Pandahall New Arrivals – Different Kinds of Gemstone Beads You Cannot Miss

Hi, my lovely readers, Happy Monday! How’s your weekend? Today I want to share some kinds of gemstone beads with you, which are so unique that you must fall in love with them. If they are just to your taste, pick some of them to make a bracelet, necklace, pair of earrings and etc. Now let’s appreciate them one by one.

Natural Regalite Bead Strands
Do you like these regalite beads? For me, they are really attractive, because I love vintage style jewelries. The first flat round beads are god for making pendant necklaces and beaded bracelets. Do you think so? The other three kinds of abacus regalite beads are patterned well, we can pick some of them to make boho style jewelries or accessories, right? If you like vintage jewelry designs, you can collect some of these vintage beads to have a try.

Natural Agate Beads Strands
The first two are Indian agate beads, they like colored stones, really unique and eye-catching, aren’t they? They are really proper for making charm bracelets. I believe it must be very chic if you match such a gemstone charm bracelet with a sweater in this autumn. The last two are bamboo leaf agate beads. Actually they have a lot of shapes, here I just show you two shapes of them. The color of these bamboo leaf agate beads are very fresh and light, which can be used as common materials to make charm bracelets, chain necklaces and other accessories. Do you have any eager to do some accessories with them? If you would like to, just have a try.

Natural Aventurine Beads Strands
WOW, these aventurine beads really surprise me, they are quietly elegant and pure. Especially they have many shapes, leaf, rectangle, barrel, triangle and etc. I love them, no matter how you use them, make charm bracelets, chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, drop earrings or other accessories, they can satisfy you in all aspects.

Natural Rhodochrosite Beads Strands
We come to the last one today, they are also gemstone beads, named rhodochrosite beads. Do you like them? Likewise, they are different in color, shape and size. This kind of beads are more suitable for making chain necklaces and beaded bracelets. How do you think? If you like this kind of style gemstone beads, collect some of them for necessary, I believe you will love your choice!

How time flies! It’s time to say goodbye again. Do you love these gemstone beads I show you today? If you are vintage jewelry lovers, you can pick up some of them to have a try. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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PandaHall Best Seller – Vintage Turquoise Beads for Your Jewelry Design

Hi, my dear friends, happy Friday! Weekend is coming, are you ready? Before enjoying the pleasure of your Saturday night, I wanna share some Pandahall best sellers-vintage turquoise beads with you. Maybe you can pick up some of them to make some special necklaces, bracelets or earrings for yourself to wear in your weekend parties or appointments, I believe you must astonish others with wearing these elegant and beautiful turquoise beaded jewelries. Let’s take a look together.

Oval Dark Turquoise Cabochons
Do you like these oval dark turquoise beads? Have you found their specialties? Yeah, they are special with different patterns. The three turquoise beads groups may look the same, but they are actually different in size and price. The first one is about 16mm long, 12mm wide, 5mm thick, the price is $8.61 per 50 pieces. The second one is about 8mm long, 6m wide, 4mm thick and the price is $5.38 per 50 pieces. The last one is about 14~15mm long, 10~11mm wide, 5mm thick and the price is $7.53 per 50 pieces. These vintage turquoise beads are widely used in vintage and boho style jewelry making. You can use them as necklace pendants, earring drops or bracelet beads, which all depend on yourself. If you are interested in these unique and practical turquoise cabochons, just search the item codes, G-H1554-16x12x5, G-H1554-8x6x4, G-H1554-14x10x5 in our website.

Abacus Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
Abacus Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
How about these abacus synthetic turquoise beads strands? Really elegant and fresh, aren’t they? They are about 8mm in diameter, 5mm in thick with one 1mm hole. When I see these turquoise beads, I feel it must be gorgeous if I match them with some seed bead, gemstone beads or other colorful acrylic beads to make a vintage style bracelet. Do you think so? Of course, you can match them with other materials to make chain necklace or other jewelries. In short, Just use them wherever you want. Luckily there are on sale, just need $8.61 for 20 strands. If you wanna buy them, you can search TURQ-G109-8x5mm-06 and TURQ-G109-8x5mm-07 on our web.

Tube Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
Tube Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
These tube synthetic turquoise beads strands are about 4mm in diameter, 13mm long with a 1mm hole. I just show you two kinds of colors, they actually have various colors. With these colorful and vivid shaped turquoise beads, you can pick up some of them to make vintage or Tibetan style necklaces, bracelets, key chains, home decorations and etc. If you like them, please search TURQ-G120-4x13mm-15 and TURQ-G120-4x13mm-16 in our website. Now, they just need $7.75 for 20 strands.

Colorful Patterned Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands
Now we come to the last one-colorful turquoise beads strands, do you love them? They are my favorite! Especially I love these colors of turquoise beads, simple but elegant color match well with a variety of stylish jewelries. They are about 10mm long with one 1mm hole, which can be matched with hooks, jumprings, and pins to be earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. The more important is that they can make you look elegant and sweet when you wearing these beaded jewelries. Just search one item code TURQ-H038-10mm-XXS10 on our web, you can You can see other similar goods. Now, they just need $22.82 per 2o strands.

For more hot sellers, welcome to, there will always be what you want. Have a nice weekend! See you.

