Wire Wrapped Jewelry from Pandahall Customers

Hey, our Pandahall readers. How is everything going with you guys? You know that we often share pretty finished jewelry with you, so I believe that you have collected so many beautiful pictures. Today I am going to show you some special wire wrapped jewelry made by our Pandahall customers. Hope you will like them!
Wire Pendant Necklace
Wire Pendant Necklace
Designer: Viktoria Usova
Materials: jewelry wire, glass beads, iron cross chain, headpins, lobster claw clasps
I guess you can finish this necklace making if you can wrap the wire well. Then we need to make three beaded dangles and connect them with this chain. So simple project, yes? Of course, you can add other colored beads if you like.
Wire Wrapped Bangle
Wire wrapped bangle
Materials: cooper jewelry wire, glass beads, turquoise beads, jump rings
It is special that each bead is wrapped by jewelry wire, and I love this design. You can wear it when you go out to take part in parties, trust me, it will help you become more charming. Do you wanna try it?
Lovely Charm Bracelet
charm bracelet
Materials: jewelry wire, glass beads, lampwork beads
Have you noticed that this bracelet and last one bangle are both made by RAFAEL CATACORA, who must be an amazing jewelry maker. I will be the luckiest girl if I have chance to learn from her. So do you also like this lovely bracelet?
Wire Wrapped Earrings
Wire Wrap Earrings
Designer: katleen de meyer
Materials: memory wire, earring hooks, turquoise beads
I don’t know how the wire is wrapped, and it may be finished casually, but looks unique! We should slide the wire through turquoise bead and wrap the wire around this bead. You can make several circles with the wire just as picture shows. How do you think of the special earrings?
Wire wrapped jewelry has become more popular among jewelry makers and customers. Yeah, I also like them so much. I think that wire accessories always look fashionable. So I am planning to make my own wire necklace, do you want to join me?

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DIY Tassel and Beads Earrings


 Make your own designer earrings is very easy and cheap, follow the steps!


You will need:


Acrylic Beads


Earring hooks




Make the tassels.


Insert the tassels and the beads into the wire.


In one side, attach a piece of wire.


Insert one big bead and attach the wire in the other side.


Attach the earring hook with the wire.


Cut the excess of thread.

And that’s all!



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Nice Jewelry Made by Pearl Beads from Pandahall Customers

Happy Friday, my dear friends~ Have any good ideas for the coming Valentine’s Day? If not, then I should see “Congratulations!” to you, for next I will show some pretty and nice pearl beads jewelry with you. I hope you can get some inspirations from them. Now, let’s start!
 Polished Shell Pearl Round Beads Strands
Shining pearl beads, yes? Just appreciate the jewelry with me! You will love them.
Beading Earrings
Beading Earrings
Designer: Florewela
How do you think this beading earring? I really love them very much! The beading earrings are made of glass beads, pearl beads, seed beads, etc. Can you imagine how beautiful you are while you wear this pair of earrings? Just have a nice try!
Flower Necklace
Flower Necklace
Designer: lydie
Look at this easy flower necklace~ like the first one, different kinds of beads compose to this elegant and unique necklace. The bowknot makes this necklace a little cute as well. Now, do you want make one yourself?
Flower Drop Earrings
Flower Drop Earrings
Designer: Vitalija
Wow, so beautiful the earrings are! This pair of flower earrings is so easy to make, rose shell beads and pearl beads. It is really a wonderful design. Love it?
Pearl Bead Jewelry Set
Pearl Bead Jewelry Set
Designer: Skilteboden
Bowknot acrylic beads and white pearl beads, great combinations! With this jewelry set, you will be the most attractive girl in crowd. And the red bowknot is so cute, do you love it?
As Valentine’s Day is approaching, you may have search for several great ideas about gifts. Why not try to DIY some nice jewelry at home. Whether you make them for yourself or send them to your friends, it will be a good choice. Anyway, have a nice day!

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Product Review-Stunning Jewelry Findings from Pandahall Customer

Hello, everyone. Happy Thursday. How is everything going with you? It is time for our Pandahall product review. So today I am going to show you a review from our Pandahall customer Sandra who is a passionate and nice girl. And you will know the fact from this video. Let’s see it!

How do you think of the jewelry making supplies which are shown in this video? And I will show you the details of each item. Hope you will like them.
Gemstone beads

Do you like gemstone beads? Beads are often used in jewelry making, and you can add this kind of beads in your bracelet or necklace making. It is amazing to wear the jewelry made by yourself. Are you going to have a nice try?
Lovely pendants
Just collect these lovely pendants if you like making accessories with pendants or charms. And you will find that they are suitable to be added in necklace making. Do you believe it?
Jewelry findings
jewelry findings
Crystal thread, toggle clasp, iron cross chain, do you know them? It is definitely a great idea that making a cool bracelet with toggle clasp. And you will know what I mean unless you make one by yourself.
OK, I have shown all the items mentioned in this video. Have you found any supplies you need? Or you can check Pandahall.com to see more interesting findings. Hope you have nice shopping! See you next time~

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Stunning Jewelry Made by Dyed Jade Beads from Pandahall Customers

Good afternoon, dear friends! It’s time to show our Pandahall customer show. Today I will share you some nice jewelry which are made by dyed jade beads. Hope you love them and have a nice journey.
Natural White Jade Beads
See these dyed jade beads, and do you have any thought about them? Ok, let’s begin.
Beads Bracelet with Watch
Beads Bracelets with Watch
Designer: Raluca
I love watch really when I was a little girl, and you see, this watch can also be worn as jewelry just like a bracelet. With colorful dyed jade beads, and many other charms, you can DIY this beaded bracelet with watch yourself at home.
DIY Easy Drop Earrings
DIY Easy Drop Earrings
Designer: Надежда
How do you think this one – a pair of easy drop earrings? Have you noticed the drop pendant? It looks like leaves, yes? It is a good choice for green hand to have a try for this pair of drop earrings are so easy to make. Why not have a try?
Cross Beading Bracelet
Cross Beading Bracelet
Designer: Margaret
Many people have a crazy passion on cross jewelry. Look at this cross beading bracelet, It is made by several dyed jade beads and a cross bead, thus you can make it within a short time. Try it and show your work with us~
Beaded Jewelry Set
Beaded Jewelry Set
Designer: Надежда
You must have seen that the beaded jewelry set are mainly made by several beads in different types and different shapes. All the beads for jewelry making can be found on Pandahall. I think you will also love DIY if you make the beaded jewelry set yourself.
So far, that’s all of me sharing in today’s Pandahall customer show. May you wanna view more, so let’s see on next time? Have fun~

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