A Roundup of Jewelry Design by Pandahall Customers

Good afternoon dear friends, as usual, it’s our Customer Show time. So today I am going to share you a roundup of fabulous jewelry design by Pandahall customers. Let’s see together~
Glass Bead Necklace-Elissavet Kapnopoulou1.glass bead necklace design by Elissavet Kapnopoulou
Wow, what fabulous jewelry design! I love the transparent glass beads so much, which looks pretty pure and clear, right? A proper amount of seed beads plus clear glass beads is so wonderful! How do you think about this necklace guys?
pearl beaded bracelet-shimaa zakaria2.pearl beaded bracelet design by shimaa zakaria
Frankly speaking, I fell in love with the pearl beaded bracelet at first sight, because I have a special preference for pearl beads. Besides, the bracelet pattern is a little unique, especially the star charms, do you agree with me? This kind of bracelet matches both casual and form clothes, so it’s adored by many people~
trumpet flower earrings-Familieshoppen Lis Oestergaard3.trumpet flower earrings design by Familieshoppen Lis Oestergaard
What a cute pair of trumpet earrings! I love its double blue-and-white trumpets pattern most! Moreover, the blue glass beads used are also pretty charming, right? How about its golden earring hooks? I believe it’s an indispensible part which you can’t neglect~
wire wrapped ring-Minh Hang4.wire wrapped ring design by Minh Hang
sooooo cute ring!I must say how creative the designer he is! The jewelry making supplies used are pretty easy to find and the ring is also not difficulty to make, if you wanna make it yourself, just try it. And if you have any confusion, you can search a tutorial to learn, good luck!
Hey guys, which one impress you most? For me, the pearl beaded bracelet attracts me most! Actually, different people hold different opinion about fashion and beauty. Hope you like it and wish you a nice day.

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