Easy Tutorial on Tassel Necklace with Gold Chain

Hello, guys. Happy Tuesday! It is wonderful time for our jewelry making tutorial. Chain accessories are so cool that chain necklaces are always popular for jewelry lovers. Today I am going to show you a simple project-tassel necklace making. Please follow this tutorial to make your own one tassel necklace if you like it. Start it now~
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace1
Jewelry making supplies needed in make tassel necklace with chain:
Gold Plated Faceted Beads 3mm
Pale Turquoise Faceted Beads 4mm
Gold Chain (10m)
Gold Eyepins
Gold Bead Cap
Jewelry Plier
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace2
We can start to make this chain necklace if you are ready.
Step 1: make the tassel pendant
Firstly, trim off the chain necklace with 36 inches.
Secondly, take out an eyepin and slide the chain onto it every 4 inches.
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace3 Thirdly, twist the eyepin with jewelry plier.
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace4 Fourthly, make a loop at the top of the eyepin and wrist it into a jump ring just as picture shows.
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace5 Step 2: add the bead cap
Unhook the loop of the eypin and add a bead cap to it, then make a loop at the top.
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace6 Step 3: attach the gold chain
Firstly, trim off the chain with 18 inches or you can decide the length of the chain according to your neck.
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace7 Secondly, slide a gold bead, a turquoise bead and another gold bead on to an eyepin and make a simple loop at the other end. Make another 3 bead parts with following this step.
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace9 Thirdly, add the four bead patterns to the chain. Look at this picture, you can put them as it shows or choose other positions. It is all up to you!
Gold Chain Tassel Necklace10 Then this tassel chain necklace with beads has been finished. You may be surprised that it is so simple to make. And now do you have any problems about this tassel chain necklace making? Do never hesitate if you like it, so have a nice try. Look forward you great works!
Tutorial source: http://www.doodlecraftblog.com/2015/05/gold-chain-tassel-necklace.html

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