Stunning Jewelry Made by Jade Glass Beads You Should Collect

Hi, dear readers. Hope everything is ok with you guys. It is our Pandahall customer show time again. Today I am going to show you some pretty jewelry made by jade glass beads. You must know that jade beads look so beautiful if you are familiar with different kinds of beads.
jade beads
How do you think of the jade beads? Amazing, right? Let’ see the jade beaded jewelry next.
Beaded Bangle
Beaded Bangle
Designer: Andrea
It is obvious that this beaded bangle is mainly made by two colored jade beads. And this charm makes this bangle look cuter. We just need to slide these beads onto the aluminum wire then it is almost finished, simple, right? Do you want to have a nice try?
Lovely Key ChainLovely Chain
Designer: D (OK, funny person)
I believe that most people will love this craft at the first sight. Drop beaded pendant, special and lovely charms, this key chain is finished with many different charms, do you like them? Or you can consider adding some other interesting materials you like to this chain. Anyway, this work can bring us much jewelry making inspiration. Enjoy!
Beaded Bracelet
Beaded Bracelet
Designer: Evgeniy
This bracelet is made by so many jade beads. I think it will spend much time to finish these beaded charms. But it is really worth to do it for jewelry maker. You can also add beads in other colors and types. Try it and show us your good works.
Cool Earrings
Cool Earrings
Designer: D
Look at the interesting pendants, and they look like branches of tree. Two beads are added into the earrings making. It is truly a great idea. I love this pair of cool earrings so much. Do you agree with me?
Now have you found your favorite one? I hope the accessories can bring you much inspiration and so just try to make your own crafts. Then do not forget to share with us.

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