New Arrival of Chic Shell Beads You Will Love

Hello, dear friends. Happy Monday. I know that you guys must be busy for the coming Christmas Festival. But you should not miss our Pandahall new arrival, because today I am going to show you our chic shell beads in different types. And I believe that you will know more about shell beads and like them after seeing this post. Enjoy yourselves!
Grade A Shell Pearl Bead Strands
It is obvious that they are different in shapes, and they are oval, column and polygon respectively. Which one is your favorite shell bead strand? They are usually used in necklaces and bracelets making. You can slide some of them onto jewelry wire and then add other different beads onto it. I can imagine that it is a great design!
Nuggets Freshwater Shell Beads
Irregular shell beads, beautiful, right? I think it is not only suitable to be used in jewelry making but also to other crafts. It may be a good idea to add it on some dancing clothes. The color of shell beads is always attractive. I like it very much and so I made a simple necklace with this kind of shell beads as pendant. Do you want to see my craft?
Ivory Freshwater Shell Beads in Different Shapes
They are all ivory flat shell beads which are popular among jewelry makers. Flower shell beads may look cute if they are added onto necklace making. Square shell beads can give us some cool feeling. And flat round one may make us think of the old ancient times. So which one do you want to add your crafts?
Dyed Natural Shell Flat Round Beads
Wow, how pretty they look! There are many colored dyed natural shell flat round beads, and you can click here to look for your favorite one. And I am planning to make a pair of chandelier earrings with these colorful flat round shell beads. It is really easy to finish so I believe that I can make the earrings alone. How do you think of my ideas?

Now, have you obtained more knowledge about shell beads? You can prepare some materials and try to make your style of shell beaded jewelry. But do not forget to share your works with us. Have fun~

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