Pandahall Hot Sellers – Daily Deal Items for Your Jewelry Making

Hello lovely readers! Friday again! Today I’d like to share you some of our daily deal items, hope you’ll like them!

First of all, my favorite alloy heart pendants.

SONY DSCThese pendants are lead free and cadmium free, about 35mm long, 34.5mm wide, 11mm thick, and the hole is 3.5mm. You can make many pretty pendant necklaces or hanging home decorations with them. Only $11.66 for 50 pieces. If you like them, you can find them on our website with item code EA11859Y-G.

Then, resin flower cabochons!

RESI-H005-M_0If you are an experienced jewelry maker, then you must know that this kind of cabochons can be used to make any kind of accessories, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair pins, almost anything. And on, you can get 200 pieces of them with only $6.46! Just search RESI-H005-M to get them!

Next, polymer clay rhinestone beads.

RB-C1438-10mm-A_0This kind of rhinestone beads are always used to make jewelry with other beads, namely, they are usually used as decorations among other beads. And another typical usage of them is to make Shamballa style bracelets with threads. If you like bling bling things, you shall never miss them. The item code is RB-C1438-10mm-A and price is $8.83 for 100 pieces.

Last, Tibetan style antique bronze pendants and links.

TIBE-D258-AB-NF_0These are one of our most popular items. If you love vintage style jewelry findings, you shall never miss them. Only $3.40 can get 200 pieces of them, with various shapes and sizes, sounds really great right? Oh, they are nickel free, if you like them, search TIBE-D258-AB-NF.

For more daily deals, welcome to visit, you’ll find thousands of lovely items there. And I bet you’ll find things you like!

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PandaHall Goodies – Great Quality and Under 5 Dollars

Hello there! Happy Friday to you all! Last Friday, I’ve introduced you some of our best seller, do you like them? Have you found more on our website? Today I’m going to share you some of our under $5 items. They are cheap, but with great quality, and you’ll need them in your DIYs.


Mix colored faceted abacus transparent glass beads, 4x3mm, you can get 200 pieces of them with only $0.71. Sounds really great right? Bright colors are suitable for summer days, with these lovely glass beads, you can make a cute bracelet for your own. If you are going to buy, search item code GLAA-R152-4mm-M1.



Clear glass cabochons, what will you do with them? DIY a portrait brooch? Or make a lovely pendant? These cabochons are about 15.73 to 16.13mm and 3.8 to 5.8mm thick, you can find them on our website with item code GGLA-G005. Only $2.95, you can get 200 pieces.



Golden colored rhinestone spacer beads, grade B, about 8mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick. Don’t you like these bling bling things? You can use them while you’re making a bracelet, and only $2.89 for 500 pieces, what a big sale! By the way, the item code is RB-A009-8MM-G.



Green turquoise! I bet most jewelry makers will love this item! You can make anything with them, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings… and you can slide them together, wrap them with wires, or any other ways you can figure out. $4.15 for 5 stands and 320 pieces per strand, wanna buy them? Search G-R192-06.

Apart from good quality jewelry beads and finding, we also have much cute jewelry under $5 on our website. Following are just few of them.


Silver plated brass butterfly design bracelet (BJEW-BB00640), $4.09 for one piece; silver plated cube brass cubic zirconia dangle earrings (EJEW-BB07973-S), $1.94 per pair; silver plated brass starfish pendant necklace (KK-BB11654), $1.21 for one piece; cherry quartz bullet pendant necklace (NJEW-BB00036-05), $2.41 for one strand. Among all those four items, which one do you love most? I’d like to choose the butterfly bracelet, because I wear bracelets much more than other accessories.

Of course, there are far more items on our website which are under $5 and have great quality. Just take a look, and they’ll never let you down!

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PandaHall Best Seller – Freshwater Pearls for Your Jewelry Design

Hello lovely readers! Happy Friday! The weekend is coming, are you excited? Yes, today I’m here to share you some of pandahall’s best sellers. And from now on, we’ll share you more of our best sellers and promote items on each Friday, hope you’ll like them!

Today’s items are freshwater pearls, you’ll see different types of pearl beads and some pearl beaded accessories. Let’s check them out together.

First, the most commonplace round white pearl beads. Don’t you think they are pretty? They are dyed and their level is grade A, you can find them on with item code A02S6017.


Second, grade A rice shaped white pearl beads. They’re not so well shaped than the previous ones, but they are totally natural! If you like them, search on our website with code PEAR-D072-1.


