather cords, chains, turquoise beads or other jewelry materials, we can make different types of elegant and gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, brooches or any other accessories. You can collect them then it will be convenient while you need some exquisite beads in jewelry design.

Brass Rhinestone Beads
Brass Rhinestone Beads
How about these rhinestone beads? They are blingbling, each of them is inset with crystal beads. They are in different colors and sizes, which has a widely use. Drops for earrings, pendants for necklaces, beads for bracelets and etc.

Do you find your favorite beads I share you today? If you have got the right one, just have a try to use them in your jewelries DIY. If you still have no inspiration among these beads, don’t worry, I will continue to share you more next time. May you a wonderful week, see you.

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Pandahall New Arrivals – Different Kinds of Jewelry Making Beads You May Need

Hi, my dear friends, Happy Monday! Are you full of energy to start a new week after spending a happy weekend? Let’s set sail together! Today I will share four kinds of jewelry making beads with you, which are very suitable for you to DIY different styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and any other jewelry accessories. Now, let’s enjoy them one by one.

Handmade Indonesia Beads
Handmade Indonesia Beads
With colorful patterns and various shapes, these Indonesia beads are really special. Have you ever used them in your jewelry making? As for me, I’d like to pick some of these beads to match with leather cord, turquoise beads and Tibetan pendants to make a Tibetan leather cord charm bracelet. If you are interested in these Indonesia beads, you can collect them in case of necessary.

Indonesia Round Beads
Indonesia Round Beads
WOW, these elegant and delicate beads also belong to Indonesia beads. The workmanship and luster are superior. The first one is decorated with gemstones and the second one is decorated with rhinestones. Do you love these exquisite Indonesia beds? You can use them as necklace pendants, bracelet materials or earring drops. They are really goo to use and nice to look.

Brass Cubic Zirconia Beads
How about these brass pave cubic beads? They are different from common brass beads, they have more shapes and more exquisite workmanship. Besides, they can directly slide to wires or other chains to be used as necklace pendants, earring drops, bracelet decorations or other ornaments. Wanna have a try?

Brass Cubic Zirconia Beads
Brass Cubic Zirconia Beads
This kind of beads are so similar with the previous one, aren’t they? You are right, they are also brass cubic beads. The only difference between them is the crystal beads decoration, many of these brass cubic beads are decorated with crystal beads, which are so sparkling and chic. You can pick some of them to DIY personalized jewelries.

Today’s share is over here! Can you find your favorite jewelry beads here? If you wanna know more about other jewelry beads or findings, remember to leave me a comment. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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