PandaHall Craft Ideas about Pompom Balls

Hi, my dear friends, happy Friday! Weekend is coming, are you ready? Before enjoying the pleasure of your Saturday night, I want to share some Pandahall DIY ideas about pompom balls with you. Maybe you didn’t notice this accessories before, but since winter is here, you may like pompom balls, and we can also use them to DIY some very beautiful and practical stuff, looking at them or touching them may make us warm. Let’s take a look together.

At first, i want to share a photo frame, Christmas style, made of felt fabric and pompom balls. Hanging on the wall, looks very beautiful and unique, even more beautiful than those we bought from the stores, besides, this photo frame is meaningful, cause you made it by yourself, and it will endure a very long time. In addition, it’s easy to make, so will not cost you too much time. Firstly, we need to prepare green felt fabric, green and red pompom balls, cotton thread, scissors, and glue . As the picture shows, We cut the felt fabric into two shapes, with the same size, then we place the ring shape over the round one, they overlap together, we put the cotton thread between them, then glue them together. So we nearly finished making the photo frame. Then we need to decorate the frame, so we stick the red and green pompom balls to the edge part of the frame. To keep balance, we need to stick the the red pompom balls to the different part instead of sticking together. So this is a pretty simple work to do, since Christmas is coming, you can choose some Christmas jewelry accessories to DIY something yourself, so we chose the representative colors of Christmas to make this frame full of Christmas atmosphere, can you feel that? Imagine that, you make this with your family, or consider it as a Christmas gift, with the picture of you and your beloved one in, what a wonderful idea!

The second one is keychain, we used different colored pompom balls to make a pendant, then made this keychain, which is also easy to make, we just need to stick the pompom balls together, to make a flower shape, six petals, then use the pearl cabochons to decorate, so it looks like a smiling sun flower. Then use the jump rings to connect the pendant and the key ring clasp, we are finished.

The third one is a pompom grape ornament, a very lovely grape ornament.The soft purple pompom balls, paired with the green velvet ribbon bow, we made a very lovely bunch of grapes. We stick the pompom balls into a grape shape. You like these there? These things are very practical, right? and they are also beautiful, please try to make them, if you need any materials, you can search them at PandaHall. DIY jewelry is great, and you will have fun in that, good luck!

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