PandaHall Jewelry Making Tutorial on Heart Pendant Necklace with Pearl

At first, I would like to show you some handmade jewelries we have recently updated. And since Halloween is coming soon, and Christmas too, so we made some theme jewelry, if you are interested, welcome to visit PandaHall to get DIY jewelry ideas and choose the one you like.

Today’s tutorial is a pendant necklace, as for the jewelry of this type, we may see a lot, usually we make a pendant using different beads and through different beading methods, we can create various of pendants of diverse shapes, like rhombus, heart, after we made the pendants, we may choose chains or kinds of thread of different materials to finish the whole necklace, according to personal likes.  And there are other DIY necklace tutorial in PandaHall, i thought you may want to see, if you have any ideas, welcome to share!

And let’s see the materials we need: 8mm gold jade beads, 9mm white pearl beads, 6mm glass bead sets of mixed colors, 3mm dark turquoise glass seed beads, transparent fishing thread nylon wire, head pins, iron cable chains, iron jump rings, claw clasps and the tools we need: needles, scissors and a set of jewelry pliers.

Ok, here comes the tutorial. String five gray glass beads onto the wire, make a circle, then make a knot, leave one end of the wire. Add three blue seed beads and two gray beads to the wire, two glass beads are separated by the blue seed beads. Thread the wire through the gray bead, then we made another circle. We string the next two gray beads and add three blue seed beads and two gray beads to the wire, just as what we did before, following the same beading order, we made another circle.

Add six blue seed beads and a yellow bead to the wire, the yellow bead in the middle, thread the wire through the two blue beads and two gray beads at the right. We also add new beads to the left part and the bottom, so after we filled the edge part using the blue seed beads, you can see a heart-shaped pendant. String four blue seed beads onto the wire to surround the top left gray bead and in the same way to add beads around the right gray bead at the top and add beads around the bottom yellow bead.

Add a blue glass bead in the middle position of the first bead circle we made. Using head pins jewelry pliers pearl beads to make pearl pendants, make three of them. Prepare seven jump rings, silver chains of proper length, a claw clasp and the jewelry pliers we need. Connect the pearl pendants and the heart pendant through jump rings, connect chains and pendants using the jump rings, so we finished a charming necklace.

Here comes the end, if you like this necklace, try making it, or if you have any ideas or thoughts, welcome to make comments. See you! Have a nice day!

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PandaHall Ideas on How to Make Christmas Tree Style Earrings

Hello, guys, today’s topic is about Christmas, and at first, i would like to introduce you a DIY jewelry idea, how to make Christmas tree style earrings, so, let’s see what materials are needed. 4mm and 6mm Glass Pearl Beads, round golden seed beads, transparent fishing wire, earrings hooks, eye pins, jump rings and some needed jewelry tools, prepare the same materials and tools that picture shows you, then let’s start our tutorial.

String four dark green pearl beads and one light green pearl bead onto the wire, thread both ends of the wire through the light green bead. We add another four dark green beads to the wire, we make a dark green bead circle to surround the light green bead, tighten the wire, make a knot, cut off one end of the wire, doing the same as the picture shows.

Add a dark green bead to the wire, so we make a drop shape, we continue to string the following three beads, then we start to add golden seed beads, after skipping two dark beads, we add another seed bead, after we add the third seed bead, we thread the wire through the center light green bead and the dark bead next to it, we string beads upward to add the fourth seed bead. Through beading, we move the wire to the bottom position, firstly, string three seed beads, one dark bead and another two seed beads onto the wire, then we thread through the first seed bead we add to the wire. Thread the wire through the right dark green bead at the bottom and through the upper seed bead.

