Pretty Crafts You Should Try from Pandahall Customers

Hey, dear readers. I guess you guys may need some new jewelry recently, so today I am going to show you some pretty crafts with nice designs from our Pandahall customers. You can get some supplies & findings and start your creation after seeing this post. Enjoy!
Unique handmade bracelet
Unique handmade bracelet
Designer: Inge Wimmer
Materials: polymer clay beads, Tibetan style pendant, jump rings, eyepins, Tibetan sliver toggles and tbars
Actually, it is also beaded strands bracelet. As for me, polymer clay beads with this kind of rein always make me feel mysterious. How about you? We just need slide each bead with one eyepin, then connect them together, then it is done! You can add other colorful beads if you think the color of this bracelet is boring.
Multi strands necklace
multi strand necklace
Materials: glass beads strands, Tibetan style bead caps, Tibetan style toggle clasp, jump rings, iron twisted chain, Tibetan style ring
I think we should slide the glass beads onto twisted chains to form glass beads strands first. But trust me, it is easy to finish the strands. Then attach these strands with Tibetan style ring and Tibetan style toggle clasp. I believe that you know what the next steps are. Simple, right? It may just take five minutes to do it if you are familiar to these steps.
Chain & flower necklace
chain & flower necklace
Designer: Daliborka Juzbasa
Materials: lampwork beads, glass beads strands, headpins, jump rings
You will recognize its uniqueness when you see this special necklace. We know that different sized jump rings play an important part in the necklace making. This big lampwork bead is lively so that it attracts much attention. Above all, great idea, good design!
Pearl ear cuff
Pearl Ear Cuff
Designer: Iren Rasevych
Materials: cooper jewelry wire, pearl beads
Wow, this ear cuff just needs so few materials. We should figure out how the designer twists the wire then we can finish it alone. But you can do it if you guys often make some crafts. This earring looks so cool. I want to wear it too then I can show myself differently. Cool design~
Did you have found your favorite one? You can try to make some jewelry if you think it is not enough to appreciate. But do not forget to share your great designs with all of us. Look forward your works! Have fun~

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