The Difference Between Tinysand Charms and Pandora Charms

When you heard Charms, the most brand you will know is Pandora, right? It is a very old brand which founded on 1982. Pandora concentrate on making Luxury Jewelry, so the price is expensive.
pandora and tinysand charms

In facet , I’m not all about spending a lot of money on jewelry.  I like it, and wear it when I don’t have a toddler with me that threatens to rip open my ear lobes or strangle me with a necklace.  But

there are women in my family who love it.  They wear their favorite pieces everywhere they go.  So when Christmas, birthdays, or Mother’s Day rolls around, finding the right gift is easy, but costly.

So I like to choose Tinysand, a  cheaper jewelry instead of Pandora. I can use the rest money buy more charms to customize my own bracelet.

The common :

1.Good quality , both made of S925 sterling sliver.

2.Unique design with sophisticated technology.

3.Plenty of styles for you choosing.

4.Tinysand Charms can fit the Pandora Bracelet very well.

Here is the Tinysand Charms:

Tinysand charms

The difference:

1.Obviously, the brand, if you pursue the brand, you will choose Pandora, if you pursue cost-effective,just like me, you can try Tinysand charms, you will not disappoint.

2.Price, Pandora is 3 times price than Tinysand

3.Pandora came from Tailand, they have stores all over the world. Tinysand came from China. We only have stores in China. So you can just buy from our website.But now online shop is very

popular, and all the items on Tinysand is free shipping, you just wait one week, the package will arrived to your door, very convenient.

Tinysand charms

Tinysand is an option you can consider if you want something that will not hurt your wallet. It is worth the buck. I find that the overall quality is good and price is reasonable. Aside from the charm

bracelets, We have a lot of Fine Jewelry that will catch your eyes.


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