PandaHall DIY jewelry Ideas for Christmas

Dear friends, Christmas is coming, are you ready? Have you ever thought about making some special jewelry or other things for this big day? Since it’s something we made ourselves, we may have a very special feeling. Now let’s take a look at the PandaHall DIY ideas for Christmas.

Let’s see some cute Christmas bell earrings first. These earrings are specially prepared for Christmas. Christmas-specific green, red and yellow bells, with pearls of the same color, small and cute. Just hook them up with the earrings and we’re done. We know that the bell is one of the representatives of Christmas, and by combining it with a specific color, it is very suitable for Christmas, and the happy voice will always accompany you.

And the following is some jewelry with the symbolic colors of Christmas, which are easy to make, simple style, and the materials needed are simple too. The first one is a bracelet filled with Christmas atmosphere, we just used the red glass pearl beads and green glass bicone beads to make this bracelet, in other words, we used the beads of symbolic colors of Christmas to make Christmas jewelry. And the second one is a necklace, also artfully used the specific colors. Use the Christmas-inspired red and green beads to create a Christmas atmosphere that fits the holiday season. Come and try it. Not only these regular beads, but also some irregular beads that you can use to make unique jewelry, and you may receive unexpected results. Let’s celebrate Christmas and remember the joys of Christmas with handmade Christmas jewelries.

The color is sweet,with special Christmas tree and snowman, so cute. The bracelet is full of Christmas atmosphere too. As you can see we used a Christmas tree pendant and a snowman pendant to decorate this bracelet, and the dominant color of this bracelet shows Christmas atmosphere too. We know Christmas has a few representatives, such as, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas socks, gingerbread man, snowman, and so on. The easiest way is adding those relative pendants or beads to decorate the jewelry, then, you successfully add the atmosphere of Christmas to the handmade jewelry.

At last, let’s see an irreplaceable object at Christmas, Christmas tree decorations, have you made any Christmas tree decorations before? How do you think about this handicraft item below, is it beautiful and special? We used the quilling paper, glue, and pearl beads to make this small and lovely decorations, add a Christmas atmosphere. It is great for you using it to decorate your house, and you can also keep it well for a long time, also you can give it to your friends as a gift, either way is good, so if you are interested in this handmade item, do not hesitate to have a try.

Important festivals need special jewelry or ornaments to decorate, and those handmade stuff are more suitable and meaningful, since the Christmas is coming, you need to get prepared, so you can search some relative diy materials in PandaHall, and try making the above jewelry if you like them, or you follow your own ideas to create some special jewelry or something else. In addition, PandaHall has a speical Christmas area for you, from there you may find what you want. And since our National Day is coming soon, so we prepared some App holiday coupons for you. Valid Time: from Sep.30 to Oct.6, 2019 PDT, what are you waiting for?

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PandaHall Hot Accessories for Christmas

Hello, my dear friends, are you excited about Christmas? Even we still have more than two months left to meet our Christmas, but time flies, so, you need to prepare something from now on. Shopping online will save you lots of time, and in a degree, more convenient for you too, you can just browse our all stuff online, no bother of going out, search what you want from the Christmas area in our website, like jewelry supplies, jewelry accessories and house decorations. After the deal, what you ordered will be delivered safely to you in a promised time. Whereas, due to preparation time, stock situation and other reasons, we suggest you store goods in advance, which is for your own good. Anyway, let’s make action at once, and today, we listed some Christmas accessories and will have brief introduction for you , and let’s see whether you will meet something you like.

Firstly, we prepared some jewelries suitable for wearing on Christmas. From which, we can notice some symbolic objects of Christmas, like snowflake, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree and sock and others. Have a look at those printed basswood dangle earrings with mixed shapes and color, they are so cute and interesting , and you can change another one for everyday, means everyday is new to you . Wearing different two for each day will bring you a new feeling. How can you reject that? And the sock pendant necklace, simple but charming, right? Of course, there are more Christmas jewelries of different shapes , textures , colors and styles in our website.

