Collection of Fantastic Jewelry Made by Cat Eye Beads

Hi, dear friends. How are you? It is time to our customer show today. Are you expecting that? Do you know anything about cat eye beads? Actually, they are just one type of the glass beads. It doesn’t matter that you do not know them at all. Today, I will show you four pieces of jewelry made by cat eye beads and hope you will also love them.
cat eye beads
Look at these round cat eye beads, so pretty, right?
beaded bangle
Beaded bangle
Designer: Kriste
We can see different kinds of beads are used in this bracelet making, cat eye beads, turquoise beads, jade beads. But we also have to prepare the memory wire then slide the beads together. It sounds simple, yes?
Wire and beads bracelet
Wire and beads bracelet
Designer: Ralu
You may be surprised by the exquisite design just as I did. I am not really how to twist the wire, so who can you tell me the secret of this wire wrapped bracelet making? Anyway, I love this bracelet and I am going to try to make one. Please just feel free to join me if you also like it.
Blue jewelry set
Blue beaded jewelry set
Designer: Yulia
Blue can always make people feel comfortable just as the jewelry set do. You can try to make the beaded bracelet and earrings if you are searching for any crafts to finish. Then remember to share us your works!
Multi strands bracelet
Multi strands bracelet
Designer: Olga
Slide the beads you like onto the memory wire in order and you can get the bracelet like this picture shows. So have you any interest in it?
Now we have appreciated some jewelry made by cat eye beads, and I believe that you have known anything about them. Which one do you like best? Then just take an action and make it for yourself. See you next time!

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