Lovely Pandahall Products Review from Customer Mao

Hey, everyone. Happy Thursday! Hope everything is going well with you guys. And today I am going to share an interesting review with you from our Pandahall customer Mao. Actually she specializes in making dancing clothes which are so great. Do you want to see the Pandahall products she reviewed?

Now, have you seen it? We can see several kinds of beads she display for us. Then let’s see them in detail.
Can you recognize them respectively? Yes, we can see that they are Austria crystal beads, glass beads and acrylic beads in order. You will know that they are often used in jewelry making. So, do you also like these beads?
Austrian Crystal Charms
Austrian Crystal Charms
Pink beads, have you any idea to use them in your jewelry making? You can try to combine other beads with them and make a simple bracelet. Trust me, it will be prettier than you imagine.
Brass Rhinestone Spacer Beads
Brass Rhinestone Spacer Beads
Please just collect them if you like. And you will need them if you plan to make some beaded accessories.
Resin Rhinestones
Resin Rhinestones
It will be great that you can add these rhinestones on your cool bag, clothes and other accessories, right?
Plastic Loose Sequins
Plastic sequins, how shinning they are!
Resin Rhinestone Ball Beads
Resin Rhinestone Ball Beads
It is often used in bracelet and necklace making as charm or pendant, have you seen this design? If not, you can try to make one, and it is possible to make easy projects. Have you any interest?
Gold Chain
gold chain
It is necessary for jewelry makers to own gold chain. You should also need it if you plan to start your crafts making.
Now, I have shown all of the products mentioned in this review video. How do you think of our Pandahall products? You can see more jewelry findings and beads from, hope you will have a nice shopping. Have fun!

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