After the jewelry show, we move to some Christmas style pendants and beads, they are different in materials, shapes, colors and usages. The following objects are respectively: mixed shapes handmade clay pendants, Christmas theme, undyed wood pendants of Christmas theme, brass micro pave cubic zirconia pendants, Christmas tree shape. With these pendants, you can make necklaces following your own style. Those colorful clay pendants seem a bit lovely and vibrant colors are intriguing , and as for the undyed wood pendants, even with single color but not monotonous, on the contrary, antiquewhite wood pendants always show a kind of unique beauty, will capture people’s hearts. And the third pendants seem more dazzling and shining. Choosing which one depends on people’s preference.

The below are some beads of Christmas theme, they are respectively: round acrylic snowflake pattern beads, belong to Christmas Ornaments. Handmade lampwork beads sets, so you get 16 different beads. Resin European beads, rondelle shape and mixed color, we can see the snowflower, trees, snowmen, and bells clearly, they are all classic representatives of Christmas. As for these beads, you can simply string them together on a jewelry wire to make bracelet or necklace, or directly use it to decorate your house or something else, i think you will love them.

Except for the above accessories, there are some other objects which you can use to decorate your Christmas, and i think they will match extremely well with your Christmas, you may want try them. Merry Christmas 3D pop up Christmas bell greeting cards. You can give it as a gift to your friends, which is so appropriate. The next is costume accessories, computerized embroidery cloth iron on patches, don’t you think these patches are lovely? You stitch them to your clothes, your clothes get more unique, you are your own clothes designer. The following ones are respectively undyed wood home display decorations, composed of Christmas tree and Christmas reindeer, belonging to the classic combinations, handmade lampwork display decorations with Christmas candy shape and flower patterns, colorful printed cloth cords with Christmas theme pattern, Christmas ribbons. As for the first two home display decorations, very practical objects, using them to decorate your house, or give them to your friends as gifts. As for the cords and ribbons, they are also very practical and the patterns on them look extremely exquisite too, for example, you can use them to decorate the gift boxes, or Christmas trees, etc.

To sum up, these objects and accessories are all practical and affordable, if you are interested in any of the above objects , please visit our website, the Christmas area, to get what you want. There are plenty of other Christmas items of different types in our website. Let us work together to create a more perfect Christmas. Have a nice day! See you!

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PandaHall Ideas on Tibetan Style Accessories

Hello, everyone, today, our focus is Tibetan style accessories. Tibetan style jewelry is popular among jewelry lovers, for which seems artistic, mysterious and unique. Some of you may not familiar with Tibetan style jewelry, so, firstly, i prepared some jewelry related to Tibetan style accessories for you. You may notice some Tibetan style beads, pendants, findings, links or other accessories during the watching.

As for the first piece of the jewelry at the above, European bracelet, there are Tibetan style alloy enamel beads, Tibetan style alloy European dangle beads and pendants as components. That is, those Christmas theme accessories, don’ t you think the dangling Santa Claus and the bell are lovely? They will company you to walk through the whole winter. Are you feeling Tibetan style jewelry is exquisite now? Ok, let’s enjoy Tibetan style accessories from three aspects.

Tibetan Style Pendants

Tibetan style pendants are various in metal color, shape, size, and theme. Such as accessories from Picture three, five and seven belong to Christmas theme, while Picture six represents Halloween theme. The accesories above all are the type of the mixed shape, able to reflect diversity, if it is hard for you to make choices, then this mixed shape type may be more suitable for you, no matter it’s antique silver or antique bronze, depends on your own preferences. How do you like these exquisite pendants? Have you tried to making some charming jewleries with such unique pendants before? Let’s take a look at some DIY jewelry with Tibetan pendants. Some of them are our lovely customers’ works.