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Pandahall Video on How to Make Personalized Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace 

Hi, my dear friends, long time no see, how’s it going? Are you looking for some jewelry making tutorial videos to make some special accessories in this autumn? Today I’m going to share you an easy and short tutorial video on how to make a personalized pearl beaded pendant chain necklace. Hope you can enjoy it!

personalized pearl beaded pendant chain necklace

Supplies needed for this pendant necklace:
14mm clear glass cabochons and golden brass cabochon setting
Brass Jumprings
6mm Golden Stardust Bead
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
7mm White Round Pearl Beads
Cross Chain
Glue Gun
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Have you prepared these materials well? Now, let’s see the details together.

How do you feel? Easier than you imagined, isn’t it? This pearl pendant chain necklace is really easy to make for both professionals and green hands. If you are interested in it and wanna make one for yourself or friends, just try it. Please leave me a comment if you have any confusions about this video. May you a wonderful day, see you next time!

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Pandahall New Arrivals – Various Exquisite Pendants You Can Collect

Hi, my dear readers, new week begins! Let’s take courage and strength to move on. Today I will show you a variety of exquisite pendants, which are good for making kinds of pendant necklaces and bracelets. Hope you can enjoy, let’s appreciate them one by one.

Unique Alloy Pendants
Unique Alloy Pendants
Do you like this group of alloy pendants? For me, they are really special and chic. The two big pendants are good materials for Tibetan style pendant necklace, such style of necklace must be very noble and gorgeous. The other two are good for making leather cord bracelets. Matching with some seed beads, turquoise beads, jade beads or other materials, we can make a personalized leather bracelet both for girls and boys. If you are just lack of such a necklace or bracelet, pick up some of these alloy pendants and have a try.

Agate, Turquoise and Gemstone Pendants
Agate, Turquoise and Gemstone Pendants
I really like these colored vintage style pendants. Their craftsmanship are very sophisticated, each of them can be taken out to make a marvelous pendant necklace. For women, almost everyone wants to own such a romantic pendant necklace. Look at the last one, this purple agate pendant is full of mysterious and romantic feeling, which let me think of the film “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. If you also like them, collect them for necessary.

Brass Locket Pendants
Brass Locket Pendants
WOW, I really surprised by these locket pendants. The first and second one are really shaped well, we can make both of them to make ball dangling earrings or sweet style pendant necklaces. The last two really like pocket watches. With English style molding, they naturally integrate romance into fashion. I think it must be good for matching suits if we use this kind of style pendants to make a stylish necklace. Do you think so?

Stainless Steel Pendants
Stainless Steel Pendants
Special, right? All of them are unique in shape, such as vehicle wheel, cross, key, musical symbols and etc. Their biggest advantage is all-match. That is to say, you can add them in your necklaces, bracelets or earrings making, all depend on yourself. As for me, I really want to match the charm pendants of the first picture with some turquoise beads to make a leather cord bracelet, which must be very cool. If you like this kind of style pendants, collect some of them for necessary, I believe you will love your choice!

Today’s share will be over here. Do you find your favorite one? If you want to know more other style pendants or craftsmanship materials, please leave me a comment. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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Pandahall Hot Sellers – Chic and Lovely Buttons You Will Love

Hi, my dear friends, Friday again! Have you ever planed for your weekend? Before enjoying the pleasant weekend, I want to share you some of our promotion buttons. No matter you are a handcraft lover or a buttons collector, these special buttons can meet all of your demand. Now, let’s take a look together.

Alloy Alphabet Snap Buttons
Alloy Alphabet Snap Buttons
These snap buttons are flat round and about 19mm in diameter. They are unique in the alphabet, including all of the 26 letters. You can use them for clothes buttons to show your wearing style. Moreover, you can match these snap buttons with some seed beads to make vintage or Tibetan style bracelets, also you can match one letter or few of them to make a leather cord necklace as a gift to others. Not only special but also practical. If you are interested in it, just search the item code SNAP-N010-86-NR on our web. Now it’s in our promotion season, just need $27.48 for 100 pieces.

Strawberry UV Plating Acrylic Shank Buttons
Strawberry UV Plating Acrylic Shank Buttons
Do you like these shank buttons? They have various colors, such as golden mental, pink, red, blue and etc. Besides, they are 21mm long, 15mm wide with a 3x4mm hole. These stylish acrylic buttons can be used in many aspects, making fresh bracelets for kids, cute pendant for necklace, accessories for bags and etc. Now only need $6.80 for 400 pieces. If you like this style of buttons, you can find them in our website with item code BUTT-D013-M.

Acrylic Buttons
Dyed Mixed Shape and Mixed Size Acrylic Buttons
How about these acrylic buttons? Really cute and fresh, aren’t they? It is about 11~16mm wide, 10~16mm long with two 2mm holes. Don’t assume it just has one color, there also has pink, blue, green, purple and other colors. I think you must know what these buttons can be used to do. Right, they can be regarded as a common ornament for a bracelet, hair accessory, necklace or other decoration. Just use it wherever you want. If you want to buy it, you can search BUTT-X0026 in our website. Noe just need $0.55 for 120 pieces.

Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Buttons
Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Buttons
We have come to the last one today, this kind of mixed color rhinestone buttons are very chic with 13mm long and a 1mm hole. It’s very eye-catching, except for clothing decoration, you can pick up some of them to make bracelets, necklace pendant or earring ornaments. Now only need $7.20 for 144 pieces. If you like them, just search the item code BUTT-F018-13mm-M on our web.

For more chic and exclusive hot sellers, welcome to visit Surprise is everywhere, see you next time!

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