Beads Container – Store and Organize Your Beads

As a jewelry maker, we all know that we need to prepare the materials and make sure everything is set in place before we start the beading or DIY. And along with the increased projects, the beading supplies are increased too. Soon, you will consider about how to store the beads. Because if you just place your beads and supplies here and there , they are easy to lose and you will find that you need to spend more time to find the beads than you do actually making the jewelry. That’s why organizing beads properly is important for us crafters.

Today, I will share some bead storege tips and tricks with you. They would help you a lot to store and organize your beads. Here are some beads containers that crafters love to use.

#1. plastic beads containers with interseptal grids inside. You can put your different beads in different compartments. And Each of them has a cover to protect beads from scatteering. This is the most common type of beads containers. Where to find it? Go to and search itemcode of:C005Y

beads container 1

#2. Round beads containers with seperated dividers. You can put your pearl beads in one divider and your crystal beads in other divider and you can open each dividers seperately; it’s quite easy to use and it is much convenient. And I prefer to use this kind of bead container to store my seed beads. Itemcode:C008Y

seed beads container


#3. Plastic beads container with round bottles. this type of container has many interseptal grids inside too, but it has seperated round bottles instead, not compartments. Super useful and I love it very much. Go to our online store and get them to store your beads. Itemcode: C004Y

beads containers 3

#4. Clear plastic bead containers with lid. This type of beads container is super good for storing a large amount of beading supplies. If you have a bead store or you have a jewelry business, this is just right for you to store your huge amount of beads and supplies. If you want to get them, go to, the itemcode for this product is C058Y.

beads container 4

#5. Clear tube plastic bead containers with lid. This tube container is my favorite one too. The container is composed by a clear tube with the bottom and a lid. Simple style but practical. I used it to store jewelry beads like seed beads, acrylic beads and so on. Want to get them? Go to, the itemcode for this product is C065Y.

tube bead container


#6. Glass bottle bead containers with tampions. This little glass bottle can not only help you organize your beads, but also can be used for candy glass bottles, gift glass bottles. Also, if you don’t need them to store beads any more, you can use them to make bottle necklace or other bottle jewelry. Cool, aha! Itemcode: CON-Q014

glass bottle beads container

All these 6 types of beads containers are clear so that you can see what beads are inside without opening them. Except from beads, you can also use them to store your fingdings like jumprings, claps and so on. They will do a favor for you to store and organize your beads!



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Heart Beads – Perfect for Jewelry That Expresses Love

Pendants, charms and heart beads are the perfect way that someone can make a romantic jewelry design. A heart bead is the right thing to have with you so that you can symbolize or express love. The beads can be bought anytime of the year but they are normally popular in the Valentines and in the Wedding season. You can find white or clear hearts to add on any bridal jewelry so that love can be added on the wedding favor. The beads can be made in the glass, metal, shamballa style and Swarovski. SONY DSC

If you want to make the jewelry using the heart beads, you can learn how you can make them on your own. The beads can also be given to the family and friends as a gift. If you want to make the jewelry, you have to start by getting all the materials that you need to use. You can also visit some websites where you can get to learn about the techniques and skills that you will need so that you may become a jewelry maker.

You can use the beads to make rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Any of your handmade jewelry is going to be fashionable and wearable. You are going to try out some jewelry making styles such as chain maille, clay craft, stitched beadwork, wirework and bead stringing.

It is well known that it is not that easy to start with the new craft. You may get some jewelry making basics from online and you can even learn from the tutorial video that was made. When you make the jewelry from the heart beads, you have to keep in mind the findings. The finding is any piece that has to be used on your jewelry to finish, joining or connecting it.

You can buy heart beads at a wholesale from the sellers. You will find them in anything that sparkles or shines. When you buy at a wholesale, you are going to pay a low price. The beads can be bought for a gift to give on the wedding, anniversary and holiday. While choosing the type of the beads you want, the color will play a large part in it. When you pick the color, you should keep in mind the occasion and the style in your mind. If you want to give jewelry like a gift to another person, you have to remember to choose the color that such person like. If the jewelry is yours, you should focus on the event and the clothes that you are going to wear. If you want to attract attention, you have to choose the contrasting color to the clothes you want to wear.

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Glass Beads Have Been Used for a Long Period in Jewelry Making

The glass beads have origins in Egypt and they were used by the court attendants and Pharaohs. They have beautiful and smooth quality and this is why bead workers like to use them. You can choose quality glass beads to make any bead projects. You have to visit a bead store and see all the types of the beads they have in order to choose the one you like most. The glass beads are found in different types and you can find manmade beads in different size from small to large sizes and you may choose anyone that can fit into any project you want. The beads are also found in different colors so you are the one to choose the color you like.  The glass beads can also be gotten in many   shapes like bugle, hex cuts, cubes, triangular, cylinder, animal shaped, heart shaped, oval, hole, donut shaped and round.  You have also to consider the weight of the beads and the design of the beads you want to make.

jewelry beads, wholesale beads , glass beads, crackle glass beads,

Two Tone Spray Painted Crackle Glass Beads Strands


In case you are interested in making the jewelry using glass beads for your earrings, necklaces or bracelet, you need to ensure that you are using the best beads according to the design you want to get. When you start to make the beading, you have to ensure that you have enough time to make them and that you have picked the right design with the right beads.

You have to choosing the jewelry that you are looking to make. You have to make the beading choices based on the design you have decided on. For example, you can create necklace and the bracelet that match one another.  When you buy the glass beads, you have to look for the beads that look the same. If the beads are made in glass, all the beads you want to use should be made in the glass. If you wish to have a focal bead, it has to match the theme of other beads.  This is the same thing if you are using other type of beads such as wood or metal.

glass beads, beads wholesale , jewelry beads

Handmade Glass Beads


If you are going to use the beaded pattern with different types of glass beads, you have to do a research of how you have to achieve this be it offline or online.  You have to choose the pattern which repeats itself and it may allow a focal bead so that it can be used.  If you want to use a certain pattern, you are going to use the same pattern for other items to go with it such as the bracelet.