Third, grade A pink pearl beads! Do you like the color? It’s natural without any dyed procedures. Thought not perfectly shaped, these pink pearls are still very cute. Don’t you think so? Oh yes, the item code is A23WN011.


Then the last pearl beads, the dark slate blue ones, so cool! Can you believe it’s natural color as well? I have to say this color is really surprised me! I do love this gorgeous color! If you like them, please search the code A23WP011.


Apart from pretty pearl beads, we also have many hot sell pearl accessories. Here I selected four different types for you!

pearl accessories

Pearl bead dangle earrings (EJEW-JE01796), sterling silver shell pendant necklace with a pearl bead (JN271A), pearl bead sterling silver rose gold bracelet (JB178A), and a lovely shell flower brooch with pearl beads decorated (JEWB-E011-02). Which one is your favorite?

There are so many hot sell freshwater pearls and pearl bead accessories on our website, but I can’t list all of them here. If you wanna see more, welcome to visit our website, you’ll find thousands of items there and there must be something attracts you!

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Find Your S925 Fine Jewelry

Hi, friend. Hope you have a nice day! Today I am going to show some S925 fine jewelry from TINYSAND. Maybe you are not sure what TINYSAND is. Actually, it is a S925 fine jewelry brand of Padahall.

The Origin of TINYSAND

“To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. “
TINYSAND was inspired by the famous poem from William Blake. Every single object has its own unique stories, either from humans, a tiny grain of sand or wild flowers. Caring for each other is what all TINYSAND wants to express. We aim to offer the forever innocent beautify of silver jewelry all around the world. Each single jewelry piece is a unique story to show your love and care for yourself or others, to memorize the happy moments and special days.

Stunning S925 European Beads

Do you like European beads which is also named charms? You may heard of the popular brand Pandora who is famous for its charms, sadly not everyone can afford it. While the charms from TINYSAND are compatible with Pandora and with similar styles,but price is more reasonable.

And there are many different kinds of European beads, which are all designer styles on TINYSAND. European Beads can symbolize your passions and hobbies, reflect a message or sentiment, capture a memory or make a fashion statement. TINYSAND’s European Beads allow you express yourself with jewelry that designed by your own. Be a necklace or a bracelet, just as you wish. Let your creativity take flight!

You can also customize your special European Beads here. Put the photo of yourself or the one you love on it, making the European Beads unique and meaningful. So interesting, right?

S925 Fine Jewelry

Made by heart arrow and swarovski, TINYSAND S925 sterling silver jewelry are extremely of high quality, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. And there are wide selection styles for you to choose from.Whether it is for personal use or for a loved one, TINYSAND is a good choice.

How do you think of TINYSAND? If want to learn more, please click TINYSAND-ZONE to meet all S925 fine jewelry, and please visit for all TINYSAND products. Enjoy your shopping!
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Make Jewelry with Handmade Glass Beads

Handmade Glass Beads

Faceted abacus glass beads – one of our best sellers. They look pretty, right? Just like Austrian crystals.

As one of the most essential materials for jewelry making, glass beads are always popular among jewelry makers. Then, what can we do with these handmade faceted glass beads? Let’s see some designs from our customer Надежда, I bet her designs will inspire you for your own DIYs.

Beaded bangle
beaded bangle made by Надежда

A beaded bangle made with memory wire, abacus glass beads, and various kinds of other beads, looks really cool and kind of bohemian! If you only used faceted glass beads, the bangle will be dull, but once combined with other beads, it becomes fabulous.

Beaded bracelet
beaded bracelet made by Надежда

To be honest, this beaded bracelet is quite simple in design. However, I still have to admit it’s cute. The arrangement of beads is very impressive and this bracelet is great for jewelry making beginners.

Cluster bracelet
cluster bracelet made by Надежда

To make a cluster bracelet, you must acquire some basic jewelry making skills. You need to know how to make bead links with beads and pins, and how to add those links to a chain. It may take your time, but I think the crafting procedure will make you happy.

Charm bracelet and dangle earrings jewelry set
jewelry set made by Надежда

Wow! I think nobody can say this jewelry set is not beautiful. They are so chic! The arrangement of flat round beads is very delicate, and the abacus glass beads make the whole jewelry set more unique and impressive.

As you can see from the previous jewelry, I think the best way to make accessories with abacus glass beads is to use them together with other beads. After all, diversification can make things more interesting. Do you agree with me?



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