Fabulous Jewelry Designs Deserving Your Attention!

Hello lovely readers, how’s everything going? Today I’d love to introduce you some pretty jewelry design by PandaHall’s customer–Elena Bufalino. Are you expecting them? Ok, let get down to business.
Beade Wrap Bracelet1. fresh beaded wrap bracelet
What a beautiful bracelet! You must be charmed by the green glass beads~ to be honest, they are so sparkling in my eyes, love them so much! You see the Tibetan style bead caps? They are also a standout part. Its flower shape and workmanship are so pretty exquisite! Do you like it?
cute and colrful ornaments2. cute and colorful ornaments
So adorable and colorful ornaments! Its hamburger charm looks so nice~ you can hang it on your keychains or cars even on your children’s schoolbags. I think they will be adored by people with all-level ages, because of its cute appearance.
galss bottle necklaces3. glass bottle necklaces
Have you heard that glass bottles can be used to make jewelry? Anyway it’s a great jewelry making idea! These mini glass bottles look adorable, right? Besides, we can put some spiceberry in it or other things you like, it’s up to you. Moreover, iron twist chain matches glass bottle is a little weird, however, which is the shinning point in the design.
personalized earrings4. personalized beaded cone earrings
How do you think about this pair of earrings? It is vintage and delicate in my eyes, which allures me a lot. What attracts me most is the cones used, whose Hollow-out decorative pattern is so personalized, do you like it? Besides, its earring hooks look so nice that you can’t move your eyes from it.
Have you fell in love with the fantastic jewelry? Which one do you like best? Maybe you are confused about your answer, because all of them are great. Anyway, hope you like today’s customer show and wish you a happy weekend. See ya next time.

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