DIY Wire Pearl Bracelet within 10 Minutes

Hey, our Pandahall lovely readers. Thanks for your support all the time. Today I am going to share a pretty project with you guys- a wire pearl bracelet tutorial. You know that pearl beads are often added into the jewelry making for its amazing beauty. And have you make your own pearl jewelry, if you don’t, you can start your pearl making from now on. DIY Wire Pearl Bracelet1
Jewelry making supplies needed in making wire pearl bracelet:
6mm colored pearl beads
Jade beads(not shown in this picture)
3mm sliver beading wire
Sliver crimps
Jump rings
Metal bead caps
Toggle clasps
DIY Wire Pearl Bracelet2
Step 1: slide beads
Firstly, prepare two pieces of beading wire which are 1.5 times the length of your wrist.
Secondly, slide a crimp and a crimp bead onto both of the wires to fix them together. Then add a jump ring to this crimp bead. Then cut off the excessive wire.
Thirdly, slide two pearl beads onto the two wires respectively, and you can choose the colors of the beads. Then slide a bead cap, a jade bead and another bead cap onto the both wire.
DIY Wire Pearl Bracelet3
Step 2: finish this beaded bracelet
Firstly, continue to slide pearl beads, bead caps and jade beads just as last step did until you get your desired length about your wrist.
Secondly, slide a crimp to the both wire and slide a crimp bead at the two ends of the wire. Then add the toggle clasp at two ends connect by jump rings.
DIY Wire Pearl Bracelet4
Then this pearl bracelet is finished!
DIY Wire Pearl Bracelet7
Look at these colored bracelets, do you also like them? You can add other beads in different colors and sizes, and it will be another great choice. I think it is better in summer that we can wear colorful bracelets, so why don’t you make one for yourself? Anyway, hope you like this tutorial! See you next time~

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Pandahall New Arrival – Glass Beads You Will Need for Jewelry Making

Hey dear friends~ Happy Monday! How is your weekend? Today, I will show you some Pandahall new arrivals, and you may need them in making jewelry. Hope you love and collect them. Then, follow me to have a look~
Transparent Glass Bead Strands
Transparent Glass Bead Strands
See these drop transparent glass beads, can you imagine what jewelry can the beads be used for? In my opinion, the drop glass beads can be add as pendant in necklace, also, you can just make a necklace with the colorful beads.
Pearl Luster Plated Glass Bead Strands
Pearl Luster Plated Glass Bead Strands
Hey, how nice the faceted drop glass beads are! And they look so shining, just like pearl beads, yes? I know, each of them is so big that you may be bothered where they can be used, and then I will tell you that you can make some exaggerate jewelry, like earrings, just with one bead that you can DIY a personalized craft. Just have a try!
Cube Cat Eye Bead Strands
Cube Cat Eye Bead Strands
Do you love vintage style ornaments? Many girls have a passion on vintage style jewelry for those crafts can show their characteristics easily. Then, these cube cat eye beads are nice materials for you to make some unique jewelry. The design will be amazing!
Flower Transparent Glass Beads
Flower Transparent Glass Beads
Wow, how beautiful and cute the flower glass beads are! You must love them, right? They are crystal faceted, for me, I will take some to make a flower bracelet with these transparent beads. Can you make other wonderful jewelry with them?
Now, have you got some basic knowledge about these 4 glass beads with different types and shapes? You can DIY ornaments with the glass beads that you like. I think the final designs will be great! Anyway, just have fun~

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Handmade Nice Jewelry Made by Pandahall Customers

