Pandahall New Arrivals – Different Kinds of Gemstone Beads You Cannot Miss

Hi, my lovely readers, Happy Monday! How’s your weekend? Today I want to share some kinds of gemstone beads with you, which are so unique that you must fall in love with them. If they are just to your taste, pick some of them to make a bracelet, necklace, pair of earrings and etc. Now let’s appreciate them one by one.

Natural Regalite Bead Strands
Do you like these regalite beads? For me, they are really attractive, because I love vintage style jewelries. The first flat round beads are god for making pendant necklaces and beaded bracelets. Do you think so? The other three kinds of abacus regalite beads are patterned well, we can pick some of them to make boho style jewelries or accessories, right? If you like vintage jewelry designs, you can collect some of these vintage beads to have a try.

Natural Agate Beads Strands
The first two are Indian agate beads, they like colored stones, really unique and eye-catching, aren’t they? They are really proper for making charm bracelets. I believe it must be very chic if you match such a gemstone charm bracelet with a sweater in this autumn. The last two are bamboo leaf agate beads. Actually they have a lot of shapes, here I just show you two shapes of them. The color of these bamboo leaf agate beads are very fresh and light, which can be used as common materials to make charm bracelets, chain necklaces and other accessories. Do you have any eager to do some accessories with them? If you would like to, just have a try.

Natural Aventurine Beads Strands
WOW, these aventurine beads really surprise me, they are quietly elegant and pure. Especially they have many shapes, leaf, rectangle, barrel, triangle and etc. I love them, no matter how you use them, make charm bracelets, chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, drop earrings or other accessories, they can satisfy you in all aspects.

Natural Rhodochrosite Beads Strands
We come to the last one today, they are also gemstone beads, named rhodochrosite beads. Do you like them? Likewise, they are different in color, shape and size. This kind of beads are more suitable for making chain necklaces and beaded bracelets. How do you think? If you like this kind of style gemstone beads, collect some of them for necessary, I believe you will love your choice!

How time flies! It’s time to say goodbye again. Do you love these gemstone beads I show you today? If you are vintage jewelry lovers, you can pick up some of them to have a try. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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