Mother’s Day Craft-Tutorial Video on Felt Heart Hanging Ornament

Hey, friends. How are you? As we know, Mother’s Day is approaching. So have you prepared the gift for this festival? If no, then you can see this post and hope it can bring you any inspiration. If yes, just share the great ideas with us. And now, let’s see how to make this felt heart hanging ornament with pearl beads.
Mother's Day Craft - How to Make a Red Felt Heart Hanging Ornament with Pearl Beads
Beautiful, right? Then just prepare the supplies for the felt heart ornament making:
White Felt
Red Felt
Pink Felt
6mm White Half Round Pearl Beads
8m White Half Round Pearl Beads
20mm Organza Ribbon
15mm Organza Ribbon
Iron Scissor
Glue Gun
Sewing Thread
Then we can start this craft making with following this video.

Now, have you got the skills of this craft making? You can just play it again if there is anything you do not understand. I think your mom will be happier if she can receive this heart ornament. So please share this post with your friends if you like it. Follow this video and have a nice try! See you next time!

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Making Handmade Golden Chain Cabochon Pendant Necklace with Pearl Drops

Hello, dear Pandahall friends! Do you like handmade chain necklace? Next I wanna show a golden chain necklace with you all. This project is a cabochon pendant necklace with pearl drops, and you can put your photo or picture that you like in the cabochon settings. So, let’s see the pearl drops necklace now!
Supplies you’ll need in making the cabochon pendant necklace:
14mm Glass Cabochon Settings
Jump Rings
6mm Golden Stardust Beads
6mm White Pearl Beads
7mm White Pearl Beads
Cross Chain
Glue Gun
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Now, are you ready to see this tutorial video? Let’s start~

Hey, how easy yet exquisite the golden chain necklace is! Do you agree with me? If you also wanna make such a unique handmade chain necklace yourself, why not try this one? Hope you like today’s easy jewelry crafts and have a nice day!

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Pandahall Video Tutorial on How to Make a Special Photo Frame

Hello, friends. Happy Thursday! Do you need a photo frame? How do you think of making a personalized one for yourself? If yes, then this Pandahall post is a great choice for you. Next, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a special photo frame with glass cabochons and washi tape. It sounds interesting, right? Then let’s see the details.
DIY Home Decor – Making a Personalized Photo Frame with Washi Tape and Beads
Supplies needed for special photo frame making:
20mm Transparent Glass Cabochons
5cm Pink Satin Ribbon
1.5cm Washi Tape
Card Board
Pearl Flower Bead
Glue Gun
Glue Stick
Just follow me and prepare the supplies, and we can start the tutorial video once you finished.

It is done quickly, and have you got the skills? You can finish it within five minutes if you have understood the details making. So have a nice try and put your photo in it or make one for your friend as a gift, and I believe that she will like it. Enjoy this video tutorial. See you next time!

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Making Handmade Felt Flower Storage Boxes

Hi, dear pandahall friends! Wanna make a cute handmade storage box yourself? You know, storage box can not only help you to hold some little crafts, but also décor your house. And next, I will share a pink felt flower storage box with you. Hope you will like it and make one for yourself.
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making storage boxes:
Pink Embroidery Felt
50mm Pink Grosgrain Ribbons
50mm Yellow Grosgrain Ribbons
2mm Nylon Threads
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
Sewing Threads
Iron Scissor
Glue Gun
Now, just follow me to see the felt storage boxes~ Are you ready?

Wow, the handmade storage box is so cute in appearance, yes? I will make one for myself, and you can join with us! If you have any other ideas in making home décor, please tell me, and we may make the crafts.
Anyway, have a nice day~ See you next time!

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How to Make Lovely Wire Wrapped Basket from Pandahall Video Tutorial

Hey, friends. Happy Thursday! Are you searching for any interesting craft recently? Then you should pay more attention on today’s Pandahall video. Next I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a wire wrapped basket and you can put any lovely little things in it. Then it can bring your house any warm.
Pandahall Video Tutorial on How to Make a Small Red Heart Wire Wrapped Basket Craft
Supplies needed in making lovely wire wrapped basket:
0.5mm Red Copper Wire
1.5mm Red Aluminum Wire
Paper Cup
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Now, have you prepared the supplies? If yes, then come and see the making details with me.

So cute craft, right? We have finished seeing this tutorial video, and now could you make one by yourself? Do not worry, you can play it again if there is anything you do not really understand. Just share it with your friends if you like this craft and please show us your creative works. See you next time.

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