Simple DIY Braided Beaded Necklace You Should Learn

Hi, I am very excited that I am going to share a pretty craft with you guys. Look at this braided beaded necklace, and it is really simple to finish. So I cannot wait to show it to you. I believe it is a good choice for green hands to start your first step. Try it!
Easy DIY Braided Beaded Necklace1
Supplies needed in making braided beaded necklace:
-Seed beads (at least 2 colors)
-Jewelry clasp
-8mm jump rings
-10mm jump ring
-26 gauge jewelry wire
–Jewelry Pliers
– 7 inch (17.78 centimeter) strand of chain
Easy DIY Braided Beaded Necklace2
Step 1: add jewelry wire to the chain
Firstly, cut off the jewelry wire with 20cm length.
Secondly, thread the wire into the one end of the chain, and make two to four loops around the chain fix them tightly.
Thirdly, trim off the excessive wire and flatten them to ensure the safety.
Step 1
Step 2: slide seed beads
Firstly, slide seed beads onto the jewelry wire.
Secondly, repeat the above steps to make five other beaded wires and ensure there are two colors, as the pictures shows.
Step 3: braid the beaded strands
Firstly, connect each pair strands tightly to ensure the smooth progress of the braiding.
Secondly, put the right pair strands over the middle pair.
Thirdly, put the new left pair strands over the new middle pair.
Fourthly, repeat the braiding to the ends of the strands.
step 3
Step 4: attach each wire to the end of the chain.
step 4
Step 5: add jump ring and clasp
Firstly, flatten these wrapped wires.
Secondly, open a jump ring and attach it to one end of the chain.
Thirdly, attach the jewelry clasp and connect it with jump ring.
step 5
Then it is done!!
Easy DIY Braided Beaded Necklace22
Ok, are you familiar to these steps? You can change the colors of seed beads according to your choice. As for me, it is great. So are you going to try to make this necklace and go out with wearing it?

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Pandahall New Arrival – Collection of Colorful Gemstone Beads You Will love

Hi, dear Pandahall readers! It’s time for our Pandahall new arrival. Expecting it? Here I will show you some nice and colorful gemstone beads for you all. You can pick up some for your jewelry making. Now, follow me to have a look.
Dyed Faceted Bulb Natural Jade Beads
Dyed Faceted Bulb Natural Jade Beads
So lovely jade beads, yes? As me, I will use them as pendants while making jewelry. What about you? Hope you can imagine other more great ideas in using these nice beads, and make unique crafts then.
Dyed Synthetic Moonstone Round Bead Strands
Dyed Synthetic Moonstone Round Bead Strands
See these moonstone round beads, they are so beautiful, yes? All these beads are dyed, though that the beads are sparkling. You can slide these colorful beads with jewelry wire, and then you will make an easy yet cute bracelet or necklace. Wanna try?
Dyed Natural White Jade Abacus Bead Strands
Dyed Natural White Jade Abacus Bead Strands
Hey, do you love jade beads? In general, jade beads are not so bright-colored, but these dyed jade beads are quite eye-catching with bright colors. They can be used in making earrings, necklace, or bracelets. Just develop your imagination~
Electroplated Heart Non-magnetic Hematite Bead Strands
Electroplated Heart Non-magnetic Hematite Bead Strands
If you need some heart shaped beads or links, this kind of heart beads is a good choice for you. You can slide some of the beads in your bracelets, or attach several to your handmade necklace. Why not have a try?
For these 4 kinds of gemstone beads, which one does you like most? If you are also interested in jewelry making, why not make some personalized jewelry with these nice beads? Anyway, hope you like them and have a nice day~

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Easy Beading Drop Earrings Made by Pandahall Customers You Will Love