If you want to make a special project, you should check in the lampwork glass bead.  The lampwork is in category of its own and each one is unique and it is handmade. Such uniqueness can be reflected into its price.   Before you buy glass beads, you should ensure that they are annealed. This means that the beads are heated and also cooled within the kiln. In case the process was not followed, the glass bead may shatter or break easily.

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Many Uses Of Wooden Beads For The Purpose Of Jewelry Making

If you are interested in jewelry making and you wish to try something different and up market, wooden beads are just that one thing you need. Available in rustic and earthy colors, wood beads are always powerful elements to be added to any piece of jewelry to make it appear chic and cooler. Not only for the purpose of bohemian jewelry but wooden beads are also used to create contemporary designs and stylish items. So, the next time you plan to create something unique, consider wood as a part of the finest collection of bead materials to be used.

Beads are available in different shapes, sizes and types. If you are making jewelry for the first time, you could be totally stunned by the number of choices in front of you. Beads, for instance, could be made from wood, bones, shells, seeds, glass and acrylic. Ultimately, your choice of beads will surely reflect the kind of quality and finish you want to come up with. If you can pick up the finest selection of beads, you will surely be able to achieve what it takes to create some of the finest pieces of jewelry.

Regardless of how these beads look and feel, they are not as good as they might seem to be initially. For instance, plastic beads are usually considered a good and cheaper alternative but it doesn’t last long. If you are planning to start your jewelry business and you have chosen plastic, you could go absolutely wrong. Wood, on the contrary, is always a safer and better choice. Wooden beads may not offer a lot of variety, but they last long and the color of these beads gel well with everything you wear.

When shape of wooden beads is concerned, you will find many options too. There are tube shaped and disc shaped beads hat look unusual. If you are creative, you can also create different types of shapes with wood beads. There is a lot of scope to create some unique design each time. You can even add in various colors to add unique variations to a theme.

Wood can also be used to create bespoke beads. However, to make that, you would require some tools, such as wood lathe. This will ensure that your jewelry beads get a unique look. You will also have proper control over these tools used to give them proper shape and size – something unique about wooden beads. If you want, you can also take orders for customized beads – you can create unique beads, in different shapes or sizes, for extra charge. That will give your clients a window to explore their own unique fantasies and ideas about jewelry making.

When it is about purchasing beads in bulk, wooden beads don’t really cost much. Unlike common belief, wood beads can also be less expensive when purchased from the wholesale market. Although it may not be as cheap as acrylic or plastic, you will surely get the best deal. Because wood is considered to the ultimate choice for trendy jewelry, you can take a chance to create some of the finest accessories.

Visit Pandahall now to buy your favorite wooden beads at bargain rates.

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Familiarize Yourself With The Latest Range of Contemporary Glass Beads

Glass beads don’t require an introduction. They can be simply classified as beads made from glass that would be usually transparent, if not colored. Several colorful glass beads can be used to create a beautiful piece of jewelry and worn for adornment. Since these beads are mainly universal and ancient forms of art, they are also considered significant anthropologically.

Beads made out of glass have a long history associated with them. In fact, archaeological evidence holds that these beads have existed since the Roman era. Likewise, some more studies have been done to reveal how sophisticated methods were used to make these beads in some of the regions like Caucasus and Mesopotamia in the early 2340 to 2180 BC. In addition, beads have also been associated with other cultures like that of Venice, Egypt and Mediterranean regions.

Contemporary and latest glass beads are intricately designed and much advanced compared to the older ones. They are widely available in myriad designs, colors, sizes and shapes. The smaller beads come with elaborate designs, also known as seed beads. Today, these beads are generally used for making jewelry items.

There are mainly two key uses of glass beads – for curtains and ornaments. However, they are most prominently used in making jewelry of all kinds. Today, the use of these beads has been taken to a next level, thus making them absolutely fantastic choice for use.

Curtains made out of glass beads are considered items for interior decoration. Several glass beads and stones are used to fabricate curtains in multiple colors, having intricate cravings, bewitching coating, and enticing finish. These are unique characteristic of glass beads, which makes them perfect for decoration. They are commonly available in oily or greasy finish, iridescent finish, metallic finish, color lined finish, and other finishes.

Glass beads are also commonly used for jewelry making too. These types of beads are commonly made in cottage industries and factories, crafted for the purpose of jewelry making. They are precisely and intricately designed than other beads. These stones have also been commonly used for collage jewelry making. Graceful, artistic, colorful – glass beads have a gleam among appeal to it.

There are different types of glass beads commonly available for your choice. Even people who are new in the world of jewelry making business can differentiate between these types. One should have the eye to choose some of the finest collection of beads from the variety available. Venetian, chevron, handmade and silver foil glass beads are some of the most popular choices available. In addition, alphabet glass beads are also commonly used.

Venetian glass beads, for instance, have their roots in Venice. They are created by highly proficient Venetian artists, hence the name. These beads reflect the Venetian culture too. Similarly, handmade glass beads depict the ingenuity and creativity of artisans. There are no constraints with respect to the shape, design, size, variety and color. These beads can be found in a vibrant shade of colors, often resembling a kaleidoscope, and in varied finishes too.

Chevron beads are the oldest, having diverse patterns and multiple colors with 4, 5 or 6 layers. The seven layered beads are amazing.

You can choose your glass beads from Pandahall according to the jewelry items you wish to design.

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