PandaHall Ideas on DIY Thanksgivng Projects

Thanksgiving is coming soon, happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are grateful for all PandaHall fans, thank you guys very much for the support! If you are looking for some accessories to DIY holiday jewelry or make gifts, then we have just what you need, and we also have some DIY ideas for you to try. Make some nice jewelry for yourself or to give as thoughtful gifts. As for the following accessories, they all have words on, and belong to something you can simply use to DIY jewelry, and perfect for you to give to your beloved ones, for example, the first one, flat round pearl shell links, with word Mom, you may use it to make simple bracelet or necklace, then give your Mom as a gift, and don’t you think the heart shape in the middle looks very beautiful? In addition the accessories made of shell always bring people a mild feeling. If you have a good relationship with your sister, then this heart-shaped cabochons with a sister word are very suitable for you, you use this to DIY, she will definitely like your gift. The third one is some colorful heart-shaped wood beads, I LOVE DADDY, use this to DIY jewelry or simply consider them there as decorations, to prove how much you love your father, i bet he will love it.

Autumn is so beautiful. Those fascinating colors, such as the colors of those maple leaves, and the colors of other plants, the jewelry with fall colors is particularly beautiful and full of rustic charm. Perfect for Thanksgiving! There are kinds of accessories for autumn, like leaves, pine cones, feathers, and pumpkins, and others. These are all accessories related to maple leaves, maple-shaped beads and pendants, decorations, beads and fabrics with maple leaf images, and the maple leaf patterns are beautiful. As for the beads, you can just string them together, making a simple bracelet or necklace, or you can make more complicate jewelry using these beads if you have ideas. The maple-shaped pendants look very exquisite, use them make simple pendant necklace, that would be great, and it will endure a long time. Don’t you think the fabric with maple leaf pictures looks fabulous? you can use it to make skirts, and you will look great wearing that. And the Picture 3 shows us some decorations made of artificial maple leaves, every piece of decorations look beautiful and practical.

We also have some pumpkin-shaped accessories, like pendants and charms, they are various in styles and materials, we all know that pendants and charms are great choice for making bracelets and necklaces. Adding different pendants and charms to the jewelry, may get unexpected results, just follow your heart, do whatever you want, make your own style jewelry. Picture 2 shows us some handmade lampwork corn pendants, look very real, and the colors seem beautiful too, if you make necklaces with them, they will be some special jewelry or gifts. And we also have the pine cone pendants, which look real too, except for making bracelets and necklaces, we can also use these pendants to make simple dangle earrings, using the chains to connect the pendants and earrings hooks to finish earrings. Picture 5 is a Thanksgiving flower wreath, we used the jewelry wire to make the loop, and wrapped it with ribbons, also made flowers using ribbons, very charming right?

As long as you have the ideas, and dare to have a try, you will create something unique. If you are interested in these products, you can search it at our website, or make comments, asking me, and you can download our APP, get coupons, then buy what you want, and finally, thank you all for your support. And wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

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