Voguish Jewelry Designs by Our Customer

Hi dear friends, today I’d like to share you some voguish jewelry designs by our customer Марина Кириченко, which won’t let you down!

Cat Charm Pendanat Necklace1.Cute Necklace with Kitty Pendant
Why do I wanna share you this one? As a matter of fact, I cannot move my eyes from its 2 cute kitty pendants! I know cute kitty is adored by the majority of girls, so this jewelry design must cater to girls’ taste to stylish jewelry! Besides, black and white colors look cool and personalized, that’s why they are often used in jewelry designs.
Cool Owl Pendant Brooch2.Cool Owl Pendant Brooch
Wow, this pendant brooch is so nice, I often see brooches with shape of flowers, glass beads and pearls etc. but I never see such special one, which must stand out among various brooches! You see, its owl pendant is so vivid and awesome, are you fascinated with it?
knotting bracelet with beads3.Knotting Bracelet with Beads
From my perspective, making knotting jewelry is a little complex, however, this one looks so easy and exquisite. Even though you are beginners for jewelry making, I guess you will not be afraid of making it. This bracelet is braided by square knot. If you have any confusion about how to make it, you can also search a tutorial to learn, just have a try~
leaf earrings4.Vintage Leaf Earrings
This is a typical pair of earrings with vintage style. I love the Tibetan leaf pendants so much, which are pretty suitable for winter. Moreover, its beads used are similar so much to chocolate balls, wanna take a bite of it? The two colors match so appropriately~
Guys, which one is your favorite? Or you love all of them? We have no reason not to admire the designer’s talents of jewelry making. It’s incredible to design so much stunning jewelry. Hope you like them. See ya next time~

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