DIY Simple Handmade Ribbon Hair Barrettes

Hi, dear Pandahall readers! It is time to share a nice Pandahall tutorial video with you all today, are you expecting it? Next I will show you a ribbon hair accessory video to you. You know, nearly every girl loves ribbon hair accessory, and the handmade hair barrettes are so pretty, so just follow me to see the simple hair barrettes~
DIY Simple Handmade Ribbon Hair Barrettes
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making hair clip:
2.5cm Pink Grosgrain Ribbon
6mm Green Satin Ribbon
6mm Half Round White Pearl Bead
Iron Hair Barrette
Now, are you ready to enjoy the tutorial video?

Wow, how cute this ribbon hair accessory is! What’s more, this tutorial video is so short and easy to view, so you can follow the detailed video to make such handmade hair barrettes. There are many more easy tutorial videos on Pandahall, and I hope you can learn to make your own jewelry crafts then. Anyway, hope you enjoy the DIY time and have a wonderful day~

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Collection of Jewelry with Acrylic Leaf Pendants Made by Pandahall Customers

Hey, guys. How are you? Are you searching for nice jewelry recently? If yes, then this article may bring you some inspiration. Did you make jewelry or accessories with acrylic leaf pendant? Then today I am going to show you a collection of jewelry made by them, expect that? Let’s just see them!
acrylic leaf pendants
Special pendants, right?
Red beaded jewelry set
Red beaded jewelry set
Designer: Alona
Look at this necklace and this pair of beaded dangle earrings, they are mainly made by acrylic beads and acrylic leaf pendants, do you like them? Red always stands for passion, so you can try to wear the jewelry to show your special personality.
Leaf cluster bracelet
Beaded cluster bracelet
Designer: Elena
I think we need prepare so many beaded dangles before making this bracelet, do you agree me? How do you think of the transparent acrylic pendants? Or you can try to change the color of the beads and pendants? Are you planning to try it?
Leaf pendant jewelry set
Leaf pendant jewelry set
Designer: Alona
This jewelry set looks comfortable, especially the color. Blue and green matches well. How do you think of them? Then both acrylic beads and glass beads are added in the jewelry set making. Simple craft, but pretty! Nice works!
Leaf dangle earrings
Beaded dangle earrings
Designer: Alona
Have you noticed that the earrings are also designed by Alona? I think she loves the leaf pendants so much. Anyway, thanks for her great works and sharing. If you like this type, then try it.
Leaf pendant can make us feel fresh, do you have the same feelings? You can develop your imagination and add them on your home decoration or other crafts then you can see them everyday. Nice idea, right? Hope you will also like them!

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Life As A Charm Bracelet

Hi, friend. How’s your day today? Today I will show you some New Arrival  charm bracelet from TINYSAND.

What?you don’t know TINYSAND?I must say ,pls Google.Lol

TS-P-101 (1)TS-C-097 (1)
There are lots of beautiful charms,like life charm,lucky charm,smile charm,heart charm,baby charm and so on.
You can Custom your own style bracelet with those charms.It is a good way to symbolize your hobby and interest.

You can also customize your special European Beads here. Put the photo of yourself or the one you love on it,
making the European Beads unique and meaningful. So interesting, right?
There is also a poem about charm bracelet:

Life as a charm I wear on my arm
silver heart I wear as my internal alarm

to wake up to the sunshine that’s never to fade
and those who have fun have it made

smile charm I wear for happiness so real
this one all can have, so this one please steal

unicorn charm to frolic through the meadow
clovers in abundance through which my bike I pedal

meditations so sweet, my own retreat,imagery of daisies glories,

and lilacs so sweet musical note charm follow’s with my tunes

classical melodies that end all too soon

in the quitude of a mellow night,all by myself,the chorus to hold on tight

life is a lot like charms I wear on my arm,all the symbols we love; like mom charm

lets’ us know life is such a gifted charm,therefore, we must disarm, like a farm
Have you ever had a Charm Bracelet?I think it is every girl’s dream.When we are young,it is too expensive for us to buy or have one.

After we grow up,the price get higher and higher,as we know ,the famous charm brand isvery expensive for a normal worker or a student.

I Want to own a charm bracelet,but I don’t think it is a good idea cost too much on a silver Jewelry.

Now we designed the beautiful charms,same quality but much lower price,most people could afford it.

It is really a good news for that girls who like jewelry.

How do you think of TINYSAND? If want to learn more, please click TINYSAND-ZONE to meet all S925 fine jewelry,

and please visit for all TINYSAND products

Enjoy your shopping!

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DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace

Hey, Pandahall friends! Today I will share a cute owl necklace with you. This simple chain necklace is really really easy to make, and I contend you will like after seeing its making steps. So, let’s see HOW together~
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Supplies you’ll need in making the handmade pendant necklace:
Glass Cabochons
Cabochon Settings
Head Pins
Jump Rings
Silver Chain
Blue Glass Beads
Lobster Clasp
White Glue
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Step 1: Prepare a cabochon, cabochon setting and white glue, and stick the cabochon to the cabochon settings firmly.
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Step 2: Thread a small blue glass bead onto a head pin, making a small loop at the other end of the head pin.
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Step 3: Prepare a piece of silver chain. Attach a jump ring to the owl pendant, and connect the pendant to the middle of the chain.
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Step 4: Attach a jump ring and a lobster clasp to one end of the chain.
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Step 5: Attach 3 jump rings and the head pin with a glass bead to the other end of the chain.
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Now, the cute owl necklace is finished quickly~
DIY Cute Owl Pendant Chain Necklace
Wow, how cute and simple this simple chain necklace is! If you wanna make such an easy bead pendant necklace yourself, then I think this one is a good choice for you to have a try! Just go for it!

Tutorial from our co-blogger Kasia:

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Pandahall New Arrival-Pretty Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making

Hey, guys. Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It is time for our Pandahall new arrival, are you expecting that? And next I am going to show you a collection of gemstone beads which are suitable for jewelry making. Hope you will like them!
Dyed Natural Jade Round Bead Strands
Dyed Natural Jade Round Bead Strands
Do you know these beads? You may recognize them if you are a jewelry maker. Jade beads can be easily seen in necklace and bracelet making. Or you can make a simple wire wrapped bracelet with jewelry wire and jade beads. Try it now?
Dyed Flower Synthetical Coral Beads
Dyed Flower Synthetical Coral Beads
Look at these flower coral beads, as I know, many people tend to add the flower beads into their crafts making. How do you think of the beads? Do you also have any great ideas about them? Then please just share them with us.
Dyed Pendulum Natural Agate Beads
Dyed Pendulum Natural Agate Beads
Actually, they can be regarded as pendants, so you can make a simple pendant necklace with them. Then add a piece of cool chain. It sounds great, right? And there are many different colors you can choose, so just have a nice try!

Dyed Starfish Synthetical Coral Beads

Dyed Starfish Synthetical Coral Beads
Simple starfish beads, you should collect them if you always love this cute type. It can be an excellent idea that adding the starfish beads into your charm bracelet making, then you can wear it when you hang out. These exquisite can make you relaxing.
Now, we have enjoyed four kinds of gemstone beads, which one do you prefer? Check and you will see more fabulous beads you like. Hope you have a nice shopping. See you next time!

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