Pandahall New Arrival-Amazing Cabochons You Can Collect

Hey, friends. Happy Monday. It is time for our Pandhall new arrival. Are you expecting this, right? You may be looking for some beautiful jewelry findings or beads recently, then congratulation! Because today I will introduce you some amazing cabochons. Hope you will like them!
Colors Wiggle Googly Eyes Cabochons
Colors Wiggle Googly Eyes Cabochons
Look at them! These cabochons look like eyes, yes? I am surprised when I see this special design, because they are very lively! I can imagine that it is great if these cabochons can be added into necklace making. Do you want to have a try?
Faceted Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons
Faceted Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons
I can bet that most jewelry makers will like these rhinestone cabochons, so shinning!! Prepare relevant jewelry making supplies and then you can start your works. I know that they are usually used as necklace pendant, simple yet special. If you like this idea, you can make your own simple cabochon jewelry.
Diamond Shape Glass Rhinestone Cabochons
Diamond Shape Glass Rhinestone Cabochons
Wow, pretty cabochons! This kind of cabochon includes many colors and you can enter our website to pick up your favorite colored cabochons. They are not only suitable for jewelry making but also for other accessories or crafts. You can try to add them to bags, clothes or anything you like.
Dyed Pentagon Electroplate Natural Geode Cabochons
Dyed Pentagon Electroplate Natural Geode/Druzy Agate Cabochons
I just chose some agate cabochons for you guys. They are irregular in shape, so they look more special. But I know some people like these cool beads to show her or his unique personality. You can try to show different feeling with relevant colored cabochon. Try it~
OK, which kind of cabochon do you want to add into your jewelry making? We know that they all have their own styles, so why don’t you try it and find your own type? Cabochons are widely used in crafts making recently, and you can do it according to your style. See you next time!

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