Tutorial on How to Make a Lace Cuff Bracelet with Pearl Beads

Hey, guys. Happy Tuesday! Are you searching for nice bracelet tutorial recently? Then today’s Pandahall post can bring any surprise for you. I am going to show you how to make a lace cuff bracelet with pearl beads, it sounds great, right? Then let’s see the details right now!
Supplies needed in making lace cuff bracelet with pearl beads:
Rhinestone beads
Pearl beads
Floral venice lace
Jewelry pliers
Brass bracelet cuff
Step 1: prepare the bangle
Firstly, take out a brass bracelet cuff and remove the stone tray in the center of the cuff with jewelry plier. And you should take care during the process in case that it will hurt you.
Secondly, cut off the lace with suitable length and ensure that this lace can cover the brass bangle. It is better that you cut the lace just like it was cut from the other end. Then fix the lace and bangle with glue.
Step 2: add beads
Firstly, add pearl beads and rhinestones beads to the lace, and we should do it from the center of the lace. Then glue the beads to the lace one by one, and we need to notice that the glue needs while to dry.
Secondly, continue to add beads to it and you can put the beads randomly.
Then this lace bangle bracelet with pearl beads has been finished!
Do you like this shinning bracelet? There is no doubt that it is perfectly suitable to match it with your dress in summer. And this lace bracelet can make you look younger. Just make one for yourself if you really like it. See you next time!
Tutorial source: http://www.pearlsandscissors.com/2015/02/diy-lace-and-pearls-cuff-bracelet/

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