Gorgeous Necklaces in Different Types

Hi, guys. Have a nice day! I saw some beautiful accessories yesterday, and I cannot wait to share them with you. They are all beautiful necklaces made by our Pandahall customers, so thanks for their generous sharing. These necklaces are different types and I think you can find your favorite one. Let us appreciate them together!
Long Ombre Crystal Necklace
Long Ombre Crystal Necklace
Designer: Monica Benz
Materials: glass beads, brass cubic zirconia beads, cooper jewelry wire, tiger tail wire
We can know that it is finished by different kinds of glass beads. And some brass cubic zirconia beads are needed to be used to fix and decorate glass beads. Sliding these beads may need much time, but please be patient for its beauty.
Beaded Necklace
beaded necklace
Designer: gayle leverett
Materials: turquoise beads, coral beads, tiger wire, brass crimp beads, lobster claw clasp
The two “flowers” made by turquoise beads impressed me at the first sight. And the red coral beads make the whole necklace look cute. Imagine that you attend a party with this necklace, wow, how elegant you are!
Pendant Necklace
Poly clay rhinestone necklace
Designer: Emilie Brink Larsen
Materials: brass ball chains, polymer clay rhinestones, glass beads
Trust me, most people can finish this necklace within two minutes. You just need to connect glass bead and rhinestone bead together with a jump ring then link them to the chain. So easy, yes? You can match your causal outfits with this pendant necklace, and it must be beautiful!
Chunky Necklace
chunky necklace
Designer: diana hancock
Materials: gemstone beads, glass beads, acrylic beads, watermelon skin beads, seed beads, nylon wire, iron twist chain
It is perfect if you go to beach with this chunky necklace. Actually, it is made by three beaded strands and you can connect them with twist chain. Special design will help you attract more attention.
Fashion Necklace
Fashion Necklace
Designer: Susan Gammons
Materials: Tibetan style pendants, pearl beads, headpins
The beads and pendants are not connected by wire, cord or chain as usual but headpins do it. It is really a good idea, and I think Susan should be a special jewelry maker. Great!
So do you find your favorite type? I like the second necklace best for its elegance. I hope it can give me more confidence in important occasions. So I am planning to make it by myself. Do you want to try any type?

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