A Collect of Bracelets Made by Rhinestone European Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hey, guys. Nice to see you. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Have you used European beads for jewelry making? How do you think of this kind of beads? Rhinestone European beads can be seen easily in much jewelry. And today I am going to show you a collection of rhinestone European beaded bracelets. Hope you will like them!
Rhinestone European Beads
Look at these beads, they are so pretty, right? Now let’s see the jewelry together!
beaded bracelet
Charm bracelet
Designer: Evgeniy
We can see that this bracelet is made by European beads, bead spacers, Tibetan style pendants and other beads. So it is great to combine different kinds of beads in a bracelet, just like this one. Then you can start to consider what do you want to add in it?
charm bracelet
Beaded bracelet
Designer: Evgeniy
It is definitely a great choice to start your crafts step if you are a green hand and a jewelry lover. Slide the beads in order according to your desire and then it is almost finished! It is simpler than you imagine, right?
lovely bracelet
Lovely bracelet
Designer: Evgeniy
Have you found that the three bracelets are all designed by a same designer Evgeniy who is good at jewelry making and has published so many great works in our customer show. If you like her or his crafts, I am very happy to share more with you guys.

European beads bracelet
European beads bracelet
Designer: Katalin
Simple pattern, simple tutorial, but pretty finished jewelry. Do you agree me? This kind of simple bracelet can match skirts, dress and other formal clothes. Do you wanna it? Then make one for yourself.
And now, I have shown you four bracelets, which one do you prefer? Please just let me know what kind of jewelry do you love, then I will share them with you next time! See you~

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