Pandahall Smart Bargains – Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants

Happy Friday, lovely readers! Here I will share you some of our smart bargains. There are so many cheap pendants on our web, and here I will show you some Tibetan style alloy pendants. Now, follow me to see!
alloy pendant
First, hoodwinked alloy pendant
Did you know a story- hoodwinked? I love this story so much when I was a little girl, so the moment I saw this cute alloy pendant, I fallen in love with it. Its size is about 20mm long, 10mm wide and 4mm thick, the hole is 2mm and it is nickel free. This item is limited in stock, so please place order as soon as possible if you love it. It is 9% off now, and its item code: PALLOY-A15502-N-NF.
Second, guitar alloy pendant
This pendant is about 25mm long, 7mm wide, 2mm thick, and the hole is 2mm. You can link it to your key or mobile with a lobster clasp, it is 3% off now, if you wanna own it, you can search: PALLOY-A11011-AB.
Third, metal alloy elephant with star charms
This elephant pendant is so cute! It is nickel free, its size: about 11mm long, 8mm wide and 2mm thick, and the hole is 2mm. This pendant is 3% now and you can search: PALLOY-A15549-AB-NF to find it.
Last one is a clothes alloy pendant
This item is lead free and nickel free. It can be match with earrings, necklace, bracelet, belts and other items, and I think you will love it at the first sight. It is about 27mm long, 25mm wide, 2mm thick and its hole is 3mm. It is also 3% off now, so if you like it, search PALLOY-A18699-AB-FF to find it.
Wanna see more smart bargains? Just search our web! It won’t let you down.

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Chic Wire Wrapped Jewelry Collection-Designed by Pandahall Customer Kylie Chilcutt

Hi, friends. It is Wednesday again. Are you expecting today’s Pandahall customer show? Then I think this post will never let you down. You know that wire wrapped jewelry is always popular among jewelry fans. And now I am going to show you a collection of wire wrapped jewelry made by our Pandahall customer Kylie Chilcutt. Hope you will fall in love with them!
Wire wrapped pearl pendant
Wire wrapped pearl pendant
Materials: copper jewelry wire, freshwater pearl beads
What are you going to do with this wire wrapped pendant when you see it at the first sight? How about making a pendant necklace? It should be a great idea and you can twist the wire in your own way and try it.
Dream catecher pendant necklace
Dream catcher pendant necklace
Materials: natural amethyst beads, copper jewelry wire, iron cross chain
It is really an interesting design that dream catcher is used to be as a pendant. Have you even seen this? So it can be more meaningful for you if you like dream catcher then you can wear it wherever you go.
Wire wrapped heart pendant necklace
Wire wrapped heart pendant necklace
Materials: mixed colored glass seed beads, frosted glass beads, glass pearl round beads, aluminum wire
Could you make a similar wire wrapped heart pendant with colorful beads with using it for reference? Boys can learn to how to make it for your girl friends as Valentine’s gifts. Hope it will be helpful for you.
Wire wrapped gemstone bead ring
Wire wrapped gemstone bead rings
Materials: gemstone beads, copper jewelry wire
Cool wire wrapped ring design, it is a good piece of accessory to show your personalities. And it will be cooler if you wear the ring made by yourself. So do not miss this chance to show your own charm.
It is so fast that we have enjoyed four pieces of wire wrapped jewelry. Did them impress you? Tell me which one of them you like best by leaving comments. And let me know what kind of jewelry do you want to see, then I will share them for you.

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Pandahall New Arrivals – Shining Rhinestone Beads You will Like

Hi, lovely readers! As usual, I will bring you some new arrivals to you all, and today’s products are a collection of shining rhinestone beads. Hope you will like and you can collect them that maybe one day you will need them. OK, let’s star!
Polymer Clay Disco Ball Beads, with Glass Rhinestone
Polymer Clay Disco Ball Beads, with Glass Rhinestone
Look at these cute ball beads, do you like them? They are differing from other normal rhinestone beads, you can slide them to jewelry wire, or you can use them as pendants, and I think you will get a great work.
Flat Round Alloy Rhinestone Bead Spacers
Flat Round Alloy Rhinestone Bead Spacers
This kind of rhinestone beads belongs to spacer beads, but they are nice than those common spacer beads, yes? Once I got a rhinestone bead like this, and then I slide it to a red cord, and wear it on my wrist, can you imagine? I love that jewel so much.
316 Stainless Steel Column Large Hole Beads
316 Stainless Steel Column Large Hole Beads
Compare with above 2 kinds of rhinestone beads, these beads have large hole that you can mix some of them with other beads, and then you can get a lovely bracelet, wanna have a try?
316 Stainless Steel Column Large Hole Beads
316 Stainless Steel Column Large Hole Beads
This kind of rhinestone beads are so familiar to above one, right? The only difference between them lies in the middle part, and I think you have seen it. So, among these 2 kinds of beads, which one do you like more?
Wow, today’s jewelry beads are quite lovely and delicate, so if you wanna make some bling jewels, you can pick up some rhinestone beads from all these I show you today. Anyway, may you a wonderful day!

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Beach themed charm bracelet DIY

I love how the charms move when you wear a charm bracelet but for this one I wanted to incorporate beads too. 


Here’s what I’m using :

Aluminium chain
-A few glass beads
-A lobster clasp
-2 metallic beads
Jewelry stringing wire
-crimp beads
Various beach themed charms and beads _DSC0398First choose the charms you want to use and add jumprings to them. If you use any beads add headpins and jumpring._DSC0399Measure your wrist and add a couple of cm to it. Cut a piece of chain approximately half that size and add the lobster clasp._DSC0400edited

Now using crimp beads, attach the chain to a piece of stringing wire.


String the beads and secure using another crimp bead.


Finally attach all the charms on the chain.


So what do you think of my new beach-themed charm bracelet? Would you try to make your own?



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Pandahall Best Sellers – Jewelry Links and Beads for Jewelry Making

Hey dears! Happy Friday~ Today I will show some of best sellers from our web, do you expect them? Follow me to have a look!
First, square rack plating brass normal links
These brass normal links are nickel free with light gold color, and there are colorful and shining glass cabochons on center of them. They are 14x13x5.5mm and the hole is 1.5mm. It is $30.56 for 50 pieces, if you like them, just search their item code KK-E667-08KCG-NF.
Second, alloy rhinestone European beads
This kind of rhinestone beads are large hole mixed color beads. The golden metal colors are shining and eye-catching, and they are rondelle, you can pick up some of them to make a beads bracelet. Their sizes are 14x7mm and the hole are 5mm, and you can search MPDL-H032-22 on our web to find them.
Next, adjustable alloy flat round pad ring settings
You can see, these antique bronze ring settings need be glues with cabochons, you can pick up glass cabochons you like on it then you will get a lovely ring. It is lead free and nickel free, the size of tray is 17.5-18mm, and you can search the item code PALLOY-S042-01AB-FF to find them.
Last one is brass snap buttons with resin beads
These flower buttons with resin beads are so cute, I love them so much. There are many colors for you to choose and the size is 18x3mm, if you like them, find them through X-BUTT-R027-02.
Wanna view more hot sellers? Welcome to visit, there will be some that you will like. Happy day!

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