Happy weekend, dear Pandahall friend! Guess what surprise I will bring to you guys today? Yes, a collection of nice easy beading drops earrings. All the jewelry are easy to make with ordinary materials, and you can also DIY some yourself at home. OK, follow me to have a look!
Pearl Beaded Earrings
Pearl Beaded Earrings
Designer: clifford miller
Materials: earring hooks, acrylic beads, pearl beads, jump ring
Look at this pair of beaded earrings, white and light blue beads make the earrings so fresh and elegant. I love them so much, and I will make a pair later. Wanna join me?
Beaded Dangle Earrings
Beaded Dangle Earrings
Designer: Inna Revych
Materials: glass beads, earring hooks, eye pins
Wow, how personalized earrings are! You may think this pair of dangle earrings is a little difficult to make at first, but you see, the main materials are just eye pins and steel blue glass beads. You will finish the beaded dangle earrings within a very short time, I think. Just try!
Earrings with Leather Cord
Earrings with Leather Cord
Designer: JoseG Medina
Materials: hoop earrings, nylon thread, pearl beads, rhinestone beads
You may have found that this pair of earrings with leather cord is so easy in appearance, and if you’re a green hand, then this pair of earrings is so suitable for you to try.
Black Dangle Earrings
Black Dangle Earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: glass beads, head pins, earring hooks
How do you think this pair of black dangle earrings? The two different styles black glass beads are shining and mysterious. I quite love black, so I love this pair of black earrings so much the first sight I met them.
Among these 4 pair of beaded earrings, which one you favor the most? Though they are alike, each pair of drop earrings has its own features. All the earrings are easy to have a try. Hope you love them and enjoy the DIY time~

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Amazing Flower Jewelry Made by Resin Cabochon from Pandahall Customers

Hello, guys. Nice day! Have you finished any jewelry recently? Just show your great works with us jewelry lovers. Today, I am going to share a roundup of flower jewelry made by resin cabochons. We know that flower accessories are always popular among jewelry fans. So do I. I think they can make me brighter and more confident, so I just cannot wait to show you the jewelry I also love. Hope you will like them!
flower cabochon

Pretty, right?

Special Flower Earrings

Special Flower Earrings
Designer: Brandy
Cute animal Tibetan style pendants make this pair of earrings look more special. Then red flower cabochons attract our much attention successfully. You can know that the earrings can be finished quickly if you often make jewelry. So just prepare some jewelry making supplies to create your own nice crafts.
Flower Chain Necklace
Flower Chain Necklace
Designer: LAUREL KAY
It is a great angle that this necklace can been seen clearly. This flower cabochon is added onto the cool pendant, then it is connected by this chain necklace. It is really an ingenious design. But I am just thinking why it is only one flower cabochon is added because there are any other suitable positions to be put more beads. It may be the secret of this beautiful chain necklace.

Lovely Charm BraceletLovely Charm Bracelet

Designer: KELLY
We can see different kinds of charms, heart beads, animal charms, flower cabochons, which one do you like best? Kelly must have added the things she loves to this bracelet making. I may add some glass beads, shell beads and other colorful beads to the bracelet making. What kind of charms do you want to add if you make one chain bracelet like it?
Black Flower Pendant Necklace
Black Flower Pendant Necklace
Designer: Eva
Black beads, black flower resins, and they match well. Black often makes us feel mysterious and solemn so you can wear it to attend some formal occasions. But I have an idea that I can change the color of the beads and make a colorful necklace, then I will wear it if I go the seaside. Wonderful, yes?
Sorry that I just can show you a small part of the amazing flower jewelry, and you should continue to pay more attention if you want to see other nice pictures. Thanks for our Pandahall customers to share so many great works with us. Hope you also like them!

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DIY Beaded Weaving Flower Bracelet with Seed Beads and Glass Beads

Nice to see you again, dear Pandahall readers! Expecting jewelry making tutorial video? Here I will bring you a weaving bracelet making video. It is not difficult to make yourself, hope you will love it and can get some creative ideas in DIY. Now, let’s begin.
DIY Beaded Weaving Flower Bracelet with Seed Beads and Glass Beads
How delicate the blue beaded bracelet is! How do you think the bead flower bracelet? Do you think the flower is like snowflake? I think the seed beads bracelet is suitable for winter for the snowflake shaped flower, and it is also fit for hot summer for its fresh color.
While making this bead flower bracelet, you will need:
Seed beads
Blue glass beads
Jump rings
Lobster clasp
Beading needle
OK, we can enjoy the video tutorial together now!

Hey, is this weaving bracelet difficult in making? “Nope”, I think you will say. All the key steps are just repetitive, and with the detailed video, it is a piece of cake, right? Of course, you can choose jewelry wire instead of thread, it is up to you. Anyway, hope you enjoy this video tutorial and have a nice try! See you next time~
JRP Designs

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