Nice Jewelry Designs Made by Pandahall Customers

Hello, our lovely readers. I believe that you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am going to show you some beautiful jewelry designs today to return your backup. Actually, they are made by the common materials, but look special. And you will recognize the fact after you see this article.
Wire wrapped bangle bracelet
Wire Wrap Bangle Bracelet
Designer: Laura Owens
Materials: jade beads, aluminum wire, cooper jewelry wire
Have you seen more beautiful bangle bracelet than this one? As for me, it is unique. The shape of different colored jade beads look great and there should be many skills in wrapping the wire. I am not good at jewelry making, so who can tell me how to make it? Thanks~
Snowflake necklace design
Xmas Necklace Design
Designer: Elizabeth Mathieu
Materials: acrylic beads in different styles, Tibetan style toggle clasps, nylon wire
You can try to make this kind of Christmas necklace even if the Christmas is past. Slide different kinds of beads you like onto the nylon wire and add a snowflake pendant, then the main part is been done. Simple, yes?
Transparent earrings
transparent earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: iron cross chain, earring hooks, eyepins, glass beads, acrylic beads
Different beaded dangles make the earrings look more distinctive. Both the acrylic beads and glass beads are transparent, and I think many girls like this clear color. How do you think of the transparent earrings?
Fashionable hoop earrings
Fashion Hoop Earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: Australian crystal beads, Tibetan style pendants, iron cross chain, gemstone beads, hoop earring, earring hooks
We need many pieces of chains in different lengths to make the dangles. I bet you will look stunning to wear it in summer and match it with your long skirt. Try it if you don’t believe!
Have you found your favorite one? Or you are planning to make one of them. Ok, tell you a secret that I plan to make that snowflake necklace tonight because I want to keep this great festival. Welcome to join me and then we can share some making ideas with each other!

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DIY New year’s eve sparkling necklace!

Sparkle and shine are usually the key elements of our looks in New year’s eve! This necklace is easy to make and has the right amount of sparkle for your New Year’s eve parties!


Let’s see the materials :
-15 x 4 or 6mm beads
-dainty chain (amount depends on the length you want your neklace to have)
-3 large eyepins or headpins that you’ll cut the head
-lobster clasp
-2 jumprings
Also you’ll need round-nose pliers.


First make a loop at a headpin and start threading 5 beads


Make another loop to close it.


Make 3 of these beaded headpins.


Now open those loops and connect the headpins together to form a triangle like this


Connect your triangle with 2 pieces of chain.


Finally, connect the lobster clasp  with a jumpring.


Wear your new sparkly necklace on New Year’s eve and have a happy new Year!


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Make Jewelry with Rubber Style Neon Glass Beads

Merry Christmas!My dear friends! How is your Christmas Day? Hope you have a nice holiday~ Today, I will share you some graceful jewelry made by our Pandahall rubber style neon glass beads, and all these fabulous jewelry are designed by our customers.
Rubber Style Neon Glass Beads

Beaded cluster bracelet

A colorful cluster bracelet, love it? Connie Verstappen made this cluster bracelet, and I love it very much. How do you think of this colorful cluster bracelet? You can also make one for yourself with rubber style neon glass beads at hands.

Beaded cluster bracelet

Beaded cluster bracelet

Rubber style neon glass beads belong to ordinary glass beads, but they are brighter than the ordinary glass beads in colors. Do you think so? This bracelet is made by Veronica withbeads in different sizes and different types, also some Tibetan style pendants, etc. It is easy to make but unique in wearing.

Beaded cluster bracelet

Yellow neon beads statement necklace

Cute and pretty neon beads necklace! I fell in love with this neon beads necklace when I see it at first sight. The style is so distinctive and charming, and you can wear it match with my sweater. It will show your passion with the bright color on a cold winter.

Yellow neon beads statement necklace

Three-strand neon glass beads bangle

This three-strand neon glass beads bangle is made by Elena, who made it with rubber style neon glass beads in 3 different colors. As you can see, these 3 colors are bright and fresh, you must be happy and comfortable if you wear it. When you go on your holiday on beach, it cannot appropriate for your any more.

Three-strand neon glass beads bangle

So far, how do you think the rubber style neon glass beads? Do you want to try to make some jewelry with these colorful neon glass beads? Anyway, hope you like them and wish you a merry Christmas. See you next time.


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Making a Beaded Macrame Bracelet

1Making a Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Good morning lovely readers, do you love this beaded macramé bracelet? I believe you have buy many beautiful charm bracelets with beads, but today, I will tell you how to make a braided beaded bracelet by yourself at home. Follow me to see~

Jewelry making supplies needed for DIY the macrame bracelet with beads:

Waxed thread

Seed Beads

Now, let’s start!

Step 1: Cut a long piece of waxed thread, thread a bead to center of this cord and make a knot in place as pictured. Stick the cord as shown in below.

Step 2: Cut a piece of waxed thread, with a length about 1.5m and put it below the first cord, bring the cord in right side over the double center cords, bring the cord in left side over the right cord and thread it back under the right cord and the center double cord as pictured, tighten the knot.

Step 3: repeat above step to make another knot and tighten as shown in below.

2Making a Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Step 4: Thread a bead on the left cord put the right cord over the double center cords, bring the cord in left side over the right cord and thread it back under the right cord and the center double cord.

Step 5: Tread a bead on the right cord, repeat above step to make another same knot.

Step 6: Repeat above 2 steps to make the braided beaded bracelet along the end.

You can follow my detailed tutorial while you watch this video at the same time, if you think it’s a little difficult to make this beaded charm bracelet. Now, you may make this DIY macrame bracelet with beads quickly, right? Why not make a braided beaded bracelet for yourself? Just have fun!

Tutorial source:

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Austrian Crystal Beaded Jewelry from Pandahall Customers

Austrian beads
Hello, friends. Happy holiday! Do you know anything about them? I believe some of you who like jewelry making can recognize this kind of bead, yes, they are Austrian crystal beads. Just as its name, each bead is crystal. And did you make any accessories with Austrian crystal beads before? Next, let’s see the beautiful jewelry made by our Pandahall customers.
Austrian crystal beaded necklace
You may think Austrian crystal beads are similar with glass beads in their appearance. I think so and I even cannot figure out the differences, could you please tell me if you know that? This necklace is made by Irina with beads in different types and different sizes. We need to slide so many beads onto eyepins and then attach them together as picture shows.
Black Austrian crystal beaded bracelet
Black always makes us feel mysterious just as this bracelet does. Jon made the two crystal beaded strands with many black beads, so I think he must like this color so much. How do you think of this black crystal beaded bracelet? Can you make a bracelet like this?
Chain beaded earrings
Ursula designed this pair of earrings with chain, earring hoop, and several kinds of beads. It is really special in appearance. The red Austrian crystal beads look noble, and it is interesting to be matched with this short chain. Do you want to have a nice try?
Austrian crystal jewelry set
This earring and necklace were made by Tianna who is our Pandahall honest customer. We can know that the rings are added in the jewelry making and make them looks funnier. Jewelry set always attracts public’s attention, so do you want to own a pair of jewelry set like this one? Actually, you can make your favorite one with beautiful Austrian crystal beads. Do it and trust yourself!
Do you like the jewelry made by Austrian crystal beads after seeing these accessories? You can develop your imagination and add other pretty beads to the design. Trust me, you can do it well.

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