Pretty Jewelry Making with Rhinestone Spacer Beads

Hi, friends. Have a nice day! How is everything going with you guys? Are you searching for any beautiful jewelry? If yes, then why do not you check this Pandahall post. Trust me, you will be surprised by today’s jewelry. Today I am going to show you a collection of jewelry made by rhinestone spacer beads. I know you cannot wait to start it, then let’s enjoy them together.


Shinning rhinestone spacer beads, like them?

Black and white beaded jewelry set

Black and white beaded jewelry set

Designer: Evgeniy

The jewelry set are mainly made by white and black glass beads, then we have to add the rhinestone beads to make them more beautiful. You can see that they are simply to finish, do you agree me? So you should have a nice try if you like them.

Simple beads bracelet

Simple beads bracelet

Designer: Ralitza

Slide different colors of gemstone beads onto the wire, then remember to add the rhinestone spacer beads. Finally, add a special Tibetan style pendant on the bracelet. Actually, we can notice that much jewelry are made with spacer beads even if just several beads are added into the crafts making, but they can make the jewelry more cooler.

Beaded dangle earrings

Beaded dangle earrings

Designer: Rachel

Dangles earrings with special pendant, do you like the cool style? We have to make two beaded dangles with two pearl beads and a spacer bead, then connect the beaded dangle with the pendant. You can try to add other pendant you like and it should be also great.

Cool beads necklace

Cool beads necklace

Designer: Katrina

Interesting design, the perfect collection of beads and spacer beads, do you think so? You will understand how to make it from this picture. Have you made similar necklace before? Just share us your crafts and we can communicate the skills each other.

Which one piece of jewelry do you like best? So you can also make one for yourself. Hope the jewelry can bring you any inspiration and create nicer crafts. Then share us your works. Anyway, thanks for our Pandahall customers to bring us so much pretty jewelry. See you next time!

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New Arrivals – A collection of Porcelain Beads that You will Like

Hey, dear Pandahall readers! Happy Monday~ As usual, I will bring some Pandahall new arrivals – a collection of porcelain beads that you will like. You know, porcelain beads belong to clay beads, and today’s jewelry beads are the newest, so I think you may need them while making jewelry.
Handmade Porcelain Round Beads
Handmade Porcelain Round Beads
Wow, you see, these handmade porcelain round beads are so rounded and glossy! Do you love them? These beads are like pearl beads, do you agree with me? So if you wanna make jewelry crafts with pearl beads, this kind of porcelain beads will be a good choice as well.
Handmade Porcelain Starfish Beads
Handmade Porcelain Starfish Beads
Do you love starfish, those cute and pretty sea animals? This kind of clay beads is starfish beads, so if you love starfish, then you can choose these colorful beads to make some personalized jewelry crafts.
Handmade Porcelain Flower Beads
Handmade Porcelain Flower Beads
Differ from last one, this kind of porcelain beads is flower beads, but they are also quite pretty, yes? You can choose some flower beads to make necklace, then add some cute charms with it, then it will be a nice jewelry.
Pearlized Handmade Porcelain Beads
Pearlized Handmade Porcelain Beads
See this kind of pearlized handmade porcelain beads, they are more common than above other 3 kinds of beads, but these beads are also exquisite as the same time, right? If you don’t wanna be too eye-catching in crowd, then this kind of porcelain beads will be suitable to you more.
Well, for time is limited, today’s new arrivals will be an end. Do you love today’s jewelry beads? Next time, I will continue to show other jewelry beads with you guy, expecting it? Anyway, have a wonderful day!

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Effortless chain beaded earrings

This beautiful pair of earrings will become your favourite! You can add a touch of glam on any outfit and yet they are so simple!

chain earrings diyedited

Materials :
-4 small pieces of dainty chain
-2 earring hooks
-4 teardrop glass beads
-8 small beads (4mm)
-4 headpins
-2 eyepins
-Round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers

chain earrings suppliesedited

First make sure you have 4 pieces of chain in total, each pair of chains should not be the same size but assymetrical.

chain earrings diy4edited

Slide each teardrop bead to each headpin and make a loop at the end of each one.

chain earrings diy3edited

Now take each headpin with the beads and attach them to each one of the chain pieces. Every earring needs to have two chain pieces.

