DIY Simple Jade Bead Bracelet

Hello, guys. When did you DIY jewelry last time? It may be a long time ago, so I guess you are planning to make some jewelry now, like bracelet. Simple jade bead bracelet is always the best choice for jewelry fans to try. It is beautiful yet easy to make. Next, you can follow this project then start your own work.

DIY Simple Jade Beads Bracelet1

Supplies needed in DIY simple rainbow jade bead bracelet:
8mm faceted jade beads
1mm bleached hemp cord
Smaller ruler
Round nose pliers
Firstly, measure the 1mm bleached hemp cord and cut it down about 6 inches length. Then make an overhand knot at the one end of the cord.
Secondly, slide the jade beads onto the cord. You are free to choose the color and order of the jade beads.
Thirdly, push the first bead against the knot and tie an overhand knot then make sure that the knot can close up to the hole of the bead.
DIY Simple Jade Beads Bracelet2
Finally, repeat pushing the beads, making the knots until you fully use the 6 inches cord up.

DIY Simple Jade Beads Bracelet3
Now it is done, a beautiful jade bead bracelet!
DIY Simple Jade Beads Bracelet4
Is it simple, yes? You do not need so many tools or supplies to finish it. Of course, you can add more beads and get longer bracelet or make two strands of the beads. Just develop your creativity and do not forget to share it with us. Hope you will like it!

Tutorial source: The Crafty Princess Diaries

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