Happy weekend! Dear readers, it’s time for Pandahall shows, and do you expecting it? Today, I pick up some nice jewelry that l love very much to share with you all. Hope you like them~
Rhinestone Bracelet
Rhinestone Bracelet
Designer: Jeremy Nunnally
Materials: nylon thread, rhinestone beads, pearl beads
Wow, what a fantastic rhinestone bracelet is! You know, the Valentine’s Day is approaching, and have you prepared some special gifts? If you are in trouble for the gifts choosing, then this heart beads braid bracelet will be a wonderful jewelry as a gift. Do you agree with me?
Black Bib Statement Necklace
Black Bib Statement Necklace
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: faceted glass beads in different sizes and types, lobster clasp, tiger tail, headpins, eye pins, jump rings, crimp beads
So exaggerating the bib statement necklace is! With multi strands black glass beads with different sizes and types, this bib necklace shows its mystery and noble. You can wear it when you are on full dress. Wanna try to make one yourself?
Pearl and Crystal Bead Bracelet
pearl and crystal bead bracelet
Designer: Zelma Goodine
Materials: crystal glass beads, headpins, alloy key clasp findings, jump rings, pearl beads
To be honest, I thought it was a garland the first sight I saw it, for the white pearl beads and the light green drop glass beads make this crystal bead bracelet fresh and cute. Do you love it?
Easy Wire Earrings
Easy Wire Earrings
Designer: Joanna Foo
Materials: jewelry wire, jump rings
This easy wire wrapped earrings look like colorful butterfly, do you think so? You can also try to make this pair of earrings, for the earrings are so easy to design for both green hands and professors.
Now, all the jewelry for today have been shared with you, do you love them. You can join us to make or share some crafts as well. Hope you a nice day~

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How to Make a Boho Chic Pom Pom and Tassels Necklace

Tassels and pom poms are everywhere right now and the boho vibe is still strong. Here’s how you can make a cute boho chic pendant necklace using pom poms and tassels.


Jewelry making supplies needed:
-leather suede cord
-yarn pom pom
-2 small tassels
-1 flat round Chandelier Component
-3 teardrop beads
-3 small beads
-3 headpins and 1 eyepin
-3 jumprings


First off, take the eyepin and slide it through the pom pom. Make sure to find the center of the pom pom. Make a loop with your pliers to the other side of the eyepin to secure.

κολιε βοηο

Open one side of the eyepin and connect the pom pom at the top of the chandelier component.


Next slide in each one of the headpins the small beads first and the drop beads next and make a loop at the end to secure.


Attach all three teardrops at the bottom of the connector leaving two spaces between.


Now use jumprings to attach the tassels in the remaining spaces.  Finally, attach your new pendant to the suede cord and your boho chic pom pom and tassels necklace is ready to wear!


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Pretty Accessories Made by Transparent Acrylic Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hey, guys. Nice day! Do you plan to make any jewelry recently? Today I am going to share you a roundup of accessories made by transparent acrylic beads. You know that acrylic beads can be often seen in jewelry making and so many jewelry fans like them. Hope today’s acrylic beaded jewelry can bring you much inspiration.
Transparent acrylic beads
Fantastic, right? OK, let’s enjoy the next special jewelry designs together.
Acrylic Beaded Bracelet
Acrylic beaded bracelet
Designer: Marjan
Look at this purple charm bracelet, different kinds of beads are added to this jewelry making. Heart beads make it look cuter. You can try to make this simple bracelet if you are green hand. You just need to choose the order of the beads and then slide them one by one. So make a plan and start your first step.
Lovely Dangle Earrings
Lovely dangle earrings
Designer: Lori
Have you noticed the two “dragonflies”? Interesting dangles!! Two flower beads also look charming. Lori is so brilliant that animals and plants are both added to this pair of earrings making. It is really a nice design. Do you like this one?
Pretty Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelet
Designer: Amanda
Transparent acrylic beaded bracelet with alphabet beads, popular ideas! If you are looking for some special accessory as your friend gift, then think about this one. You can choose the beads which are abbreviation of her names or some other words with special meanings. Your friends will be surprised by your thoughts.
Cute Key chain
Cute keychain
Designer: Sharron
I want to own one after seeing this project. It is hard to find a suitable keychain for me. I like keychain with beaded dangles and look not so formal. Then it is the one I look for all the time. How do you think of this cute keychain?
I am sorry that I just can share a part of the beautiful acrylic beaded designs for you guys. It is really a pity. But you can pay attention to our Pandahall blog and we will show you more other pretty jewelry. See you next time!

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