Pretty Tibetan Style Pendants in Various Shapes

Hi, guys. Nice to see you again! Today is the wonderful time to share our new arrivals with you jewelry fans. We know that pendants or charms are always the necessities to complete jewelry making. So I choose some fashionable Tibetan style pendants to show you and hope they are useful for you to DIY beautiful jewelry. Follow me and let’s start!
Animal Tibetan Style Pendants
animal tibetan style
Wow, there are six kinds of animal in this picture! Do you know what are they? Ok, let me tell you. We can see that turtle, dragonfly, horse, mermaid, bee, and lucky cat respectively. Actually they are usual animals in our life and they may represent different meanings in different cultures. You can use them in your jewelry making if you hope that they can express something you like, just as many Japanese love using the lucky cat and expect it to bring wealth for them.
Plant Tibetan Style Pendants
Plant Tibetan Style Pendants
Do you also have any fresh feeling after seeing these plant pendants? Many people always pick up relevant pendants to make accessories. They may use the Christmas tree to prepare for Christmas festival or make Halloween jewelry with pumpkin charm. And now Christmas is approaching, do you need them?
Flat Round Tibetan Style Pendants
flat round tibatan style pendant
Special, right? All of them are simple in shape, but it is easier to match with your outfits. You can add them in your necklaces, bracelets or earrings making, I believe you will love your choice!
Tibetan Style Pendant Jewelry
Tibetan Style Pendant Jewelry
These accessories are made by Tibetan style pendants from our customers, so fantastic! And now are you interested in our wholesale pendants? Just fully use the pretty pendants and you may have more great ideas.
Do you find your favorite one? You are supposed to pay attention to our new arrivals because there are always so many nice accessories that you cannot miss. Hope you like them! Enjoy yourselves!

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