How to Make a Spring Rhinestone Bracelet

Spring is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to bring some color to our jewelry! Let’s see how you can make a beautiful spring¬†rhinestone and suede bracelet with a pop of colour!


Materials :
rhinestone cup chain
suede cord
-2 jumprings
-1 cord crimp-ending
waxed cord


First off, measure your wrist and cut a piece of suede cord twice that size. Tie one end of the cord forming a loop like this. Take a big jumpring and attach it to that loop.¬†That’s one end of your bracelet.


Now take the piece of rhinestone chain and place it in the middle. You are going to attach the rhinestone to the suede cord using the wax cord. Now that you have determined were the chain will start, make a double loop there with the waxed cord.


Continue by wrapping the waxed cord over the rhinestone and the suede and finish off with a double loop. Use a dap of glue to hide the finishing knots.


With your flat-nose pliers attach the ending on the other side of the bracelet.


Finally using a jumpring attach the lobster clasp and your bracelet is ready!


Wear it and enjoy spring!


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