Wire Wrapped Jewelry from Pandahall Customers

Hey, our Pandahall readers. How is everything going with you guys? You know that we often share pretty finished jewelry with you, so I believe that you have collected so many beautiful pictures. Today I am going to show you some special wire wrapped jewelry made by our Pandahall customers. Hope you will like them!
Wire Pendant Necklace
Wire Pendant Necklace
Designer: Viktoria Usova
Materials: jewelry wire, glass beads, iron cross chain, headpins, lobster claw clasps
I guess you can finish this necklace making if you can wrap the wire well. Then we need to make three beaded dangles and connect them with this chain. So simple project, yes? Of course, you can add other colored beads if you like.
Wire Wrapped Bangle
Wire wrapped bangle
Materials: cooper jewelry wire, glass beads, turquoise beads, jump rings
It is special that each bead is wrapped by jewelry wire, and I love this design. You can wear it when you go out to take part in parties, trust me, it will help you become more charming. Do you wanna try it?
Lovely Charm Bracelet
charm bracelet
Materials: jewelry wire, glass beads, lampwork beads
Have you noticed that this bracelet and last one bangle are both made by RAFAEL CATACORA, who must be an amazing jewelry maker. I will be the luckiest girl if I have chance to learn from her. So do you also like this lovely bracelet?
Wire Wrapped Earrings
Wire Wrap Earrings
Designer: katleen de meyer
Materials: memory wire, earring hooks, turquoise beads
I don’t know how the wire is wrapped, and it may be finished casually, but looks unique! We should slide the wire through turquoise bead and wrap the wire around this bead. You can make several circles with the wire just as picture shows. How do you think of the special earrings?
Wire wrapped jewelry has become more popular among jewelry makers and customers. Yeah, I also like them so much. I think that wire accessories always look fashionable. So I am planning to make my own wire necklace, do you want to join me?

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