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Hello, everyone, today, our focus is Tibetan style accessories. Tibetan style jewelry is popular among jewelry lovers, for which seems artistic, mysterious and unique. Some of you may not familiar with Tibetan style jewelry, so, firstly, i prepared some jewelry related to Tibetan style accessories for you. You may notice some Tibetan style beads, pendants, findings, links or other accessories during the watching.

As for the first piece of the jewelry at the above, European bracelet, there are Tibetan style alloy enamel beads, Tibetan style alloy European dangle beads and pendants as components. That is, those Christmas theme accessories, don’ t you think the dangling Santa Claus and the bell are lovely? They will company you to walk through the whole winter. Are you feeling Tibetan style jewelry is exquisite now? Ok, let’s enjoy Tibetan style accessories from three aspects.

Tibetan Style Pendants

Tibetan style pendants are various in metal color, shape, size, and theme. Such as accessories from Picture three, five and seven belong to Christmas theme, while Picture six represents Halloween theme. The accesories above all are the type of the mixed shape, able to reflect diversity, if it is hard for you to make choices, then this mixed shape type may be more suitable for you, no matter it’s antique silver or antique bronze, depends on your own preferences. How do you like these exquisite pendants? Have you tried to making some charming jewleries with such unique pendants before? Let’s take a look at some DIY jewelry with Tibetan pendants. Some of them are our lovely customers’ works.

Do you like the first piece of jewelry? which is mainly made of Tibetan style pendants of different shape, looks exceedingly special, right? and will not bring us any messy feeling, so this is the beauty which the Tibetan style pendants add to jewelry. as for the second example, couple bracelet, alloy pendants of mixed lock shape, lock the hearts of two lovers tightly together, what a romantic meaning! The tree shape pendants add lots of beauty to the earrings, suitable for autumn wear. Then let’s enjoy some Tibetan style links and beads.

Tibetan style beads and links are also diverse in shape, color, and different in size. The first three are links, and the last three examples are beads.The third one is Tibetan style alloy chandelier components links, with half round resin cabochons, antique silver metal color. Not just alloy, the blue resin cabochon decorates the links, makes links look more vivid and bright. With the help of exquisite craftsmanship, the links of different shapes are widely popular among all kinds of customers. Match extremely well with all kinds of cords, beads. You can design a piece of unique jewelry for youself. The links or beads with letters, may reflect people’s some feeling or emotion, or use it to express some emotion, or symbolize something very special, so people usually like this type accessories.

In DIY jewelry we use links to link jewelry accessories, like pendants or others, sometimes, without the help of these links, we can not make a piece of refined jewelry. Those Tibetan beads are also very exquisite, diverse in color, shape, size. sometime, we really need this type beads of strange shape or unique looking. Taking the Tibetan style beads in the Picture 1 below as an example, flower shape, exceedingly exquisite, we just strung it onto the jewelry wire, with the decoration of other accessories, we made a charming bracelet. As for the Tibetan style spacer beads in the next piece of jewelry, we cleverly strung it between blue pearl beads. The golden spacer beads and the pearl beads matched so perfectly. And we added Tibetan style links to make the next three pieces of jewelry, compared with the other accessories, they play an irreplaceable role in these three pieces of jewelry.

Now , how do you feel about the Tibetan style accessories? Will you use them to decorate your DIY jewelry works? i believe sometimes they will be your great choices. Any new ideas, try it, or share it with us, welcome to make comments, if you are interested in Tibetan style accessories, visit our website, there are a big promotion and lots of treasure waiting for you.

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