Do you like the first piece of jewelry? which is mainly made of Tibetan style pendants of different shape, looks exceedingly special, right? and will not bring us any messy feeling, so this is the beauty which the Tibetan style pendants add to jewelry. as for the second example, couple bracelet, alloy pendants of mixed lock shape, lock the hearts of two lovers tightly together, what a romantic meaning! The tree shape pendants add lots of beauty to the earrings, suitable for autumn wear. Then let’s enjoy some Tibetan style links and beads.

Tibetan style beads and links are also diverse in shape, color, and different in size. The first three are links, and the last three examples are beads.The third one is Tibetan style alloy chandelier components links, with half round resin cabochons, antique silver metal color. Not just alloy, the blue resin cabochon decorates the links, makes links look more vivid and bright. With the help of exquisite craftsmanship, the links of different shapes are widely popular among all kinds of customers. Match extremely well with all kinds of cords, beads. You can design a piece of unique jewelry for youself. The links or beads with letters, may reflect people’s some feeling or emotion, or use it to express some emotion, or symbolize something very special, so people usually like this type accessories.

In DIY jewelry we use links to link jewelry accessories, like pendants or others, sometimes, without the help of these links, we can not make a piece of refined jewelry. Those Tibetan beads are also very exquisite, diverse in color, shape, size. sometime, we really need this type beads of strange shape or unique looking. Taking the Tibetan style beads in the Picture 1 below as an example, flower shape, exceedingly exquisite, we just strung it onto the jewelry wire, with the decoration of other accessories, we made a charming bracelet. As for the Tibetan style spacer beads in the next piece of jewelry, we cleverly strung it between blue pearl beads. The golden spacer beads and the pearl beads matched so perfectly. And we added Tibetan style links to make the next three pieces of jewelry, compared with the other accessories, they play an irreplaceable role in these three pieces of jewelry.

Now , how do you feel about the Tibetan style accessories? Will you use them to decorate your DIY jewelry works? i believe sometimes they will be your great choices. Any new ideas, try it, or share it with us, welcome to make comments, if you are interested in Tibetan style accessories, visit our website, there are a big promotion and lots of treasure waiting for you.

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PandaHall Ideas on DIY Jewelry in Autumn

Autumn is coming, so today i will show you some DIY jewelry works, which are your best choices in Autumn. When it comes to autumn, we think of tree leaves, flowers and some animals, like squirrels, foxes. Some are symbolic Autumn animals, let’s see some DIY works.

Red Glass Beads Earrings with Leaf

This earrings is very beautiful, red and white glass beads, as well as leaf pendants, retro and elegant style, very refined, I hope you will like it.

Materials: 10mm spray painted transparent crackle glass beads

         8mm red Painted glass beads

         30mm stainless steel head pins

         Tibetan style leaf pendant

Tutorials: As you can see from the picture, we thread the head pins through the transparent crackle beads and red glass beads, then shorten the head pins, using the diagonal side cutting pliers, at last, use the round nose pliers to make pin loops, as Picture 2 shown. Through the jump rings, we connect these beads and leaf pendant together.

Seed Beads Stitch Flower Bracelet

Bright colors are always the best choice for this season. Wear a flower bracelet and enjoy a beautiful day! In this single-color season, yellow sunflowers add more color to your life.

Tutorials: We thread the white beads and yellow seed beads through using copper jewelry wire, use pliers to make wire loops and after winding wire, we string the yellow seed beads, and fix them around the white bead, then we finish the other half petal. After we made the first flower, we finish other parts according to the same method, then we use jump rings to connect every two flowers.

Pretty Leaf Pendant

This necklace is relatively simple, with a combination of leaf pendants and acrylic beads, the style is very unique, with a little ethnic style, you can try it if you like.

Tutorials: We thread the eye pin through one Tibetan style bicone spacer bead, one flower bead cap, one acrylic bead, another spacer bead and another bead cap, then ,we use round pliers to make a pin loop. After that, we connect the bead part and the Tibetan style pendant. After finishing adding the hanger, we completed the whole charming Tibetan style pendant.

After the brief introduction above, which one do you like? Or if you have any ideas, you can practice it or share it with us. Welcome you to join us. Have a pleasant day.

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