How to Make a Cool Multi-strand Leather Bracelet

It’s fun to wear a lot of bracelets together but when you are in a hurry it’s great to have a bracelet that you can wear in a minute and looks like 3 bracelets together! Here’s a way to make a leather multi-strand bracelet.


Materials :
-Flat leather cord
-2 x endings that fit the flat leather
-Black cord
-2 x endings that fit the black cord
-1 x metallic bead with big hole
-Approx. 40 x 4 mm pearl beads
-Jewelry stringing wire
-Crimping beads
-2 jumprings
-1 x magnetic clasp


First take the flat leather cord, measure it to your wrist and cut a piece. Using your flat-nose pliers, press the endings on each side of the leather.


Now take the black cord, measure it too and slide the metallic bead in the middle.


Finish this part of the bracelet by pressing the endings for this cord on both sides.


Next, take a piece of stringing wire, slide a crimping bead and bring back the wire into the crimping bead forming a loop. Secure the crimp by pressing it tight.


Now thread the pearls and secure them by using another crimp bead.


Now you have three separate parts of the bracelet. Using 2 jumprings attach them all to the magnetic clasp.


That’s it! Wear it and be happy!


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