Amazing Flower Jewelry Made by Resin Cabochon from Pandahall Customers

Hello, guys. Nice day! Have you finished any jewelry recently? Just show your great works with us jewelry lovers. Today, I am going to share a roundup of flower jewelry made by resin cabochons. We know that flower accessories are always popular among jewelry fans. So do I. I think they can make me brighter and more confident, so I just cannot wait to show you the jewelry I also love. Hope you will like them!
flower cabochon

Pretty, right?

Special Flower Earrings

Special Flower Earrings
Designer: Brandy
Cute animal Tibetan style pendants make this pair of earrings look more special. Then red flower cabochons attract our much attention successfully. You can know that the earrings can be finished quickly if you often make jewelry. So just prepare some jewelry making supplies to create your own nice crafts.
Flower Chain Necklace
Flower Chain Necklace
Designer: LAUREL KAY
It is a great angle that this necklace can been seen clearly. This flower cabochon is added onto the cool pendant, then it is connected by this chain necklace. It is really an ingenious design. But I am just thinking why it is only one flower cabochon is added because there are any other suitable positions to be put more beads. It may be the secret of this beautiful chain necklace.

Lovely Charm BraceletLovely Charm Bracelet

Designer: KELLY
We can see different kinds of charms, heart beads, animal charms, flower cabochons, which one do you like best? Kelly must have added the things she loves to this bracelet making. I may add some glass beads, shell beads and other colorful beads to the bracelet making. What kind of charms do you want to add if you make one chain bracelet like it?
Black Flower Pendant Necklace
Black Flower Pendant Necklace
Designer: Eva
Black beads, black flower resins, and they match well. Black often makes us feel mysterious and solemn so you can wear it to attend some formal occasions. But I have an idea that I can change the color of the beads and make a colorful necklace, then I will wear it if I go the seaside. Wonderful, yes?
Sorry that I just can show you a small part of the amazing flower jewelry, and you should continue to pay more attention if you want to see other nice pictures. Thanks for our Pandahall customers to share so many great works with us. Hope you also like them!

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