Ethnic Bold Tassel Earrings DIY

I wanted to make a bold pair of statement earrings and this is what I came up with! Ethnic, boho chic and bold earrings you can make too!

ethnic earrings1edited

Materials :
-dainty gold chain
-2 evil eye connector charms
-2 tassels
-2 eyepins
-small white beads
-metallic gold beads
-earring hooks
-4 jumprings


First slide the beads and the evil eye charm in the middle (using a jumpring) to the eyepin like this :


First slide the beads and the evil eye charm in the middle (using a jumpring) to the eyepin like this :


Take a piece of dainty chain and attach it to each end of the eyepin forming a triangle.


Attach the earring hook in the upper middle side of the chain like this.


Repeat for the other earring and your ethnic bold statement pair of earrings is ready to wear!

greek chic ethnic earringsedited

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DIY Jellyfish Bead Long Necklace!!!!

diy jellyfish bead necklace

Spring is here and I am already thinking of Summer! You know…the sea, the beach, the ice creams, the fun! So, what about a cute full of color Jellyfish Pendant Necklace just for you? Let’s create it together…

materials and tools for jewelry diy

Materials for Jelly fish Bead Necklace:

Crackle Glass beads (I have used 9 beads)

– White Volcanic Lava bead in rodelle schema

– Gold Plated Chain

– Jump Rings

– Gold Plated Lobster

– Eyepins

– Plier Set

small colored glass bead

Step 1: Start by creating the “tentacles” of the jelly fish. Pass the crackle glass bead in a head pin,

free jewelry making idea


ckrackled colored glass bead

cut the pin to make it shorter and with the round nose plier, create a loop.

tutorial making a bead pendant

Use another head pin, pass one single bead on it

glass beaded pendant diy

and then pass the rest beads from their loops.

glass bead pendant necklace craft

Put the last single bead on the top

bead free project idea

and again close the loop with the round noise plier tool.

Step 2: Let’s now connect the head of the jellyfish with the tentacles.

white volcanic lava bead stone

For the “head” we are going to use the white volcanic stone bead which its rodelle schema is just perfect! Use a head pin and create a loop in each side.

diy making a jellyfish pendant

Using a jump ring, connect the two parts.

dainty long gold chain necklace diy

Use a jump ring to create a pendant and pass it to the gold plated chain. Use the last jump rings and the lobster at the two ends of the chain.

tutorial jelly fish bead necklace

The necklace is ready!!!! Isn’t it the cutest jelly fish you ever met?

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Boho Chic Cute Pony Holders DIY!

Why wear boring pony holders when you can spice them up and make them look boho chic and so trendy? Let’s see how!


Materials for 2 pony holders:
-plain elastic pony holders
-various beads in different sizes
-a tassel
Also, you’ll need round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers
First take each bead one by one and thread each headpin. Form a tight loop with your round-nose pliers to secure the headpin.

When you are done with your beads, add jumprings to the tassel and gather all of them.


Now open a bigger jumpring and attach it to the elastic pony holder. Don’t close it yet, thread the beads and the charm and then close it with your pliers.


Make another pony holder with the evil-eye charm to complete the set and that’s it!

Your boho chic pony holders are ready to wear! And they are so cute!


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DIY Dainty Gold Infinity Necklace!!!

dainty gold infinity necklace

There are days that I adore to wear many dainty gold necklaces… there are days that I want to express my love… there are days that I just want to feel protected and lucky! My Dainty Gold Infinity necklace with the tiny evil eye is just perfect for these days!!! Let’s make it together…

materials and tools for free jewelry making

Materials for Dainty Gold Infinity Necklace:

Gold Plate Chain

– Gold Plated Jump Rings

– Head Pin

Gold Plated Infinity charm

– Tiny evil eye bead

– Gold Plated Clasp

– Gold Plated Chain Tag For the Clasp

– Plier Set

tiny blue evil eye

Step 1: Let’s start by making the evil eye charm. Just pass the evil eye bead in the head pin and close it with a plier, creating a loop.

tiny gold infinity charm

Step 2: Connect the infinity charm with the gold chain with a jump ring.

tutorial infinity necklace

Measure the chain and cut a piece of it according to your requirements. Connect the second edge of the charm with the remaining end of the chain.

infinity necklace free tutorial

Cut the chain in the middle and use two jump rings to connect the clasp and the chain tag at each end. Your main necklace is ready!

how to create infinity and eveil eye charm

Step 3: Let’s make it a little more unique… just connect the evil eye to one of the jump rings that connect the infinity charm with the chain.

dainty gold infinity necklace

Your necklace is ready! And believe me…you are going to love it wearing it alone or with more dainty necklaces!

Happy Crafting!!!

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6 Jewelry Making Ideas for Halloween

Hello everyone! Halloween is coming, do you have any plan for it? Do you wanna make something special this year? Today I’d like to share you six adorable Halloween jewelry, hope you guys like them, and wish they can give you inspirations for your own Halloween DIYs.

Halloween jewelry

When we are talking about Halloween, apart from treat or trick, there are many other traditional items, like the pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, skeletons, witches, and of course other countless scary things. Now I’ll share you some stunning Halloween accessories made with those traditional factors, they could do you a favor to make your Halloween more exciting!

A set of sugar skull accessories

a set of sugar skull accessories

Skulls and black roses, not so creepy, but these earrings, bracelet, and necklace are definitely great for Halloween. And they are not difficult to make. If you like them, just go get those Halloween beads, you can make them within an hour!

Bottle necklace – jar of eyes

bottle necklace - jar of eyes

Wow! This one is creepy! If you are looking for something horrible, you can take this bottle necklace into consideration!

Halloween necklaces made with hot glue

Halloween necklaces made with hot glue

Have you ever thought of glue can make jewelry? I’ve used hot glue while I was making jewelry, but I’ve never thought the glue itself can be made into accessories! That’s really amazing!

Kawaii ghost earrings

kawaii ghost earrings

If you think all ghosts are creepy, then you’ll know you are wrong when you see these kawaii ghost earrings. They are made by two different kinds of glass beads, easy, but so cute!

Super cute swinging necklace

super cute swinging necklace

Here comes another kawaii ghost, a super cute ghost swinging necklace! You can decide the materials by yourself, both polymer clay and wood could be made into such a cute necklace. But I think it will be easier with polymer clay.

Pumpkin earrings

pumpkin earrings

Last but not the least one, pumpkin earrings! It is Halloween, how could we celebrate Halloween without pumpkins? Just gather the beads and make a pumpkin accessory for yourself!

Well, I know you may say we still have almost two months to prepare for Halloween, but you have to admit our minds are changeable! So, since we have enough time, we could gather more ideas and then we’ll have more choices! Any new ideas, welcome to share!

Images from Pinterest.

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