Life As A Charm Bracelet

Hi, friend. How’s your day today? Today I will show you some New Arrival  charm bracelet from TINYSAND.

What?you don’t know TINYSAND?I must say ,pls Google.Lol

TS-P-101 (1)TS-C-097 (1)
There are lots of beautiful charms,like life charm,lucky charm,smile charm,heart charm,baby charm and so on.
You can Custom your own style bracelet with those charms.It is a good way to symbolize your hobby and interest.

You can also customize your special European Beads here. Put the photo of yourself or the one you love on it,
making the European Beads unique and meaningful. So interesting, right?
There is also a poem about charm bracelet:

Life as a charm I wear on my arm
silver heart I wear as my internal alarm

to wake up to the sunshine that’s never to fade
and those who have fun have it made

smile charm I wear for happiness so real
this one all can have, so this one please steal

unicorn charm to frolic through the meadow
clovers in abundance through which my bike I pedal

meditations so sweet, my own retreat,imagery of daisies glories,

and lilacs so sweet musical note charm follow’s with my tunes

classical melodies that end all too soon

in the quitude of a mellow night,all by myself,the chorus to hold on tight

life is a lot like charms I wear on my arm,all the symbols we love; like mom charm

lets’ us know life is such a gifted charm,therefore, we must disarm, like a farm
Have you ever had a Charm Bracelet?I think it is every girl’s dream.When we are young,it is too expensive for us to buy or have one.

After we grow up,the price get higher and higher,as we know ,the famous charm brand isvery expensive for a normal worker or a student.

I Want to own a charm bracelet,but I don’t think it is a good idea cost too much on a silver Jewelry.

Now we designed the beautiful charms,same quality but much lower price,most people could afford it.

It is really a good news for that girls who like jewelry.

How do you think of TINYSAND? If want to learn more, please click TINYSAND-ZONE to meet all S925 fine jewelry,

and please visit for all TINYSAND products

Enjoy your shopping!

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