Pandahall New Arrivals – Nice Electroplate Glass Beads that You Will love

Hello, dear Pandahall readers! As usual, I will share some Pandahall new arrivals with you all. Today, I wanna show some special glass beads – electroplate glass beads to you, expecting? Well, follow me to see these nice beads together now!
Hand Knitting Electroplate Glass Beads
Hand Knitting Electroplate Glass Beads
Wow, how beautiful and special these electroplate glass beads are! You can slide them to a jewelry wire together, then it will be a cute beads bracelet for kids. Or you can slide them together as door curtain to décor your house, and I think it will be sweet.
Full Rainbow Plated Faceted Cuboid Electroplate Glass Beads
Full Rainbow Plated Faceted Cuboid Electroplate Glass Beads
You see, these cuboid beads are clear and sparkling, I know many of you love electroplate beads, so I show you this full rainbow beads, and I hope you will like them.
Faceted Triangle Electroplate Glass Beads
This kind of electroplate glass beads is a little like heart beads, yes? How it can be used for jewelry making? Except for some simple jewels, can you tell me some other special designs with these triangle beads?
Nuggets Electroplate Glass Bead
Look at this kind of glass beads, the shape is so characterized, do you agree with me? If you like those distinctive jewels, then this one will be a good choice for you to make jewels. Wanna have a try?
Hey, love these electroplate glass beads, some of them are cute, others are fresh and clear, so which one do you like more? Well, I will continue to show you more new arrivals next time, see you then~

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