PandaHall Smart Bargains – Vintage Style Big Pendants

Hey! Friday again! As usual, today I’m going to share you some of our hot items. Yes, as you can see from the title, I’ll share you several vintage style big pendants, hope you’ll like them!

vintage styleFirst, the Tibetan silver alloy tribal cross big pendant.

K0912061_0This pendant is lead free and cadmium free, the size is about 62mm long, 35mm wide, 5mm thick, and the hole is 4.5mm. Now they are 30% off, if you like them, you can search K0912061 on our website.

Then the Tibetan style butterfly pendant.

TIBEP-EA672Y-R-FF_0Actually this vintage butterfly is a rhinestone setting, you can glue some tiny colorful rhinestone beads onto it and make it a lovely pendant. It’s lead free & cadmium free & nickel free, the size is 55x43x2mm with a 6mm hole. It’s also 30% off now, if you want it, search TIBEP-EA672Y-R-FF.

Next is the large fairy pendant.

K0971061_0This litter girl is pretty cute right? You can make a lovely pendant necklace for your kids with it. This one is about 82x54x2mm with a 3.5mm hole, and it’s lead free & cadmium free. It’s 30% off and the item code is K0971061.

Besides these pretty vintage style pendants, we also have many simple yet chic vintage pendant necklaces on our website.

vintage pendant necklacesAmong all these three necklaces, my favorite one is the heart pendant one, what about you? And for your information, the first one and the last one are luminous, the round one’s light is sky-blue and the heart one’s light is lawn green. All these three are 42% off, if you like them, their item codes are: NJEW-F095-19, NJEW-F085-02B, and NJEW-F095-02A.

For more smart bargains, welcome to visit our website Happy shopping!

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Show Your Love to the Greatest Man in Your World

Hello there! Father’s day is approaching, have you guys get your gifts ready? If no, welcome to have a look at We’ve got lots of lovely items for fathers and I bet you’ll find something perfect for your dad.

1When it refers to gifts for men, watches and clocks are always the first and best choices. On, you can find quartz watches, electronic watches, and mechanical watches, which are various in styles and differ in prices, there should always be one your father would like.

2If you are familiar with, then you must know that our main products are jewelry and accessories. So, apart from watches and clocks, we also have many cool jewelry gifts for men. If your father wears jewelry in his daily life, you can take a look at our cool designed jewelry gifts, there must be something surprised you.

3Wallets could also be a great choice. If your father needs a new wallet, you can buy him one at this special day. Other daily accessories like shoulder bags and sunglasses could be taken into consideration as well.

4If you are a DIYer, you can buy some jewelry findings on and customize some really unique and personalized gifts for your dad. I bet he’ll love them very much!

If you have ever bought anything for your dad before, you must know that what makes your dad happy is not the gift you bought, is the gift is from YOU. So, no matter what you’re doing and how busy you’re, never forget to tell your dad you love him at his special day!


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June Promotion-PandaHall Hot Sales for Your Jewelry Making

Hello there! PandaHall June Promotion! Are you guys looking forward for it? Okay, let’s check out what we’ve got together!


Yes, as usual, we have UP TO 75% OFF and FREE SHIPPING for orders over US$349. If you need to buy some jewelry beads and findings in bulk, then you shall never miss our monthly promotions!

hot-sale-enamel-pendants hot-sale-acrylic-beads

If you are familiar with PandaHall monthly promotion, you must know that we have different hot sale items for each month. And for June, there are colorful acrylic beads and adorable enamel pendants. Do you like them? Besides these two categories, you can also find our hot sellers, clearance items, and many other on sale items on our promotion page.


special-offered-items mixed-products

factory-inventory-items highly-recommended-itemsWhat’s more, we also prepared many free coupon codes for you! You can use them while you’re shopping on PandaHall during the promotion time, which means you can sale much more money! Sounds really crazy right?

Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code PHPRMT5
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code PHPRMT20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code PHPRMT39
Valid until July 16, 2016 PST

Save $2 on your order of $20+ with coupon code: YTBPM2
Save $3 on your order of $30+ with coupon code: YTBPM3
Save $4 on your order of $40+ with coupon code: YTBPM4
Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code: YTBPM5
Save $10 on your order of $100+ with coupon code: YTBPM10
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code: YTBPM20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code: YTBPM40
Valid until January 1, 2017 PST

Any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service: [email protected]. Wish you guys a happy shopping on

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Get Free Gift When Your Order Over $69

Hello, Girls. How are you today? I have a very great news to tell you. There are big promotion on, You will get a Free surprising gift when your order over $69, get two when your

order over $99! Excited?! I know you are very excited and no wait to put the items into your cart. Slow down, girls, we also have a  Coupon Code For you, 5% discount for all items, Coupon Code:


Tinysand charm bracelet

OK, Now I choose 6 charms into my shopping cart

Tinysand charms

Let’s have a look at my shopping cart.I got a free silver charm,and I buy the basic bracelet for only $9.9.Also they send me a free packing box. For all the stuff,guess how much money I spent?

I spend $127 for the whole bracelet. I feel it is very worth, all the charms are made of S925 Silver,and the order is free shipping by DHL.

Tinysand charms


Hope you will find something you like on our website,! Happy Weekend!

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Choose A Birthday Gift For Her

Hello, everyone, How’s your weekend? This post is really useful for all of you guys. Today I will teach you how to choose a gift for her, no matter your good friends or someone you like.

If you are looking for birthday gift ideas and inspiration then look no further than our fantastic birthday presents category. We have a great selection of birthday gift for her.

Whether you are looking for a gift that all important special birthday, we have something to suit most ages.

If you are looking for something more specific, why not take a look at our range of unusual, Personalized or Fun for the perfect birthday surprise.

charm bracelet

In fact, Jewelry is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially earrings or a diamond necklace. There are not many women that can resist the appeal of precious stones. It is important to know that

you can make a jewelry present only to your closest women. Any jewelry is expensive and there it is thought that the higher the price, the deeper the feelings. When buying jewelry you spend

probably the most significant part of your budget. This is why you should be certain about her and know that you really mean something to her.

The problem came again, how to choose a Jewelry? The jewelry must be fine and elegance ,must express your all love. Someone of you will ask, how?

First, choose a basic bracelet, just like the one in the pic:

charm braceletSecond, choose charms on Tinysand .If your friend like drive, you can choose a car charm ,if she likes flower, send her a flower charm.

lucky charms

Third, Buy a beautiful package.

charm bracelet

I am pretty sure your friends will very happy to receive this gift!

Find the best gift ideas among our collection of personalized presents at Tinysand!


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