Pandahall New Arrival-Colorful European Beads Will Impress You

Hey, guys. Happy Monday. Hope you had an unforgettable weekend. Then it is time for our Pandahall new arrival again. You know that Pandahall always publishes many products every week, and today I am going to share you a collection of European beads which are great choices to be added in your jewelry or crafts making. Now, let’s move on.
Spray Painted Drawbench Glass European Beads
Spray Painted Drawbench Glass European Beads
Look at these beads, are you familiar with them? You may never use them to make jewelry but you must have seen that they are added in some accessories making. So do you want to have a try?
Lantern Alloy Enamel European Beads
Lantern Alloy Enamel European Beads
Just as its name, the shape of this kind of European beads is like lantern, right? The interesting shape can impress so many persons. If you want to make a pair of dangle earrings, then you can consider adding them into the earrings making.
Large Hole Heart Alloy Glass Rhinestone European Beads
Large Hole Heart Alloy Glass Rhinestone European Beads
You should collect them as soon as possible if you are planning to make a bracelet or necklace for your girlfriend. You know that it is suitable to add the heart beads into the gift making. Then she will feel the love which you express.
Column Brass Cubic Zirconia European Beads
Column Brass Cubic Zirconia European Beads
Special beads, do you like this one? You can see more colors of the beads from You can have a try to add the beads into your jewelry making if you have never used this kind of beads.
Today I have introduced you four kinds of European beads. Hope you like them. And thanks for your support for our Pandahall all the time. Please pay more attention to this blog and we will show you more beautiful things. See you next time!

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Pretty Necklace Designs from Pandahall Customers

Hello, dear friends. Happy Monday. Do you want to try any great necklace making? If yes, you should pay much attention on today’s post. I am going to show you four special necklaces in design then just prepared the jewelry making supplies and have a nice try!
Beads pendant necklace
Beads pendant necklace
Designer: Надежда Жмакина
Materials: glass beads, headpins, Tibetan style bead caps
We have to slide a glass bead, a bead cap onto a headpin and make a simple loop at the other end. Then prepare the bead dangles with the same steps. Finally, add the bead dangles to the chain and you will know how easy it is to finish this pendant necklace.
Golden Chain and Beads Necklace
Golden chain and beads necklace
Designer: irina scherer
Materials: resin beads, glass beads strands, aluminum wire, jewelry wire, Tibetan style pendants, brass twisted chain, eyepins
You can wear this necklace in summer and match it with your skirts. All informal dress can be matched with it. Do you agree me? How do you think of changing into another color? Maybe blue is great if you like.
Green Peace Necklace
Green peace necklace
Designer: Thitar Aung
Materials: glass beads, plastic beads, tiger tail
This designer is awesome and she should spend much time to make this green necklace. But it is obvious that it deserves her time, the necklace is amazing! Please just be patient if you plan to make one like it. Waiting for your works.
Vintage Beaded Necklace
Vintage beaded necklace
Designer: Марина Кириченко
Materials: jade beads, bead caps, spacer beads, lobster claw clasp
Vintage crafts are always popular among jewelry makers, how about you? Look at this necklace, many beads are added in this necklace making. If you wanna more colorful jewelry, you can add other colored beads.
Now, have you decided to make a special necklace like them? Please kindly let us share your joy after you finished them. See you next time~

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Simple Beads Jewelry Made by Resin Cabochons from Pandahall Customers

Happy Friday, dear friends! How is everything going? Are you expecting of today’s Pandahall customer show? Today, I want to show you some simple beaded jewelry crafts made by resin cabochons from Pandahall customers. As for me, I love these shining beads very much, and I think you’ll like both the beads and the jewelry made by them. Let’s have a look~
Resin cabochons
Hey, how do you think of these characteristic jewelry beads? They are unique and cute, yes?
Resin cabochons earring studs
Resin cabochons earrings
Designer: Salma
These earring studs are so easy yet pretty, and I love all these 3 pairs in different colors so much how about you? Just with ear stud findings and those cute resin cabochons, you can also own the nice earring studs.
Bead bangles
Bead bangles
Designer: Katelyn
Love these 3 simple bead bangles? Though they are so easy in appearance, all of them are quite personalized, yes? I always love those simple jewelry crafts, for they are often show me a feeling of fresh and stunning.
Simple rings
Simple rings
Designer: Silvana
Wow, like the 2 jewelry crafts above, the rings in this picture are simple yet eye-catching as well. I wanna have them sooo much! I will try to make them myself, and I will wear them on the hot summer, it is so cool!
Cabochons jewelry sets
Cabochons jewelry sets
Designer: michelle
The cabochons jewelry sets are a little different from the last 3 crafts. The designer chooses white and purple resin cabochons to DIY these 3 jewelry crafts, and all of them are really cute and nice. Wanna join the jewelry making group?
Hey, how do you think these jewelry crafts I bring you today? If you wanna make them yourself, just try right now. Hoping to see your works soon and have a nice time!

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Pandahall Video Tutorial on How to Make a Special Photo Frame

Hello, friends. Happy Thursday! Do you need a photo frame? How do you think of making a personalized one for yourself? If yes, then this Pandahall post is a great choice for you. Next, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a special photo frame with glass cabochons and washi tape. It sounds interesting, right? Then let’s see the details.
DIY Home Decor – Making a Personalized Photo Frame with Washi Tape and Beads
Supplies needed for special photo frame making:
20mm Transparent Glass Cabochons
5cm Pink Satin Ribbon
1.5cm Washi Tape
Card Board
Pearl Flower Bead
Glue Gun
Glue Stick
Just follow me and prepare the supplies, and we can start the tutorial video once you finished.

It is done quickly, and have you got the skills? You can finish it within five minutes if you have understood the details making. So have a nice try and put your photo in it or make one for your friend as a gift, and I believe that she will like it. Enjoy this video tutorial. See you next time!

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Special Offer for Spring

Hello, friend, How are you doing? Now it is already the end of the Spring, Hot Summer will come, So Enjoy the last Spring in 2016!

In the spring time, the only pretty ring time, when Flowers do bloom, birds do sing, Sweet lovers love the spring.

Almost every beautiful love stories begins from Spring! Spring is my favorite season, what about you?

Pandora Style Charm Bracelet

At the end of the Spring, Have you already pick some jewelry to match your summer dress?

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Sliver Ring For Women

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Silver Rose Gold Bracelet Bangle

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Pandora Style Lucky Love Charms

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