Add four seed beads and a dark green bead to the wire, put the green bead in the middle, thread the wire through the right three seed beads at the bottom, the left dark green bead and the upper seed bead. We thread the wire through five beads, four seed beads and a dark green bead, dark green bead in the middle, then we thread through the right three seed beads and start beading upward, after we finish this part, we add a red pearl bead to the wire, thread through the center green bead, string a red bead onto the wire, thread through the next dark green bead, then we add another red bead at the top part, tighten the wire up, make a knot. Using the eye pins to make two pearl bead links, connect the earrings and the tree part. A pair of charming earrings is finished.

Apart from this earrings tutorial, since Christmas is coming soon, and time flies, so i also prepared some Christmas DIY accessories for you, i thought you may be interested in some of them!

The first one is a handmade Christmas Santa Claus polymer clay pendant, and the second one is a Christmas Gingerbread Man, we also have the shape of tree, snowman, reindeer, glove, shoes and so on, you can use the pendants of this type to make simple style necklaces or key chains, don’t you think these pendants are very cute? or you can create anything you want with these adorable pendants. The third one is a silver plated alloy enamel pendant with Christmas sock shape, to sum up, these pendants are very useful and affordable, so what do you think?

The first one are handmade polymer clay beads of mixed colors, Christmas stick shape and no hole, looking just like candy bar, and the vibrant colors may bring you some lucy and make you in a good mood. The second one are handmade polymer clay beads, with Christmas Gingerbread man on it. The third one are handmade lampwork beads, Christmas stocking shape, these beads are also very cute and useful, they would be great choices for your Christmas!

If you like that DIY idea, do not hesitate to have a try, and if you are interested in something listed above, you can go to our website, the Christmas area, to choose what you want. And there is october promotion waiting for you, or you can download PandaHall Beads APP, shop there, and in a limited time, we offer $5 coupon for new customers and $10 off for first order over $139. Have a nice day!

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PandaHall Mixed Products for DIY Jewelry

Hello, guys, today i want to introduce you some mixed products made of mixed materials, we classify those as DIY jewelry & crafts, and classify further according to different usages, like earrings making, necklace making, jewelry set, kit and so on. You may just choose what you need at our website, but we wonder if you know there are also some special products at our website provided for you to diy jewelry, that is some specific accessories for DIY jewelry, so you can just use the mixed products in the box to diy some jewelry you prefer. In addition, it’s very convenient in that way, for example, you can try different style for each day, and in other words, you will have a new mood every day! So, i prepared some examples for you, let’s take a look!

So, this type is classified as DIY earrings making, it’ s 1 box per package, there are resin fruit pendants, brass earrings hooks and cable chains, and as for the fruit pendants, we have kiwi and lemon pendants, let’s see the samples, you may get inspired from it, so using this pendants and chains, you can make charming dangle earrings, you can also make some totally different earrings, so, are you a fruit lover?

Also belongs to DIY earrings making, with resin cabochons, imitation druzy agate, alloy hook earring findings, brass leverback earring findings and brass stud earring findings, mixed color. 1 set for per package, these dazzling resin cabochons are so pretty, and the making process is simple, you just use glue to stick the cabochons to the cabochon settings, and the important thing you need to do is to choose the color and the hook type, so these products are very easy to operate!

DIY earrings making, with glass pearl beads, brass eye pins, head pins, jump rings, claw clasps, earrings hooks, wing Tibetan style beads, Tibetan silver bead caps, purple flower acrylic beads, you can check the product details. We made pearl earrings with wing beads, which look like angels, suitable for beginners, and as for the flower beads and caps, you can take a look at the purple bracelet we made, very romantic type, suitable for any romantic occasion, and you can create your own unique jewelry using this stuff!

DIY earring making, with 304 stainless steel hoop earrings, spray painted alloy pendants and alloy enamel beads, and there are scallop pendants, conch pendants, starfish pendants, cowrie shell pendants, shell charms. And you just connect the pendants and the hooks, match the two you like, you will get pairs of charming earrings, wear different jewelry for different mood and different occasion, so wonderful! So, which one do you like? You can search it or this type products at PandaHall if you do have the interest. See you!

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