PandaHall Hot Sellers – Various Beading Supplies for Your Christmas Jewelry Making

Hi, my dear friends, Happy Friday! Is everything all right? As usual, I’m going to share some jewelries making materials with you. But today’s sharing is all about Christmas. Those beading supplies I will show you are all prepared for you to make Christmas jewelries. Hope you can enjoy them and pick some to use in the approaching Christmas.

Transparent Acrylic Snowflake
Transparent Acrylic Snowflake
Do you love these acrylic snowflake links? They are in29mm long with a 1.5mm hole. Snowflakes are one of most classic elements for Christmas. With these special acrylic snowflakes, you can make Christmas pendant necklaces, brooches for dressing, holiday home decorations and any other Christmas accessories. If you wanna collect some of them, just search the item code X-TACR-S601-M1 in our website, now they just need $0.64 for 20 pieces.

Alloy Enamel Pendants
Alloy Enamel Pendants
These cute alloy enamel pendants are full of festival happiness. The first one is Christmas Santa Claus, it is 36mm long with a 2mm hole. You can search X-EAP024Y to find it on our web. The second alloy pendant is Christmas tree pendant, which is 37mm long with a 2mm hole. The item code is X-ENAM-P030-3. The third one is sock snowman pendant, which is 26mm long with a 2mm hole. You can finds it through the code X-ENAM-P030-3. These three alloy enamel pendants are all under $1 per two pieces. The last one is Christmas snowman alloy pendant, which is 25mm long with one 2mm hole. The item code is X-EA796Y and it just need $1.76 per 5 pieces. These lovely pendants are great for Christmas jewelry or crafts making, you can add a chain to them to make a pendant necklace, or you can pick some of them to make Christmas charm bracelets, also you can match some beads or other materials to make Christmas gifts for your friends or family members.

Christmas Alloy Rhinestone Pendants
Christmas Alloy Rhinestone Pendants
How about these Christmas rhinestone pendants? The first two are Christmas bell pendants, the left one is 22mm long and the right one is 29mm long with a 3mm hole. You can search them through X-SNAP-Q004-18A and X-ALRI-Q185-1 in our website. The next two are Christmas tree pendants. The third one is 20mm long with one 1mm hole, you can search them through the item code X-BSAFH228-3, now they just need $0.63 per 2 pieces. The fourth one is about 21mm long with a 1.5mm hole and the item code is X-BSAFH230-2, now they just need $0.78 per 10 pieces. With sophisticated and ideal design adds eye-catching elements, you can make stylish Christmas necklaces and bracelets to wear everywhere. Besides, they are excellent for Christmas decoration.

Brass Bell Charms
Brass Bell Charms
OK, we come to the last one today, colorful brass bell charms. Do you like them? They are 8mm long, 6mm wide with a 1.5mm hole. These bell charms can be used widely, for Christmas charm bracelets, for Christmas day decoration, for gift packaging and more. If you just need these brass bell charms, please directly search EC125-6mm on our web.

For more best seller, welcome to, let you in full view of all Christmas jewelry supplies. May you a wonderful day, see you!

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