PandaHall DIY Jewelry Tutorial on Ocean Style Necklace

Have you got some summer jewelry ideas? Do you like ocean style jewelry? Today’s PandaHall tutorial on how to make a pendant necklace with glass beads and pearls is a wonderful choice for you!

Materials we need:
6mm glass pearl beads(Dark blue/blue/light blue/white)
6mm faceted glass beads(Light blue / blue/ white)
6mm clear glass beads
Shell charms
Tibetan style starfish pendants
Silver iron jump rings
Lobster claw clasps
2mm crimp beads
0.38mm tiger tail wire
Brass Bead Tips
Silver iron cable chains
Jewelry pliers

Step 1: Thread these glass beads onto the wire and fix them

Thread the wire through one knot cover and a crimp bead.
Use the flat nose pliers to flatten the crimp bead, fold the excess part of the wire, clamp it and the clamp bead together. Cover this part and use the flat nose pliers to fasten it.
Start beading. As the picture shows, string beads of different colors onto the wire in order.
Repeat beading according to the sequence.
After we finished beading, follow the previous steps, to make the other ending part.

Step 2: Make the beaded links with the pearls and eye pins

Take one link as an example to explain how to operate.
Thread a eye pin through a dark blue pearl bead
Use the flat nose plies to fold the eye pin and diagonal side cutting pliers to cut off the excess part of the eye pin.
Use the round nose pliers to make a loop. A simple pearl bead link is finished.
Keep making pearl bead links one by one using the same method.

Step 3: Make pendants

Connect these beaded links to the glass bead strand. (Use pliers to pull open the loops of these links, after connecting two parts, use pliers to close the loops)
Start adding shell charms and starfish pendants.
Use round nose pliers and flat nose pliers to pull open jump rings, thread these pendants and charms.
Connect these pendants and charms to the pearl links.

Step 4: Finish the ending part

Use pliers to pull open jump rings, then connect cable chain, necklace main part and the heart shape claw clasp.
Tutorial ends here.

Wow, this ocean style necklace looks so charming! I think it suits summer so much! It must be super popular among stylish girls! And it’s super easy to make too. How do you like it? Are you interested in PandaHall tutorials? If yes, hope you enjoy yourself and have a nice try~

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