Cool Jewelry with Resin Beads Designed by Pandahall Customers

Hi, guys. It is great to see you again. You should know that it is time for our Pandahall customers show. So are you waiting for today’s post? Next, I am going to show you a collection of jewelry made by resin beads. Then you will know more about resin beads. Let’s start it now.
Cool cube beads, like them?
Resin beads bracelet
Resin beads bracelet
Designer: Wai Yee
Simple project, I believe that everyone who is willing to try can finish it. Look at the beads, we can see different colors from any bead. Special, right? You can add the beads in your crafts making if you like colorful things.
Glass bottole earrings
Glass bottle earrings
Designer: Tiphanie
We have to put the beads into the glass bottle then add other earring supplies. You can see that the shape of the earring look like an angle, do you agree me? Dangle earrings can show your different charm, have a nice try!
Rainbow beaded necklace
Rainbow beaded necklace
Designer: Marta
Bright colored necklace can always attract so many people. We need to make some beaded dangles firstly then attach them with the basic pattern. Imagine that match it with a love skirt, perfect, right?
Cube dangle earrings
Cube dangle earrings
Designer: Raluca
Look at this pair of black and white stripe dangle earrings, so cool! Cool things can bring us more confidence. If you want to own the earrings then just prepare the making supplies. You will feel be satisfied when you wear the jewelry made by yourself.
Now, we have enjoyed four pieces of jewelry. Do you like resin beads? How about resin beaded jewelry? If you do, then do not hesitate to try to make something. Waiting for your great works!

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