chain earrings diy 5edited

Take four beads and slide them to an eyepin and secure with another loop. Make two pairs of four beads each.

chain earrings diy6edited

Attach those eyepins to the chains. A pair of chains to one eyepin with beads.

chain earrings diy 7edited

Finally attach the earring hooks!

chain earrings diy8edited

Your beautiful new chain beaded earrings are ready to wear!

chain earrings diy2edited

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PandaHall Goodies – Great Quality and Under 5 Dollars

Hello there! Happy Friday to you all! Last Friday, I’ve introduced you some of our best seller, do you like them? Have you found more on our website? Today I’m going to share you some of our under $5 items. They are cheap, but with great quality, and you’ll need them in your DIYs.


Mix colored faceted abacus transparent glass beads, 4x3mm, you can get 200 pieces of them with only $0.71. Sounds really great right? Bright colors are suitable for summer days, with these lovely glass beads, you can make a cute bracelet for your own. If you are going to buy, search item code GLAA-R152-4mm-M1.



Clear glass cabochons, what will you do with them? DIY a portrait brooch? Or make a lovely pendant? These cabochons are about 15.73 to 16.13mm and 3.8 to 5.8mm thick, you can find them on our website with item code GGLA-G005. Only $2.95, you can get 200 pieces.



Golden colored rhinestone spacer beads, grade B, about 8mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick. Don’t you like these bling bling things? You can use them while you’re making a bracelet, and only $2.89 for 500 pieces, what a big sale! By the way, the item code is RB-A009-8MM-G.



Green turquoise! I bet most jewelry makers will love this item! You can make anything with them, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings… and you can slide them together, wrap them with wires, or any other ways you can figure out. $4.15 for 5 stands and 320 pieces per strand, wanna buy them? Search G-R192-06.

Apart from good quality jewelry beads and finding, we also have much cute jewelry under $5 on our website. Following are just few of them.


Silver plated brass butterfly design bracelet (BJEW-BB00640), $4.09 for one piece; silver plated cube brass cubic zirconia dangle earrings (EJEW-BB07973-S), $1.94 per pair; silver plated brass starfish pendant necklace (KK-BB11654), $1.21 for one piece; cherry quartz bullet pendant necklace (NJEW-BB00036-05), $2.41 for one strand. Among all those four items, which one do you love most? I’d like to choose the butterfly bracelet, because I wear bracelets much more than other accessories.

Of course, there are far more items on our website which are under $5 and have great quality. Just take a look, and they’ll never let you down!

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Fresh Jewelry with Rose Flower Resin Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hello, friends. Have a great day. How is everything going with you guys? Summer is coming, do you want any special jewelry for a new season? Then this Pandahall post is perfectly suitable for you. Today, I am going to share you four pieces of jewelry with rose flower resin beads, do you have any interest? Then follow me to enjoy them together.
flower resin beads
Fresh flower beads, so pretty, and you can see more colors of them from Pandahall.
Flower dangle earrings
Flower dangle earrings
Designer: Anne
Tibetan style heart component is necessary for this pair of earrings making, and pretty cabochons have also enriched the earrings. This pair of vintage flower dangle earrings can bring you different feeling, so cool, do you like them?
Cute charm bracelet for kids
Cute charm bracelet for kids
Designer: mariapia
Children’s Day is approaching, and this cute charm bracelet is a great choice for them as gift. Little girl will love the beautiful doll and hair bowknot, so why don’t you make one for your daughter?
Tibetan style jewelry set
Tibetan style jewelry set
Designer: vojsava
Tibetan style necklace and bracelet, trust me, it is simple to finish. You can have a nice try and make one set for yourself if you like this style. It should be definitely a great feeling to wear the jewelry designed by yourself.
Vintage flower ring
Vintage flower ring
Designer: Sliver
Vintage flower ring, I love it very much. We have to glue the flower bead onto the vintage base. Then this ring is mostly finished, so easy. I am planning to make one for myself and my girl friend and I believe that she will also love it.
Now, have you found your favorite one piece of jewelry made by flower resin bead? Let me know if you have any great ideas about the usage of the rose beads. Thanks. See you next time!

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