PandaHall Halloween Cabochons Brooch

Hello, everyone! Long time no see. Halloween is coming soon, have you prepared something for it? If you haven’t, don’t worry. Today, we will teach you how to make a UV Resin Halloween Brooch.

What You Need to Prepared:

Brass Linking Rings

Resin Cabochons, Halloween Moon with Bat

Resin Cabochons, Halloween Castle

Alloy Open Back Bezel Pendants

UV Glue


Stainless Iron Tweezers

Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes


1st Pour UV glue into 2 measuring cups, add one drop white pigment, stir well.

2nd Put the brass linking rings on a piece of plastic paper, pour some of white glue into the ring, spread the glue evenly on it.

3rd Put the resin cabochons into the ring, then put it under the UV lamp.

4th Add some sequins, and finally, stick them together with glue, put it under the UV lamp.

5th Take off the plastic paper, and connect it with brooch pin, put it under the lamp.

OK!!! Done!!! We finished!

Isn’t it interesting? Come and have it a try! We have more jewelry inspirations and various beads on PandaHall, welcome to visit our website. See ya`  

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